Sir Jeremy Heywood – European Surveillance – Drone Technology Introduction

November 12 2013: How the USA used Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir John Scarlett to bring an EU drone strike capability on anyone in the UK

US influence in Europe and the UK has the aim of constructing a Federal model as in the US and USSR. In this model Parliament is a weakened part of the constitution and pays lip service to democratic principles whilst unelected bureaucrats create and implement policies. The UK plays it’s role in the European construction, but without the full knowledge of the general population. Policies are imposed by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir John Heywood, on the basis that they contribute to the EU mission.

There has been a rising chorus in the political press that the Civil Service, of which the Cabinet Office is the top and the Cabinet Secretary shares the lead Civil Service role, has become politicized and it’s neutrality compromised. The notion of the “politicization” of the Civil Service is, however, vague not having reference to a particular political party. The Civil Service under Sir Jeremy Heywood has not favoured the political aims of one or other Party at Westminster. It has however, confirmed the political aims of the EU Commission in Brussels and the implementation of it’s political European projects in the UK, and in that sense the Civil Service has both lost it’s neutrality and has become politicized by the actions of Sir Jeremy Heywood. This is a significant point in constitutional terms because the checks and balances of the unwritten UK constitution have become unbalanced and they begin to mirror the European model which is being imposed in an underhand and secretive way.

Sir Jeremy Heywood has been seen to intervene in the political arena many times. His influence over Police Chief Constables is suspected in the “Plebgate” controversy where police at all levels conspired against Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell forcing his resignation. Heywood did not view crucial video evidence which would have prevented the whole process.

Energy policy has also been affected and Heywood recently intervened to prevent Environment Minister Owen Paterson from publishing a report on the limitations of wind technology. Heywood also entertained Cuadrilla executives as the anti-Fracking campaign broke out.

The scenario is also set for EU controlled drone warfare In September 2002 the infamous Dodgy Dossier was released by the UK Government which became the justification for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Sir Jeremy Heywood was Principal Private Secretary to Tony Blair appointed in 1999. The dossier was flawed and made false allegations about the existence of WMD and nuclear programs in Iraq.

Sir John Scarlett was chair of JIC, the Joint Intelligence Committee and he wrote to Tony Blair’s foreign affairs adviser David Manning about, “the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD Iraq is not that exceptional”. In other words the dossier was misleading about Iraq’s capabilities. Sir Richard Dearlove, as ‘C’ Head of MI6 said he was misquoted in the ‘Downing Street Memo’ of a meeting about Iraq on 23 July 2002 saying it was, ” a misquotation of what I said, and what I said is not in the public record.”

Sir Jeremy Heywood resigned the Civil Service (and joined Morgan Stanley bank) in 2003. The Hutton Inquiry found that he had claimed not to minute meetings in the PM’s office concerning the scientist Dr David Kelly who died, (murder or suicide) 17 July 2003 having been named as a source questioning the veracity of the Dodgy Dossier.

With so much confusion it is at least clear that the UK had been mobilized by the USA to justify George Bush’s desire to hit Saddam Hussein. Sir John Scarlett’s role in the Iraq affair emerged as being pro-US. Sir Jeremy Heywood’s role was less clear until 2013. It has been reported in the last week that Sir Jeremy Heywood’s Cabinet Office is blocking the release of papers to the Iraq inquiry which detail conversations between Blair and Bush together with notes and cabinet meetings. This is assumed to be in order to protect UK US relations.

Sir John Scarlett acting as consultant to Morgan Stanley Bank once again joined with Sir Jeremy Heywood (returned to the Civil Service from Morgan Stanley bank) in an attempt to sell the UK defense contractor BAE Systems to the European defense contractor EADS in November 2012. Morgan Stanley stood to profit form the sale and questions about Heywood’s conflict of interest were asked.

The deal fell through but this is a good indicator of Heywood’s position on UK defense. It is part of the European and USA strategy that the EU member states reduce their defense capabilities in favor of a federal EU force. The recent announcement of a loss of naval shipbuilding jobs at the Royal Navy headquarters, Portsmouth is part of that plan.

A direct consequence of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the spread of the radicalization process controlled by Al Qaeda and sister Taliban groups which were originally CIA creations. The CIA has waged a drone war on it’s creations in Pakistan without any hindrance from other states. Drone strike technology has been developed and refined in a theater of war well away from Western shores. In the summer of 2013 it was announced that the EU intended to operate it’s own drone air force as an intelligence gathering operation to counter the US activities.

Lady Ashton called for the use of military drones in Europe. So the war which Heywood helped to start in Iraq produced a drone nursery in Pakistan which technology the EU will be able to use against it’s own citizens using, “threats” as an excuse.

Member states are weakened militarily and in intelligence terms resultant of policies implemented by the likes of Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir John Scarlett that an EU drone-based air intelligence force is the only answer to, “threats” from Al Qaeda and it’s off – shoots.

31 October 2014: France’s security fears over mysterious drones seen flying above nuclear plants

France has launched an investigation into unidentified drones that have been spotted over nuclear plants operated by state-owned utility EDF , its interior minister said on Thursday. Seven nuclear plants across the country were flown over by drones between October 5 and October 20, an EDF spokeswoman said, without any impact on the plants’ safety or functioning. ‘There’s a judicial investigation under way, measures are being taken to know what these drones are and neutralise them,’ Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told France Info radio yesterday – without specifying the measures. The drone sightings may renew concerns about the safety of nuclear plants in France, the world’s most nuclear-reliant country with 58 reactors on 19 sites operated by EDF.

Greenpeace denied any involvement in the pilotless flight activity. ‘For all its actions, Greenpeace always acts openly and claim responsibility,’ Yannick Rousselet, head of Greenpeace’s anti-nuclear campaign, said in a statement. ‘What is happening is very worrying,’ he said, adding that France’s nuclear research institute CEA near Paris had also been flown over, citing unspecified sources.

EDF named the plants over which drones had been spotted as Creys-Malville and Bugey in the southeast, Blayais in the soutwest, Cattenom and Chooz in the northeast, Gravelines in the north and Nogent-sur-Seine, the closest plant to Paris. The unmanned aircraft were spotted late in the evening, at night or very early in the morning, EDF said. It is prohibited to fly less than 1,000 meters above nuclear plants and within a 5 kilometer radius. Each plant has filed a formal complaint with the police against the anonymous people behind the drone flights.

This week New York police said they are concerned drones could become tools for terrorists, and are investigating ways to stop potential attacks. Until now police haven’t acknowledged drones as a potential weapon, but the NYPD has now said the technology has advanced enough that someone could use them to carry out an air assault using chemical weapons and firearms. Police want to develop technology which will allow them to take control of drones as well as scan the skies for them before major events.



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