Scottish Tory Unionist Party – Orange Order – Ulster Democratic Unionist Party – Glasgow Rangers – A Toxic Mix That’s Bad For Scotland




The Scottish Tory & Unionist Party and Glasgow Rangers

Links between Tory Party MSP’s and other Individuals, Glasgow Rangers, the Ulster Democratic Unionist Party (UDUP) and the Orange Order are an unhealthy manifestation of the hard line Unionist approach to politics in Scotland adopted by the Tory Party under the Leadership of Ruth Davidson. It is time Scottish Rangers supporters, (the bulk of the fans) voiced their views publicly making it clear that the sectarian views of the largely foreign minority have no platform with Glasgow Rangers. Politicians are expert at exploiting division to their party’s ends and fans should reject any political mischief.


Old Firm Match Sunday 11 March 2018 – The Conduct of Douglas Ross – Linesman

The match was frenetic and chaotic but played in good spirit and was finely balanced until the 57th minute when Referee Collum sent Jozo Simunovic packing for elbowing Alfredo Morelos.

Collum, was behind the play and being unsighted might have viewed the incident as a 50/50 tackle but there was no chance of that since the linesman Douglas Ross, (Tory MP) who was also behind play frantically waved his flag and repeatedly shouted “Red card !Red card! Red card!” forcing the referee to send the Celtic player off. Watching a replay later it is clear that Simunovic’s arm is outstretched and there is contact with the upper body of Morelos but the disparity in height between the players exacerbated the incident and it is difficult to determine if there was any malice aforethought on the part of Simunovic unless you’re Douglas Ross.

The antics of Mr Ross were widely criticized and reported in the media after the match and in consideration of the necessity to ensure politics and sport are not adversely influenced by conflicting loyalties it is perhaps time politicians steered clear of officiating in professional sporting events.

15 May 2008: UK Prime Minister Brands Rangers Riot Fans ‘A Disgrace’

The Prime Minister, Mr Brown condemned the hooligans for their running battles with police during and after the Uefa Cup final, while a senior police commander compared them to a “pack of wolves” after one of her officers was pounced on by about 20 thugs.

Alex Salmond, the First Minister, said the “shocking and unacceptable” violence had severely dented Scotland’s hard-won reputation for well-behaved football fans.

The Scottish Conservatives’ deputy leader, Murdo Fraser, a Rangers fan, suggested the problem may have been caused by heavy-handed policing.

The crowds of up to 200,000 Rangers fans who travelled to watch the UEFA Cup final in Manchester left a “tide of filth” in their wake. The streets were littered with broken glass, empty bottles, cans, vomit and even human excrement.

It looked “like a tornado had hit the city”, one resident said. Yesterday, the city council was embarking on its biggest ever clean-up, with hundreds of tonnes of rubbish uplifted. (the Scotsman)


Former Vice Chairman of the Scottish Tory Party Provides a Secret £425,000 Brexit Donation for the DUP

Brian Monteith, former Tory MSP and ex-colleague of Richard Cook, the Scot whose group plowed more than £400k from undeclared donors into the DUP for its pro-Brexit campaign, denies knowing where the money came from.

Monteith runs the right-leaning think tank Think Scotland, for which Cook once acted as a senior adviser, and served as head of press at Leave.EU, which campaigned for withdrawal in the EU referendum.

Leave.EU was co-funded by Arron Banks, whose EU referendum donations are still under investigation by the Electoral Commission.

Cook also chairs the top secret Constitutional Research Council (CRC), which bankrolled part of the DUP’s Brexit campaign.

Full story at (opendemocracy)


17 Jan 2018: Bella Caledonia Addresses the Scottish Tory Party Agenda

There have always been extreme elements on the Scottish right. As a political tradition, it is defined by a drooling loyalty to antique British institutions, from the Crown and the Union to the empire and the military. But they are more pronounced now than they have been for years – and Ruth Davidson is directly to blame for that.

In an effort to shore-up opposition to independence, and to consolidate her electoral base, she elevated hard line unionism to the centre of her entire political strategy, relentlessly exaggerating the threat of a second independence referendum while simultaneously decrying the “turmoil and division” of the first one.

The result is a form of turbocharged British identity politics, heavily laden with right-wing jingoism, that has resonated with some of the most backward and reactionary (and Orange-inflected) sections of Scottish society.

That’s why she won’t publicly disown those members of her party who use arcane slurs to describe Irish Catholics, or who openly celebrate the sectarian lineage of Rangers Football Club, or who eulogize Enoch Powell. Her success is symbiotically linked to their support, and without them, she would be lost.

For anyone even slightly familiar with the iconography of unionism in Northern Ireland, which fetishes the royal family and the UK armed forces, the messaging was and is unmistakable. Indeed, the Scottish Tories have a much closer relationship to the Orange Order than they are willing to admit.

According to a report last year, which quoted Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Grand Master Jim McHarg, a “huge number” of the Lodge’s estimated 50,000 Scottish supporters are Tories, and more members of the Order are now serving as elected officials across Scotland than at any time in the past two decades. (bella caledonia)


16/08/2016: A Holyrood Motion – Adam Tomkins, MSP, Representing Glasgow for the Tory & Unionist Party

That Parliament congratulates the Rangers Charity Foundation on the work it has undertaken in summer 2016 under its director, Connal Cochrane, in the communities of Ibrox and Govan;

Notes that 114 young people from the local area attended a free summer camp in July, run by the foundation, which allowed them to participate not just in football but in dance and badminton clubs.

Recognizes that the foundation hosts the Glasgow Veterans United organization at Ibrox Stadium, which helps veterans in overcoming addictions and mental health issues, and that many veterans go on and obtain an SFA level 1 coaching badge, and further notes the positive impact that the foundation’s work will continue to have during the 2016-17 season with many new programmes to be introduced, including a Friday night sports hub for young people from the local area and a food bank collection that was organized by the foundation prior to the Rangers v Motherwell match on 20 August in aid of the Glasgow South West food bank, which is based at Govan Parish Church. Supported by 21 MSP’s (19 Tory):

Tory MSP’s: Miles Briggs, Alexander Burnett, Maurice Corry, Oliver Mundell, Alexander Stewart, Jeremy Balfour, Margaret Mitchell, Alex Johnstone, Peter Chapman, Alison Harris, Murdo Fraser, John Lamont, Ross Thomson, Jackson Carlaw, Edward Mountain, Gordon Lindhurst, Brian Whittle, Maurice Golden, Neil Bibby.



2 Oct 2017: Compulsive Tweeter – Murdo Fraser Tory MSP

Fraser, a well known and unashamed anti-Catholic bigot, tweets sly sectarian driven innuendo almost daily alongside his Sevco tweets and his party never censor him.

The Scottish Tory’s clearly don’t give a toss about their MSP’s openly publishing and voicing anti-Catholic sentiments stirring the sectarian pot, they know their behaviour will not be condemned by the Scottish press and will be embraced by the Orange Order Unionists anticipating that the exposure will increase their vote share allowing them to carry on, and that sums up the Tory “one nation conservatism”.

Fraser tweeted, after the Bayern game about Celtic’s elimination from the Champions League: “Don’t you hate Scottish teams being dragged out of Europe against their will? And on Reformation Day too.”

After an “old firm” match in 2016 Fraser tweeted: “Rangers 5 Celtic 4 – The Queen’s 11 deliver Her Majesty the perfect Birthday present.”

Tweets, designed to increase the pain of losing confirm the mindset of the man who associates Brexit and Protestantism with Celtic’s elimination from the Champions League. And this from a someone who has sat in the Scottish parliament for nearly 20 years collecting his taxpayer funded salary as an MSP without ever being elected.


15 Nov 2016: Murdo Fraser – His College Days

Commenting on the election of Donald Trump, Tory MSP, Murdo Fraser wrote: “If it was mostly poorly-educated working-class males who voted Trump, wasn’t it the same demographic that largely voted yes in 2014?” Last month on Twitter he declared: “I’m British and I’m staying that way.”

At Aberdeen in the 1980s, he was a member of the FCS, the Federation of Conservative Students. The FCS were an organization so obnoxiously right-wing that they embarrassed even Norman Tebbit, who was then Conservative Party Chairman and not much left of Vlad the Impaler in his own political beliefs; and he had them disbanded in 1986.

When Murdo and his FCS mates weren’t strutting around the campus waving the Union Jack, they were behaving like pillocks towards gay students, singing “Hang Nelson Mandela!” at discos whenever the DJ played the Special AKA anthem Free Nelson Mandela, and making nuisances of themselves in pubs yelling “F*** the Pope!” But I guess that for Murdo, white, Protestant British nationalism is all good; whereas Scottish nationalism is unspeakably bad. (blood and porridge)

15 Mar 2018: Tweetie Time Again

Aidan Kerr Tweets: MSPs have voted to repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.

Murdo Fraser added: Great to be part of this – scrapping illiberal, unworkable legislation

KAT Prodcast: Replying to Murdo Fraser: Murdo please be guarded against the inevitable consequences of this. The SNP along with others will comeback with a new shambolic piece of legislation that is blatantly aimed at Rangers fans (unionists) and doesn’t target the IRA nonsense and anti-British pish from they tramps.





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