As Relevant Today as it was in 1701 When the Good People of Fife Wrote to the Rulers of Scotland- Is Your Ancestor listed? – Two of mine are!!!!

    James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry     Petition from the people of Fife to the Scottish Parliament 9 January 1701 To his Grace his majesties High Commissioner (James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry) and the right honourable Earls and representatives of parliament, we submit this humble address and petition of the people […]

Owners of Tracts of Forested Land in Scotland larger Than Renfrewshire – the Church of England Invests the Profits – Distributes the Proceeds in England and Claims Annual Subsidies in Excess of £650,000 From the Scottish Taxpayer

    Welby       Who Owns Scotland? The ever increasing calls for independence and land reform from Scots, fed up to the teeth with a grossly unfair feudal system of land distribution is the cause of desperation amongst those who fear they have most to lose. The “old school” comprising dukes, peers and […]

Baron Fraser of Corriegarth – Tory Unionist – Bought and Sold for Anybody’s Gold – Sad to See Scotland’s Peers Are Still Desperately Clinging to the Corrupt Political System That Is Westminster

    Baron Fraser     Alexander Andrew Macdonell Fraser, Baron Fraser of Corriegarth Born in 1946, he is a treasurer of the Conservative Party and from 2016, (courtesy of David Cameron’s much criticised Resignation Honours list) a life Peer member of the House of Lords also called “God’s waiting room.” The World’s second largest […]

Glenfiddich Malt Whisky- Proudly Associated With Scotland – The Distillers – William Grant Family – Sadly Associated With Better Together and the Tory Unionist Party

  William Grant and Wife                        Austerity – A word foreign to the Estate owners of Scotland The Austerity years (2008 – 2030): Scots are burdened with the impossible task of breaking free of many years of austerity forced upon them by the criminal excesses of bankers and financial investors seeking to add […]

Swiss Born Henry Angest – Tory Party Financial Backer – Scottish Estate Owner Registered in Jersey – Donated £100,000 to the Better Together Campaign. Claims nearly £58,000 farming subsidy from the Scottish Taxpayer.

      Henry Angest       Swiss Born Henry Angest – Tory Party Financial Backer – Scottish Estate Owner Registered in Jersey – Donated £100,000 to the Better Together Campaign. Claims nearly 58,000 farming subsidy from the Scottish Taxpayer. Henry Angest is a Swiss born banker. He was an international executive with The […]

Direct Descendent of The Scottish Chancellor That Signed the Treaty of Union Confirms the Family Links to the English Whigs is as Strong as Ever. But he still Claims Farming Subsidies From Scottish Taxpayers

                  2014 Scottish Referendum and the Earl of Seafield The Earl of Seafield, a peer of the United Kingdom confirmed his family ties to the Tory party remained as strong as they were when his forebear signed the 1707 Treaty of Union against the wishes of the […]

Duke of Buccleuch Gets £1Million Farming Subsidy From the Taxpayer Each Year Then Charges Walkers £10 Each to Use His Estate Byways and Pathways. Bloody Cheek!!

    Dalkeith Estate     Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Aims and Rewards of the Scheme The scheme rewards landowners simply for owning title to land, as opposed to encouraging farmers to invest in improving product output to the public good. In terms of share the top 20% of claimants get 70%. The bottom 40% […]

Westminster: The £4 Billion Agricultural Subsidies Policy Will be Controlled From London – Post Brexit – With the Full support of Scottish Tory’s

          27 Jan 2017: Theresa May:  UK’s richest aristocrat landowners will continue to get massive farming subsidies funded by British taxpayer after Brexit. htttp:// Ruth Davidson: agriculture powers not be transferred to Scotland after Brexit.       The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides around […]

Abuse of a Nation – Westminster Politicians Gave no Thought for the Safety of Scots – When They Installed and Operated – Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors at Dounreay – And I am Accused of Being a Bell-end For Alerting You All

    Freedom of Information For many years concerned Scots were denied information about the safety of nuclear-generated energy by successive Westminster governments on the grounds of national security. Despite delaying tactics by the Labour-led Scottish Executive, the Freedom of Information Act of 2005 forced politicians to provide information opening files previously hidden away. Information […]

First Labour Coalition Executive Filled Their Pockets at the Expense of the Scottish Electorate – Memories Fade But Scots Do Not Forget

          Scottish Executive costs hit £150m The Scottish Executive has spent almost £150 million on travel, hospitality and office costs in the 6 years since devolution. The figures, show that nearly £34m has been spent by ministers, special advisers and civil servants on travel, and more than £3m on hospitality since […]