Get to Know Chancer Prof Adam Tomkins – the Tory List MSP is the Brains Behind the Scottish Tory deferendum Campaign

               Prof Tomkins      

UK and the City of London – Dirty Money Laundering Capital of the World – Spreading the Disease to Scotland – But it is Being Addressed -Isn’t it??

              UK and Tax Haven’s “Land Registry” figures show UK real estate worth more than £170bn is held by nearly 40,000 secret tax haven companies and “The National Crime Agency” believes up to £100bn of tainted cash could be passing through the UK each year. Much of it ending […]

Referendum Protocols – A Look back at the 1979 Debacle – February 2014 Voting Advice to the Scottish Electorate Which Fell Upon Deaf Ears

              Referendum Protocol A referendum is concerned with major questions of policy change and views will be strongly divided. There is a clear need, therefore, that its conduct should be accepted by the electorate as efficient and fair. Guidelines should be established early and accepted by all parties ensuring […]

2014 Scottish Referendum – Unionist Strategy – Treat the Scots like Children – Use the Carrot and Stick Approach – They Are Easily Manipulated

          Unravelling and reporting on the many plots and subterfuges of politicians is difficult but not impossible. It is sadly often the case that they enjoy long and successful political careers within which the finger of fate may be pointed in their direction but never sticks. This article highlights a small […]