Baroness Helen Liddell – Stalin’s Granny didn’t just bake the (l)Pies – She had her finger in every single one




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The blessed Helen and even more blessed Tony



Baroness Helen Liddell of Coatdyke  – The Scottish Referendum

Helen Lawrie Liddell, Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke, is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Monklands East from 1994 to 1997, and then for Airdrie and Shotts until 2005. It was announced in the 2010 Dissolution Honours List that she would be created a Life Peer.

An ardent Blairite and Unionist she was an active member of “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish Referendum.

Her opening contribution to the Reading of the Scottish Bill in the House of Lords 24 November 2015 was typical of her attitude towards Scotland. Referring to the “Vow” published in the Daily Record a few days before the referendum date she boasted of her ability to strike fear into the minds of gullible Scots saying:

“My Lords, I am delighted to follow the noble Baroness, Lady Goldie. She and I were a double act during the referendum and spread fear throughout the land. I shall take up one of her final points. She talked about faith and trust in the process and the “Vow”, or the promise, or whatever you call it. I agree that Ms Sturgeon will be cracking open the champagne bottle, because the one thing the SNP is very good at is whingeing. It has raised it to an Olympic sport.”



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Spread fear throughout the land



8 replies on “Baroness Helen Liddell – Stalin’s Granny didn’t just bake the (l)Pies – She had her finger in every single one”

Old. cow. couldn’t strike fear into a mangy dog far less a Scot. right enough with a fucking face like that she probably scare the living daylights out o herself when she looks in the mirror. I have just put a big picture of her ugly mug in my attic tae frighten the rats.


Oh aye, she of the hair lacquer and a passion for following folk into gent’s toilets. I had my battles with her and “Mr Enforcer” many moons ago, didn’t I just. Comrade Reid was involved in a work place dispute between myself and the closed shop comrades in the seventies. Refused to pay my sub to the comrade’s partei so I did and then was sent to Coventry before I actual sent myself there a short time later. A nasty vindictive bully on the make and some say on the take, so he was. Unfortunately for himself, my late Auntie Cathie (she wore the trousers) was herself his other half at the time…. and on my behalf there was a serious domestic incident, apparently. 🙂 Aye, I have the measure of the comrades, Including that great Messiah Bliar and his disciples. I’ve caused themselves a few difficulties in the past, haven’t I just. I’m an Airdrie man originally, by the way so there is no need to inform myself of how things stood in the comrade’s partei then, I’m telling you and I have the scars to prove it an all.


Must have been difficult for you to be related to one enforcer whilst at odds with another of the same ilk. And nothing much has changed in the passage of time. They are still plaguing Scotland with their machinations.


Aye well, it gave me the encouragement to oppose them in any which way I could and did. Although ill health is an inconvenience to physically campaigning these days, from my armchair I still take more than a passing interest of whats going down around me.


relating your experiences to those that care (on the net) adds to the cause of independence. T was struck by the large girth of the Scottish Labour MP’s in the last parliament and conjectured their gain over many years was not just financial.


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