Thieves Afflicted With Foot & Mouth – An interpretaion of the Scottish Conservative Party Name – There is no Escape From the Truth

    Scottish Tories: A party of Thieves afflicted with Foot and M0uth     Tory Hoose abandoned by Westminster Party In 2010 the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party abandoned the Internet to concentrate on more traditional forms of persuasion, such as planting false stories with the BBC and in the Scottish press. News of […]

Farming Subsidies – Ruth (the Golden Child) – A Timely Message From (Waiting in the Wings) Boris

        Scottish farm subsidy payments In the previous post I provided information providing information relating to dastardly attacks by Ruth (Golden Child) Davidson and her group of Gentlemen landowners on the Scottish government and Richard Lochhead the Scottish Minister for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment. I highlighted that the Rural Payments Agency […]


          This post covers the period 2012-2016 concentrating on the 2 prime movers in the Better Together campaign group (Mundell and Davidson). Mundell and Davidson went off to London (not long after Davidson had settled into her new job as leader of the Scottish Conservative Party) to meet with their mentors […]

Scottish Tories – A Party of Political Eunuchs Managed By Mundell and Davidson – Left in Place By Cameron to Watch Over Rebellious Scots part 2

This post covers 2011. In this period the party in Scotland elected a new leader. Murdo Fraser, many of his supporters and Party financiers were brutally sidelined by David Cameron and his Westminster Tories in favour of his protege Ruth Davidson. A chosen group of arrogant, bigoted and racist “Tory young Turks” studying at Glasgow […]

Scottish Tories – A Party of Political Eunuchs Managed By Mundell and Davidson – Left in Place By Cameron to Watch Over Rebellious Scots part 1

  This post exposes Tory Party in-fighting in Scotland in the period 2005-2016. The party is hopelessly divided in many areas of policy and the bitter legacy of battles for the hearts and minds of party members and officials will only be resolved when the Party in Scotland asserts its right to autonomy from Westminster […]

2014 – Scottish Referendum – State Subversion Denied Scots Their Freedom – Next Time We Will Be Wiser

    Throughout the Scottish Referendum campaign the government in Westminster deployed the Civil Service against the Scottish electorate in direct contravention of the Civil Service Code – Facts supporting the many allegations of misconduct surfaced following many hours of investigation – even when confronted with evidence of State Subversion those responsible either denied the […]

Women Employees – Betrayed by Glasgow Councillors – the Labour Party and the Unions – Not Worthy of Your Vote

      21 March 2014: Glasgow Council Rips Off Female Employees – But the lamb Nips the Lion. Remember this fiasco- and the cost of Attempting to Defend Their Actions In 2005 Glasgow Councillors guided by Stephen Purcell, with the full support of their Labour Party colleagues, in government, in Scotland created Arms Length […]