Oliver Mundell – The Man Who Would Be King – With More Than A Little help From His Dad – Make It On My Own – Not A Chance Mucker



Oliver Mundell – The man who would be the MSP for Dumfriesshire in 2016

Oliver Mundell has been selected by local Conservative Party members as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Candidate for Dumfriesshire in next May’s Scottish Parliament Elections.  The Conservatives are targeting a win. Mundell hopes that the party’s strong stance on the Union in the South of Scotland will count in his favour with voters. Speaking following his selection, he said:

“I’m delighted to have been selected and that local party members were willing to put their trust in me. This is a make-or-break election locally and having played such a big part in the local Better Together Campaign just over a year ago I could not sit back and risk the very real danger that an SNP victory here could be used as a justification for a second referendum. Given the collapse in Labour support locally at the General Election, it is clear now that only the Scottish Conservatives and Ruth Davidson can hold the nationalists to account at Holyrood. I look forward to getting out and about over the coming weeks and months to make my positive case for becoming our next MSP and to set out my plan for taking Dumfriesshire in a different direction.”

As the only candidate from the major parties to have grown up locally he believes he will be in a strong position to reach out to new younger voters, many of whom will be voting for the first time.

After leaving school in Moffat, he attended Edinburgh University, graduating in 2012. He has since worked for (7 months) for the multinational oil and gas firm Royal Dutch Shell and in the UK Parliament, where he is currently employed as a senior parliamentary aide to Geoffrey Cox QC MP.

His opening campaign slogan makes play of his perception that the government in Edinburgh must do much more to empower Dumfriesshire local government, delegating powers and finance, coupled with authority and autonomy so that the local community is enabled to best care for it’s citizens.

(scottishconservatives.com/people/candidates-2/)    Comment:  Scots wish only to be left alone to run their affairs as they see fit. Desires which mirror those that Mundell is advancing in his bid for election to Holyrood.



Hello!! My dad is David Mundell Viceroy of Scotland. I aim to succeed him!!





10 February 2009: Oliver Mundell – My Political beliefs and Values Are At Odds With My Father’s

His campaign slogan seeking election to the post of Edinburgh Student Association President was ‘Funding, Feedback, Freedom’. Speaking of his father’s politics he said “Although I don’t totally agree with his political views, I do think the Conservatives give people a clear set of beliefs and values. They’re just not necessarily the same as mine.”








February 23-2009: Sin’s of the father – Oliver Mundell (David’s son) forced to apologise for harassing female disabled student

Edinburgh University Students Association President candidate, Oliver Mundell forced to apologise for reducing a disabled N.U.S. liberation officer to tears.

Comment: Not at all sympathetic to the views and needs of less abled students His right wing leanings exposed at an early stage of his political career.






23 February 2009: Oliver Mundell (son of David) rejected by fellow students in his Campaign for Students Union President post at Edinburgh University

A year ago he started a conversation “I may be a Tory but…’ but wisely turned more independent, realising that right-wing politics is not an acquired taste amongst most penniless students. He put a bit of distance between himself and the Tories but to no avail his fellow students did not identify with his political views.




Dad looking for a free lunch!!!!


22 December 2014: Family members employed and remunerated through parliamentary allowances

David Mundell: “I employ my son, (salary £30,000+) Oliver Mundell, as Parliamentary Assistant from 1 March 2013.

I previously employed him as Parliamentary Assistant from May 2012-9 September 2012.”




Note: Mundell trasferred his SPAD duties in November 2014 taking up a position as a Senior Parliamentary Researcher in the House of Commons. Working in the Westminster Office of a Conservative MP representing South West Region.


Comment: He we go again. Out of university a few months. Appointed by his dad at the eariest opportunity to a SPAD post on a £30,000 p/a salary (payment courtesy of the Scottish taxpayer). A couple of years after moves on to Westminster taking up employment with another Tory MP, this time as a Senior SPAD (big salary increase at taxpayers expense).

A year after returns to Scotland to stand for the Scottish Parliament. Even more money guaranteed if he succeeds.  And he has only worked a few short months outside the political system. Madness expanded with a vengance by Cameron.

The taxpayer in addition to financing a Civil Service larger in number and expense than that in place at the time of Queen Victoria and her British Empire now funds loads of students straight from university. Many of whom go on to get selected and elected MP’s in very safe political seats.

The electorate in Dumfreisshire should be aware that the Mundell’s consider Dumfreisshire as their’s to rule and it is evident Oliver Mundell is already being groomed to take over his father’s place in Westminster. Nepotism gone mad.


Mundell & His new wife take a selfie

4 thoughts on “Oliver Mundell – The Man Who Would Be King – With More Than A Little help From His Dad – Make It On My Own – Not A Chance Mucker

  1. Ridiculous getting employed as a SPAD out of Uni. If only they would introduce some rule, so there was equal opportunities to get access to this job, it’s disgusting.

    Poor man looks like his father.


    1. I agree the Spad system is being abused by Westminster. I think Cameron employs around 30 SPAD’s. Many £millions of taxpayers hard earned cash is being paid to young men and women who should really be out in the community earning a living not sponging off the taxpayer for their entire working life. The number of SPAD’s now holding political office is a national disgrace. the Mundell example is not unusual, more in case it is the norm. Many son’s of MP’s are given the start working out of their father’s office.


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