Jackie Baillie – and the Unionist Labour Party Are So Consumed With Hatred of Alex Salmond That They Cannot Even Let Him Mourn In Peace – Disgraceful Conduct Unbecoming

_96373733__76040429_salmondAlex and his Dad


Former SNP leader Alex Salmond’s father Robert dies aged 95

The father-of-four passed away at the Erskine Home for ex-servicemen on Monday 5 June. His funeral is expected to be held in West Lothian next week.

Former first minister Mr Salmond said it was a “very sad week” for all the family.

Mr Salmond also paid tribute to staff at Erskine Hospital for their care in his father’s final years.

He said: “Dad passed away peacefully on Monday night at Erskine and now will be taken home to Linlithgow where he spent all of his days, apart from his wartime service in the Royal Navy.

Torpedoed in action

Robert Salmond was in the Royal Navy during the war.

As a petty officer he served on two aircraft carriers, and was responsible for repairing radios on the planes.

He was on the Fleet Carrier, HMS Indomitable, when she was torpedoed supporting the invasion of Sicily in 1943.

When the Indomitable sailed for Norfolk, Virginia, for repairs, Mr Salmond senior and his team were transferred to the newly commissioned escort carrier HMS Hunter and he saw further action in the Salerno landings, before being diagnosed with TB and confined to hospital for the remainder of the war.


alex salmond dad

Alex and his Dad



June 2017: Jackie Baille – Has No Shame – Her Hatred of Alex Salmond  Knows No Bounds

Baillie’s original tweet came during the 6 June leaders’ debate on S.T.V. shortly after Nicola Sturgeon claimed Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale had told her, following the Brexit vote that ”Labour should stop opposing a referendum” on Scottish independence.

Getting straight onto the attack mode Baillie fired off a tweet with both barrels stating: “Nicola Sturgeon told me once that she really liked Alex Salmond. Really! That was two days after he resigned.” #scotdebates.”

Her Tweet was delivered only a few hours after Alex Salmond had made public the death of his father Robert aged 95 who passed away at the Erskine Home for  ex-servicemen on Monday.

Alex Salmond said: “Dad passed away peacefully on Monday night at Erskine and now will be taken home to Linlithgow where he spent all of his days, apart from his wartime service in the Royal Navy.

Baillie faced a barrage of criticism on Twitter:

Councillor Katy Loudon wrote: “That’s a really classy tweet given Alex’s circumstances today. Shameful.”

Isobel Huntly added: “What is it with Labour’s personal attacks. It’s shameful. You are bringing our politics into disrepute.”

Baillie responding to the furore caused by her conduct later apologised saying she was unaware of the news when she had posted on social media.





Labour web row: ‘I wish Salmond’s father would die’

ALEX SALMOND’S 90-year-old father was yesterday forced to issue a defiant message after a twisted Labour supporter said online that he wished he would

The First Minister described the taunt as “pathetic” and the SNP called for the offending website, which is only open to Labour Party supporters and used by the Holyrood leadership, to be shut down.

The sick jibe was made by “Daniel Kelly”, a member of the “Scottish Labour for Scotland” group on the social networking website, Facebook.

It came after Mr Salmond cancelled an appearance on the BBC’s Question Time on Thursday night because he had to attend a family funeral the following day.

In a comment taken to refer to the death of the First Minister’s elderly aunt, Kelly wrote: “Don’t you wish his dear old dad did the same.”

However Royal Navy veteran Robert Salmond, who was on board HMS Indomitable when she was torpedoed during the Second World War, said: “This person is in for a disappointment – there’s no way I’m pegging out before the Cup Final.”I’ve been waiting all my life for a Hearts/Hibs final, and I’m going to be there in three weeks’ time.

“In any case, I survived the war so I can survive the comments of some nyaff on the Internet.

“I’m not into computers, so this stuff doesn’t bother me – it just sounds like someone has a lot of growing up to do.”

Ironically, the nonagenarian, who still lives in the family home in Linlithgow, West Lothian, was a Labour voter until he was put off for life by a rude canvasser.His son, who spent yesterday campaigning in Fife and Glasgow ahead of Thursday’s council elections, added: “This is the lowest of the low, just pathetic.”

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, her deputy Anas Sarwar, shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran and Tony Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell are all members of the Facebook group.

Labour officials insisted they had no knowledge of Kelly and did not believe he is a member of the party.

However, he identifies himself as a staunch supporter and is Facebook friends with Ms Lamont, Mr Sarwar and Mrs Curran, as well as dozens of high-ranking Labour politicians including former First Minister Jack McConnell, MPs Cathy Jamieson, Ian Davidson, Tom Harris and Tom Watson, and MSPs Jackie Baillie, James Kelly, John Park and Lewis Macdonald.A spokesman for the SNP said: “Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar should immediately resign from this website, which should also be shut down.”

Incredibly, Labour attempted to distance themselves from the uproar and described it as a “desperate smear” by the Nationalists.

A spokesman said: “This desperate smear campaign falls at the first hurdle because this Facebook page is not owned, managed, or operated by Scottish Labour, and it will not detract from the rantings and ravings of SNP candidates – sacked or otherwise – online.

“Political parties are responsible for their candidates and officials, but members of the public must be responsible for their own behaviour.”Privately, officials said they found the comment “absolutely reprehensible” and urged the moderator of the Facebook page to have Kelly banned. (The Express 29 April 2012)




Jacqueline Marie Baillie

Was born in the far east, 15 January 1964, to a Portuguese father and Scottish mother. She was schooled at the exclusive private St Anne’s School, Windermere in the English Lake District (annual boarding fees were £21,000 a year) and later studied at Cumbernauld College, Strathclyde University and the University of Glasgow. She lives in Dumbarton with her daughter.  Appointed, Chair of the Scottish Labour Party in 1997, she was first elected to Holyrood as MSP for the Dumbarton constituency at the inaugural election for the Scottish Parliament in May 1999. She was re-elected in 2003, 2007 and 2011.







26 October 1999: Minister Jackie Baillie backs scrapping Trident

A Minister in the Scottish Executive has admitted publicly to being in favour of scrapping Trident, it was confirmed last night as the Opposition SNP moved to exploit Government concern at the controversial judgment of a Greenock sheriff who ruled that Trident was illegal. In the wake of Sheriff Gimblett’s ruling that the nuclear deterrent based on the Clyde contravened the law as viewed by the International Court, the Opposition SNP last night asked if ministerial collective responsibility in Scotland applied to reserved as well as devolved areas. Ms Jackie Baillie, Deputy Minister for Communities, replied to a CND questionnaire posted on the Internet before the Scottish Parliament elections saying she supported the scrapping of Trident.



Henry McLeishHenry McLeish




13 November 2001: Baillie rules herself out of leadership race

Jackie Baillie, the social justice minister, yesterday ruled herself out of the race to become the next First Minister. She said she had no intention of standing for the top job in Scottish politics, because it would deny her time with her daughter. Ms Baillie, popular among MSPs, party members and the unions is seen as “a safe pair of hands”. Her reputation in the executive is as a solid, capable operator with a good line in putting down the opposition parties in the parliament chamber.

She had been tipped, along with Angus MacKay, the finance minister, as a potential “stop Jack” candidate, because she is seen as being close the wing of Labour loyal to Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, whose allies had initially made it plain they were determined to prevent Jack McConnell, the education minister, succeeding Henry McLeish as First Minister.


indexahuyJack McConnell (now Lord)




28 November 2001:  Mcconnell exact’s his revenge

Jack McConnell cast half the Scottish Cabinet into the political wilderness yesterday in a devastating display of ruthlessness. The new First Minister wreaked a deadly revenge on colleagues who opposed his leadership bid. In a dramatic reshuffle, four of the most senior figures in Scottish politics were summarily sacked, while another was humiliated into resignation. Tom McCabe, Jackie Baillie, Angus MacKay, Sarah Boyack and Susan Deacon were all relegated to the backbenches where they are free to nurse their grievances.

Mr McConnell had lulled the casualties into a false sense of security by insisting there would be no ‘night of the long knives’. They thought their jobs were safe when he repeatedly stressed that Scotland needed a period of stability following the resignation of former First Minister Henry McLeish. But yesterday their careers were in tatters following a merciless purge. He replaced them with a string of his leftwing loyalists, most of whom have no ministerial experience.

The new Finance Minister is backbench MSP Andy Kerr, who masterminded Mr McConnell’s public confession about his adulterous affair. He is joined at the Cabinet table by Mr McConnell’s acolyte Patricia Ferguson, who becomes Parliament Minister, and fellow close colleague Lord Watson (the fireraiser).


SarahBoyackMSPSarah Boyack120927susan-deaconSusan Deacon220px-Andy_KerrAndy Kerr

_1646084_angusmackaythree150Angus McKayTom McCabe Local Government MinisterTom McCabe07 May 2011..MSP pictured in the garden lobby during the MSP registration session. Pic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish ParliamentPatricia Ferguson




30 November 2006: Labour politicians(McFall & Baillie) launch a public broadside on their own party’s leadership of a Scottish council

Constituency MP called for Holyrood ministers to send in a hit squad to force change. A series of astonishing accusations flowed at Clydebank Town Hall during an unprecedented public hearing held by the Accounts Commission, the local authority watchdog. Last month it was handed a highly critical report on West Dunbartonshire Council by Audit Scotland and opted to air the issues in public.

Jackie Baillie, Labour MSP for Dumbarton, alleged there had been repeated cases of bullying, while John McFall, MP for West Dunbartonshire and chairman of the Commons Finance Select Committee, claimed a cabal of councillors had allocated millions to favour their own wards.

Comment: Funny how Baillie and McFall said nothing until the audit report identified failings. Clearly a move to distance themselves from the chaos and misappropriation of finance on going within the constituency.



imageswe220px-John_McFall_MP_2008_croppedJohn McFall MP  ( Baron McFall of Alcluith)




27 February 2007: The pork-barrel component of Trident

I suspect there is only one job Jackie Baillie is anxious to protect at the moment. Mrs Baillie has put on a bravura performance pretending to be concerned with employment while actually defending Scotland’s place as a humble cog in the US military industrial machine and her own interest in the pork-barrel arrangements which flow therefrom. Trident is about the British taxpayer subsidising the US defence industry and providing, gratis, an ICBM submarine squadron to the US Navy. The pork-barrel part is that impoverished / Labour – dominated (same thing, really) areas like Mrs Baillie’s constituency (20% of households living in poverty) get very few relatively well- paid, ferociously subsidised defence jobs.







1 March 2007: Council members bid to oust Jackie Baillie MSP

Labour councillors turned on their local MSP yesterday, demanding her resignation over local hospital services. Jackie Baillie, the Dumbarton Labour MSP and former communities minister, was attacked by four Labour members of West Dunbartonshire Council, including former leader Andy White. They sided with the Scottish National Party and independent councillors at a full council meeting which brought the ruling administration to the brink of collapse.

Martin Rooney, who replaced Andy White after his forced resignation in December, could count on only six of the 16 people elected as Labour councillors in 2003. Several stayed away while four rebels voted against the Labour line and sought revenge on Ms Baillie for her public attacks on them.


Andy Whiteleader of West Dunbartonshire CouncilAndy Whitemartin_rooneyMartin Rooney




19 October 2007: Reasons to be cynical

Jackie Baillie has tabled a question at Holyrood about the cost of the summit “Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons” convened by the Scottish Government. Her concerns, (related to the cost of the hire of a hall and some sandwiches) is in stark contrast to her support of political policies forcing the Scottish taxpayer to fork out billions of pounds being the nations share of the Trident renewal programme. This new charge being, added to the billions already paid for Trident system.

Ms Baillie has become Scotland’s most vociferous supporter of nuclear weapons, no doubt in the hope of continuing to save her political skin as MSP for Faslane.     Comment: But she said she was anti-Trident ?





21 December 2008: West Dunbartonshire Council in the news again

Labour Grandees, MP John McFall and MSP Jackie Baillie stand accused by a Councillor and former colleague, (in a letter to the Labour Party General Secretary) of overseeing a “thuggish” clique within the Labour Party in Scotland. McFall is the chair of the powerful House of Commons Treasury select committee, while Baillie is a former minister and ex-chief of staff for Labour at Holyrood.

Marie McNair, who has served on West Dunbartonshire Council for five years, said the politicians, who ran her local party forced their will on party decisions quelling any opposition by intimidation. She also claimed to have suffered sexist abuse by a party member and that she was shouted down at meetings for challenging decisions.

The allegations were contained in a letter of resignation sent by McNair to Colin Smith, the Scottish Labour general secretary, which said: “It fills me with despair that such thuggish and intimidatory behaviour has been tolerated and covered up by the Labour Party. The contents of McNair’s letter were read out in public at a meeting of the SNP-led council.



Marie McNair Councillor West Dunbartonshire CouncilMarie McNair



2 January 2012: Baillie criticised over ‘out-of-date’ superbug figures

Labour was yesterday accused of scoring an own goal after it used statistics from its time in office to describe Scotland as the “superbug capital of Europe”.

Shadow Health Secretary Jackie Baillie produced figures showing Scotland joint top with Sweden on 9.5% of admissions resulting in an infection. The UK was fourth worst on 9%, just after Greece, with Germany, Lithuania and Latvia under 4%, according to the Scottish Parliament Information Centre. The European average was 7.1%.

Ms Baillie said: “Being the superbug capital of Europe is an accolade no country wants. These figures show that, despite recent progress, the SNP government still has a long way to go in the battle against healthcare associated infections (HAIs).



baillie2jackie baillie

5 January 2012: Baillie’s false statements another injustice to Scottish healthcare workers – Labour owe health workers another apology

The SNP has called on Labour to apologise to health workers after Jackie Baillie admitted her claims that NHS patients had to share blankets in a Paisley hospital were wrong – weeks after the health board provided proof there was no truth in her accusations.

SNP MSP George Adam has written to Johann Lamont asking her to investigate Ms Baillie’s remarks and apologise to the staff of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for her health spokespersons false statements.

Ms Baillie made the allegations, despite NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde saying, when the matter “was raised a few weeks ago”, that they provided “proof that there was no truth in this claim”. She later admitted in a newspaper that they were wrong

Mr Adam, SNP MSP for Paisley and a Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Public Audit Committee, said:

“To knowingly make incorrect claims in her conference speech beggars belief. She should be ashamed of herself for talking Scotland’s health service down yet again.

Ms Baillie knew her allegations were wrong as NHS GGC had addressed them weeks before. I have written to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, asking her to investigate these remarks and apologise to the staff of the Royal Alexandra for her health spokespersons false statements.

Ms Baillie is a repeat offender in smearing Scotland’s NHS. It was only in December she tried to pass off “new figures” for infection rates as ones gathered under the SNP, when in fact they were collected in 2005/06, when Labour were last in power.

And this follows her infamous “Winter Watch” campaign last year, which had nothing to do with improving the NHS, and everything to do with her finding new ways to talk down the NHS and its hard-working staff.

She must explain why she made an assertion in her conference speech which had already been comprehensively rebutted by the Health Board several weeks before.

This is not only disrespectful to our health professionals – it has caused alarm among patients and their families. Labour’s health spokesperson should instead be acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our NHS workforce.”


1) In her speech to Labour conference at the weekend, Jackie Baillie stated that “In one hospital in Greater Glasgow and Clyde patients are even having to share blankets because of the cuts.”

2) However, responding to the blanket claims, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “This matter was raised with us a few weeks ago, and we were able to provide proof that there was no truth in this claim. Extra blankets are available in all our hospital as and when patients need them.”

3) Jackie Baillie herself “later admitted that the claim was wrong”

4) Link to story from Straight Statistics in January about Jackie Baillie passing off figures from 2006 as an attack on the SNP

5) Details of Jackie Baillie’s “Winter Watch” campaign – asking for patients and staff to report “any strains in the NHS” and then suggesting the information will be used by the Labour Party – can be found at







29 November 2012: A video recording of a public meeting of the Clydebank Trades Union Council

The panel comprised Gil Paterson (SNP MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie), : Jackie Baillie (Labour MSP for Dumbarton), Chairman Tom Paterson (Secretary of Clydebank TUC), Stephen Boyd (Assistant Secretary of Scottish TUC) and Cathy Leach (Scottish Pensioners’ Forum).

Baillie roasted by many of those present who outed her as a liar on many of the issues she sought to defend.






28 October 2012: Jackie Baillie Trident job loss claims challenged by official MoD figures

Claims by Labour MSP Jackie Baillie that the Trident nuclear weapons system sustains 11,000 Scottish jobs have been called into question following a Freedom of Information request by Scottish CND. Figures obtained from the Ministry of Defence by the nuclear disarmament group show that the total number of jobs directly linked to Trident is a mere 520. According to official figures, of the 520, 159 are employed by the Ministry of Defence and 361 are employed by contractors.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie has been a regular critic of the SNP’s policy over the siting of nuclear weapons on the Clyde. Ms Baillie has repeatedly claimed that having Trident creates 11,000 jobs, with thousands more set to be generated through plans to expand the naval base. Speaking on her official Labour party website, Ms Bailie said:  “There are over 11,000 jobs dependent on the base.

The SNP would remove Trident, devastating our local economy and turning Helensburgh into a ghost town.” Ms Baillie also claimed that the renewal of the nuclear weapons system and the expansion of the base would create thousands more jobs and added: “The SNP also fail to acknowledge that almost 3,000 new jobs will be created with the impending expansion of the base. These too would be jeopardised by the SNP plans to scrap Trident.”

Dismissing his Labour opponent’s claim as nonsense, SNP MSP, Bill Kidd, said: “Trident is, in reality, a jobs-destroyer, and attempts to justify the presence of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde in terms of jobs is the worst kind of nonsense, as Jackie Baillie knows only too well.”





UK Labour slaps down Jackie Baillie for bedroom tax scrapping claim




14 September 2013: Scottish Labour wall of silence as Baillie Bedroom Tax claim denied by London chiefs

A wall of silence from Scottish Labour has emerged following MSP Jackie Baillie’s claim that Labour are set confirm they will axe the Bedroom Tax if they win the next UK general election.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Ms Baillie was asked if a new Labour government would abolish the Bedroom Tax.

Responding, she said: “We are very clear. Labour rejected this approach when it was put to them in government, for social landlords. We have campaigned for its abolition. “Yes we will abolish it. My understanding is that you can expect an announcement relatively soon.”

However, following Ms Baillie’s comments London Labour distanced itself from the Scottish Labour MSP stating, “It goes against what we are saying – we haven’t made that pledge to date,” their spokesperson added “Ms Baillie has gone a bit too far with this one”.

Despite the slap-down, neither Ms Baillie nor anyone representing Scottish Labour would speak out against the London briefing and it remains unclear whether Ms Baillie’s Scottish leader Johann Lamont gave clearance for her welfare spokeswoman to make the claims.

Labour MP and Shadow Cabinet member Helen Goodman says Labour would keep the bedroom tax for people who refused to move if offered smaller accommodation.







2 July 2014: It’s High Time Labour Put the People First

A Million people in Scotland now live in poverty, according to the latest official figures – a big rise. Things will get worse – another 70 per cent of the UK Government’s welfare cuts have still to come. Shamefully, yesterday’s figures revealed six out of 10 children living in poverty had a parent in work. Yesterday, I heard Jackie Baillie, Labour’s welfare spokeswoman at Holyrood, argue that Scotland benefited from the “strength and security” of the UK. That simply makes no sense. Where’s the “security” in a million people in poverty?



Cameron LargessScreen-Shot-2014-02-20-at-13.13.435-717x680




24 September 2014: Dumbarton & Vale MSP Jackie Baillie calls for unity after Referendum – West Dunbartonshire votes Yes in Independence Referendum despite Westminsters promise of new powers

Joyce White, chief executive of West Dunbartonshire Council, announced at Clydebank’s Playdrome leisure centre that 62,496 votes had been cast in the area — a huge 87.9 per cent of those registered with a majority in favour of independence.

“Unionist” and “Better Together” campaigner MSP for Dumbarton and the Vale, Jackie Baillie said whilst she was delighted with the overall outcome of the referendum, she was disappointed that the people of Dumbartonshire had not supported her and her fellow Unionist camaigners.

But she added: “Our own ballot box sampling (of the postal ballots) suggested a majority of people in the Dumbarton and Lomond wards voted No to independence. I do however understand that there will be some people who are disappointed with the result. “In the debates and doorsteps discussions I found there was more that united us than divided us about our vision for Scotland. It’s vital we now come together as one team to address that shared vision and make devolution work for Scotland.”

An SNP representative said he would want to see more powers for job creation, defence, welfare and energy efforts to be given to Scotland “as soon as possible”. He also said he wanted further discussion on matters involving external affairs to also be considered. He continued “any offering from the Westminster establishment must be open, honest and transparent to be trusted by the people of Dumbarton and the Vale.

Anything less will be treating our citizens with disregard, particularly as they voted in such great numbers for Independence. “There could well be many drawbacks to a proposal that has strings attached but it’s clear that the Westminster establishment must now come forward with substantial change.”


20140215_brp511_1Arthur's Seat March and Rally




This is what the people of Dunbartonshire thought of Jackie Baillie:

Laura Finlay: Personally I can’t stand this woman so am fairly biased, but this sounds like a threat. We have to be unified or we will not get extra powers, really?!  I believe we should be unified in getting rid of labour, forging forward to an independent Scotland.

Bobby Campbell: Jackie Baillie and her failed Labour party are liars, but don’t take my word for it, let’s do a last week/this week comparison: Last week: Only a no vote will save the NHS. Only a no vote will secure your pension. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, vote no, The oil is running out.

This week: Only a vote for labour will save the NHS, it’s nearly destroyed. You can have your pension when your 70 now, winter fuel payment you say? It will take labour ten years to fix broken Britain. The oil has another 20 years above the 50 it already has.

Elaine Lainey McMonagle: Why would she need to “make sure” we get the powers when she promised we would most definitely get what we were promised! I don’t think back tracking will work now.

Colin Robertson: Jackie you refused to talk to anyone who wasn’t undecided while door chapping in dumbarton, you could not answer any questions we put to you, and the overall way you conducted yourself throughout the referendum was appalling, the way I heard you try to scare our elderly, the most vulnerable of our society with lies about losing their pension was unbelievable, this area does not agree with u on matters. You do not speak for me or anyone else in the area.

Janine Croft: Open honest and transparent? That’s an absolute cheek! Scaring the older people, lying to the community to suit yourselves, only speaking to those who suit you. Open, honest and transparent is exactly what you guys have not been. To expect any trust back from “your” community is a complete disregard of events over the last few months and weeks, and quite frankly, an insult!

Mark McGill: Here’s yer P45

Laura Finlay: Bye bye baillie, baillie goodbye !!!!

Stevie Mahoney: Get tae Jackie, and take yer pal Gemma wae ye. Yer done here. Maybe Asda are looking for folk.

Dougie McCann: The vow was on day after the 19th a motion would be tabled. It wasn’t and it’s still not on list of parliament future business.

Shaun Mills: have a look through the comments Jackie, the only unity you see here is unilateral dislike for you... the manner in which you and the rest of the better together campaign carried yourselves in this referendum was dishonourable and has contributed to.

Peter Devers: Up eh road butterbean.






Caroline McAllister: She lost the last drop of credibility she had when she dropped off the No Thanks posters at the Orange Lodge. She legitimised their harassment of the public who challenged them for removing YES posters while they put up BT posters. She is a snake in the grass.

Heather Fluffmum: Aire Well, you know where she can stick it…

Sharon McLeish: A Letter asking the true number of people who would have been put out of work by the scrapping of Trident under the freedom of information act was confirmed as 250!! I believe the number quoted by Jackie Baillie was 11,000. Plus those jobs would probably have been transferred to other new positions that would have needed to be created in organising the new independent Scotland’s Defence plans.

Carol Adair: The only thing this woman is not united with is reality! Wake up and smell the YES vote Ms Baillie – Dumbarton has rejected your party’s no campaign – go peddle your ‘Better together’ nonsense somewhere else!

James Slaven: Total idiot ! Down with the red Tory goons !

Paul Mclaughlin: Ironic coming from the woman who was fueling flames about yes campaigns vandals on polling day – a disgrace. Trying to claw back respect – guaranteed to be an act of self interest.

Mark McGill: No more labour!!!






John Cameron: Every word she’s uttered in the past two years has been lies in order to make sure her nose stays in the trough alongside the rest of the piggies. Who’d be daft enough to believe her cr@p now? Hope she has an up to date CV because it’s looking like she’ll need one the next time West Dumbartonshire takes to the polls.

Jean Moore: Why on earth would anyone listen to this blatent liar. Her days are numbered, cherio Jackie.

Nicola Stevenson: Love the unite in hatred for this poor excuse of a human being!!

Lynne Morrison: Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa…… Hahahahahahaaaaaaahahahahaha!

Irene Butler: Bye dear p45 on its way

Christina Logan: P45 time , bye bye

Anne Swartz: Open honest and transparent???

Nicole Graham: Stick it

Paul Connolly: Your time is up Jackie

Stephen Stewart: No thank bye bye jackie.

Martin Kerr: We will unite to rid ourselves of Jackie and Gemma Doyle

Chris Mahoney: Jackie Baillie’s time is out. Labour are a are a spent force in West Dunbartonshire.

John McIllaney: Get rid of home town voted yes, why keep her in comfort when she didn’t represent you..get rid of baillie!

Shona Logan: BSc Hons Hope she enjoys her farewell party. She’ll need to take doggy bags home after it to feed herself when she gets booted out of a job.

Kevin Woolfries: Hahaha Labour are finished in Scotland and anyone who’s for them are delusional Scum bye bye.






Jaine Hepburn: She is a horrible woman just like the rest of the red tories, they lied and used scaremongering all through a campaign where they should have been honest, truly think they are over in Scotland.

Dave Ó Conghalaigh: Throughout this whole campaign, she only cared about herself and getting on TV. She has spent the last few years attacking the SNP, while not just ignoring the people she’s supposed to represent, but frightening the most vulnerable members of our society with downright lies! I’m very happy that it’s looking likely we’ll finally see the last of her after the next election.

Scott McErlean: She’s a smug arrogant disgrace IMO and the MP Doyle is hopeless, I wouldn’t have left her in charge of the St Pats tuck shop.

Craig Denver: For to long they have taken Dumbarton voters for granted. Job centre for u hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Joanne Flynn: Jackie you are a disgrace to the Scots. Hang your head in shame.

David Ross: She let us all down and she knows it. And now she is shackled to her new Tory friends policies.

Claire Ritchie: The labour party is dead in this area after everything that’s gone on in the last few weeks – an extremely thin line separates them from the tories!  Since the referendum results I’ve been so fed up and disappointed.

Lynne Kennedy: Who ate all the pies ? Jackie Baillie .. who told all the lies ? Jackie Baillie ….

Mark McGill: Kilmalid are always hiring temps at this time of year lol.

Donald Farquhar: So is she suggesting that the promises of her party are not enough, that the voting public must also hold the parties accountable?? Sounds like she is endorsing people power at the ballot box if the promises made by her party are not kept. Good to know she is holding herself accountable to Labour promises.







31 October 2014: It was a funny old FMQs yesterday, with half the contributors deputising for someone else.

LibDem Alison McInnes stood in for Willie Rennie, who is recovering from spinal surgery. Apparently, and in a first for his party, he now has one.

Meanwhile Jackie Baillie took the place of Johann Lamont, who suffers from another common back problem at Holyrood, multiple stab wounds.

As is traditional with Labour slayings, Ms Baillie began with breathtakingly fake praise for the ex-leader she reportedly knifed. Ms Lamont (good riddance) had been a passionate and committed public servant, she sniffed, dabbing away tears with a bloodied stiletto.






Jackie Ballie Consummate Liar Exposed

Labour’s demand for more public cash to operate as an opposition party at Holyrood was attacked as “rank hypocrisy”. A wise old Scotsman once said, “Labour are like the pigeons in George Square…When they’re down they’ll eat out of your hand..but when they’re up they’ll shit on your head!”

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie ploughs on with her condemnation of a proposed SNP cut to Corporation Tax, even as Andrew Kerr twice attempts to point out that Labour cut it the last time they were in power. (Kerr says by 2p, but Gordon Brown in fact cut it twice by a total of 5p and promised additional cuts.






Open Letter to Jackie Baillie Asking her to prove her lies are the truth – No Answer





Holyrood – Health debate – Jackie Baillie, Labour Attacks Nicola Sturgeon.





Holyrood – Health Debate – Nicola Sturgeon Destroys Jackie Baillie.




Jackie “pants on fire” Baillie deputises for Johann Lamont (who was showing-face at Tony Benn’s funeral).







19 November 2015: First Minister holds shameful Jackie Baillie to account

You need to look no further than Labour’s Jackie Baillie to see why the people of Scotland have rejected this unionist party in their droves. Baillie shamelessly prodded Nicola Sturgeon by saying “She hopes the FM will eventually agree with Labour in restoring the cuts to tax credits”. When asked in a recent interview how Labour would pay for restoring the cuts, her answer was ridiculous gibberish that insulted the intelligence of every Scot.

The hypocrisy of Baillie is breathtaking…as the First Minister pointed out, Labour voted with the Tories against devolving tax credits and voted for spending £167 Billion on “independent” Trident nuclear missiles, that we can’t use without America’s permission, while children go hungry and homeless. Needless to say, the First Minister held her to account in no uncertain terms and exposes her shameful hypocrisy. Video and report here: :






28 January 2016: The Daily mail and Jackie Baillie sink to unplumbed depths

Today she took part in a Daily Mail Tory hate fest against Dr Philippa Whitford MP, whom the Mail accuses of being on the make because, over Christmas she did a few days work at her local hospital while fellow surgeons were unable to work, because of ill-heath, I believe. (Staff illness is something that would be avoidable even if Ms Baillie were cabinet secretary for health. No one wants a sick surgeon wielding a knife over them and regulations on this are pretty strict.)

Prior to being an MSP, Ms Baillie was employed in administration work with East Dunbartonshire Council and Strathkelvin District Council. She may therefore be unaware that medical doctors and surgeons are require to keep their skills honed in order that they may be able to continue to work in their speciality. Two stories here:









21 March 2016:  Watch: Jackie Baillie’s disastrous interview. To call it car crash would show a lack of respect for automotive  accidents

With the Scottish Parliament elections set to take place in May, the SNP are expected to once again top the polls. As for the other parties, Kezia Dugdale’s beleaguered Scottish Labour will be attempting to fight off Ruth Davidson’s conservatives for second place.

So, with Dugdale desperately needing to win back disillusioned voters, she may live to regret sending Jackie Baillie, the Scottish MSP, onto yesterday’s Sunday Politics. In an interview with Gordon Brewer, Baillie attempted to put forward her party’s new economic policy which claims to offer a way to end austerity which is not ‘prescriptive’. Alas Brewer was unconvinced, suggesting that the policy amounted to promising to put people’s taxes out without knowing what the money will be spent on: Full story here:







22 April 2016: Jackie Baillie Goes Rogue on Labour with support for Trident Nuclear  Weapons Upgrade

Jackie Baillie has gone rogue over Trident after refusing to back her party’s manifesto commitment to opposing the renewal of the nuclear weapons system.

The Labour politician currently MSP for the Dumbarton constituency is standing for re-election. She is also at the top of the party’s West of Scotland regional list. But questions are being raised about her suitability as a Party (list) candidate after she publicly vowed to defy the Party’s official policy on Trident.

A report published last year by union umbrella group the STUC and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament stated just 520 civilian jobs at HMNB Clyde are “directly reliant on Trident”, 132 of which are held by workers from Argyll and Bute and 178 by staff from West Dunbartonshire. The STUC, which calls for the establishment of a Defence Diversification Agency, says alternative roles can be found or created. At the STUC congress in Dundee this week, Jane Carolan of Unison said her union has a “proud record of defending quality employment”, but argued replacing Trident would be “catastrophic”.

She said Government figures show no jobs would be lost for 15 years, adding: “For the cost of Trident we could have 100,000 more firefighters, 120,000 nurses, 120,000 teachers. It is a gross misallocation of taxpayers money, our money, where there are so many more vital and constructive ways in which it could be spent.”

Yesterday Craig Edwards of Clydebank, who questioned Baillie on Trident at the hustings, said he knows no-one employed on the system but many opposed to it.

He said: “Night and day, the Ministry of Defence is transporting nuclear material through our streets. Jackie Baillie’s view has nothing to do with local jobs, it is to do with her protecting her own job. Her argument has always been the local economy is so reliant on it, but the Helensburgh economy has almost collapsed. It has empty shops. It is a fallacy.”

SNP Dumbarton candidate Gail Robertson, who is also standing on the regional list, said: “I don’t think Jackie Baillie can justify being a list candidate for Labour given what we are hearing about their manifesto. They are campaigning in opposite directions.”


But Jackie and Trident go back a long way


26 October 1999: Minister Jackie Baillie backs scrapping Trident

A Minister in the Scottish Executive has admitted publicly to being in favour of scrapping Trident, it was confirmed last night as the Opposition SNP moved to exploit Government concern at the controversial judgement of a Greenock sheriff who ruled that Trident was illegal. In the wake of Sheriff Gimblett’s ruling that the nuclear deterrent based on the Clyde contravened the law as viewed by the International Court, the Opposition SNP last night asked if ministerial collective responsibility in Scotland applied to reserved as well as devolved areas. Ms Jackie Baillie, Deputy Minister for Communities, replied to a CND questionnaire posted on the Internet before the Scottish Parliament elections saying she supported the scrapping of Trident.



Jackie Baillie MSP, Scottish Labour. Picture: Julie Bull






Cowal Conservative Lunch Club – Lunch – Jackie Baillie and lunch with those of a similar political outlook

Date: Friday, 7th February 2014: Time: 1215 hrs for 1230 hrs: Venue: Argyll Hotel, Argyll St., Dunoon PA23 7NE: Speaker: Jackie Baillie MSP: Lunch with tea or coffee: £10







6 replies on “Jackie Baillie – and the Unionist Labour Party Are So Consumed With Hatred of Alex Salmond That They Cannot Even Let Him Mourn In Peace – Disgraceful Conduct Unbecoming”

I actually quite like abuse, for in reality it is truth. As long as those who are being abused are as obnoxious and hypocritical as Ms Baillie.

And anybody can abuse me if they wish.


I appreciate that voters have the right to criticize their elected members whether they be Local, Scottish or National and I do regularly and happy to do so. What I cannot abide is when the electorate feels that is acceptable to make personal comments about those who decide to stand for us. We may not like their decisions on occasions but we have no right to go on a personal crusade against them. Elections are the time to rectify things, not abuse.


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