Barrhead -Methadone Capital of East Renfrewshire – Nice Legacy Jim Murphy – Assuming you are kicked out on 7 May – Others will need to Clean Up Your Party’s mess

This is Murphy’s legacy to East Renfrewshire. The huge red cross hovers over Barrhead                 The crosses are pharmacies, the bigger and redder the cross, the more methadone is dispensed. It could be that the junkies in the rest of the region are defiantly sticking to their heroin […]

Labour In Scotland Leadership Campaign – Gerrymandering And Nepotism – Central Office In London Decided Upon Murphy And So It Was.

Dirty tricks row over Labour leadership voting booklet November 2014: Jim Murphy was last night dragged into claims of dirty tricks in an increasingly fierce Scottish Labour leadership contest, after facts which could have helped his main opponent were not supplied to voters. Jim Murphy was last night dragged into claims of dirty tricks in […]

Scottish And UK Media Reporting Policies – Double Standards – Two glaring examples of News Distortion In Favour Of The Red & Blue Unionist Parties

  Two incidents of graffiti attacks: * One is covered extensively by the Scottish and UK press placing the blame on “Scottish Nationalists” and by implication the SNP without any evidence to support their allegations. * The other is covered by a local newspaper on one occasion then dropped. The incident is very clearly the […]