Scottish Referendum

This is Westminster- MPs’ 9% Pay Rise to be Implemented

This is Westminster- MPs’ 9% Pay Rise to be Implemented

MPs elected to Westminster in nxt year’s general election will start their tenure with a 9% pay rise. The Chief Executive of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), Marcial Boo said the proposal was not excessive, arguing politicians should not be paid a “miserly amount”. Their pay will be increased from £67,000 to £74,000. The proposed £74,000 figure was seen by some as being “at the low end”, he claimed, adding that pay needed to be fair to attract good candidates. Other quotes attributed to Boo;

a. “They are there to represent us all – to form laws, to send young people to war,”

b. “It is not an easy job to do. We want to have good people doing the job and they need to be paid fairly.”

c. “Now, that’s not paid in excess but it’s not being paid a miserly amount either.”

It is disgraceful and obscene that the Westminster system finds it acceptable to increase the salaries of MP’s whilst there are so many Scot’s on the breadline. Many have had no pay rise in years and the, incapacitated, unemployed and elderly are about to be hit with another round of Osborne’s austerity cuts. Surely this must be the, “straw that breaks the camel back”. Enough is enough. Scot’s need to send a clear message to Westminster that we have no interest in remaining with a political system that punishes the poor and enriches the rich. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum. Take Scotland back. Let us manage our own affairs.

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