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Michelle Mone & the Ups & Downs of her Business Life.

Michelle Mone & the Ups & Downs of her Business Life.

1. Recurring threats by Michelle Mone to transfer her business to England should Scotland become independent are simply, “hot air” since she no longer has a controlling stake in her new company, (Ultimo Brands International) which incidentally is registered for business in london.

2. MJM International morphed into, “Ultimo Brands International” in January 2014 and is registered with Companies House in London. It has Ms Mone, Anthony Caplan, Eliaz Poleg and Ajaykumar Amalean as its directors. Mr Caplan is Ms Mone’s lawyer with Mr Poleg and Mr Amalean both board directors at MAS Holdings. MAS Holdings a, (Sri Lanka based company) is thought to have 51% ownership of UBI with Ms Mone in control of 49%. Mr Poleg, chairman of UBI, said, “We are delighted that we will soon be operating under a new company name, “Ultimo Brands International”. The name-change reflects the resurgence of the brand and our ambitions for growth beyond the UK.” The spokeswoman for UBI said the Ultimo range was being overhauled and relaunched in early 2014 .

3. Michelle Mone, the new poster girl for British Airways, (Boldly modelling a swimsuit of her own design)in yet another eye-catching twist in the career of one of Scotland’s best known business figures said, ‘I have absolutely no problem with people expressing an opinion, but if you are going to be disrespectful, I don’t want to hear it. ‘I’ve been called a “****”, a “cow”, a “slut”, as well as being told “I’m going to get it”, “we’ll come and get you” and they’re “going to throw me across the border”. ‘I’m not a murderer, a thief or a rapist. I’m a good person who employs a lot of people in Scotland, both Yes and No supporters, and we all get on. ‘We should all be able to live in a country where you can express views and not be vilified for it.’ But Ms Mone says her commercial experience tells her that ‘Alex Salmond’s business plan is flawed’.

4. Kate Hopkins, in her column for the, “Sun” labelled the Scottish lingerie tycoon an, “asylum seeker” after Mone pledged to move to England if Scotland became independent. Hopkins said, “If you are part of Scotland and have the opportunity to vote, you should remain in the country where you exercised your democratic right. “The last thing we need is more asylum seekers in England. She went on, “Even if they are wealthy and have norks like Marilyn Monroe.

5. Michelle Mone has revealed she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. In general, sufferers experience repetitive, intrusive and unwelcome thoughts, images, impulses and doubts which they find hard to ignore. The thoughts push them to perform repetitive acts as a way to alleviate the symptoms.

6. She has been criticised in the past for fronting a campaign backing Scottish manufacturing when her own products were being made overseas in China.

7. she got into another ruck with the press over claims that her business would be worth 100m just months before it had to be rescued by fellow entrepreneur Tom Hunter.

10. Michelle Mone, appoints a ‘fantastic’ new model – er, Ms Mone. The mistress of spin rarely passes an opportunity to step into the spotlight. Having dispensed with Jordan’s services after a single day, firing Peaches Geldof for alleged drug taking and insisting she only hired Penny Lancaster because she was cheap, Michelle Mone has finally found a model she can work with: herself.

11. Michelle Mone clenched her fist and spat venom about lingerie models who were refusing to stalk the catwalk in her skimpy thongs. “F***ing neurotics,” says Mone, creator of the Ultimo bra, which has boosted cleavages worldwide with its stitched-in sacs of silicone gel. “I think they’re bloody prima donnas. They’re getting paid fortunes, and they’re in there moaning their arse off. I feel like punching every one of them.”

12. The number of tribunals, and the amount of protection available to workers, has “gone way over the score”.

13. A Former employee, (at a tribunal), Miss Woods claimed, “Mrs Mone asked women at job interviews if they planned to start a family and did not seem to appreciate staff taking time off for family reasons.”

14. Michelle Mone, the bra tycoon, has pledged her support to Labour’s election campaign. The Scot extolled Labour’s economic and jobs record, yesterday, when the party outlined its plans for workers.

15. Michelle Mone branded Chancellor Alistair Darling’s 50p rate “a disgrace” and likened it to “Monopoly money”. She confessed she might also now be considering a move to Hong Kong to continue her successful Ultimo business.

16. Mone was branded a, “manipulative cow” by Rod Stewart over her decision to drop Penny Lancaster, his 34-year-old girlfriend, for his ex, after Lancaster was deemed not well enough known. The 60-year-old rocker said: “I hope she [Mone] chokes on her profits.” Ms Mone, 33, also received offensive e-mails over the move. But the real reason why Mone and Lancaster went their separate ways appears to be the usual culprit: money. It has come to light that when Lancaster’s 200,000-a-year contract to promote Ultimo ended, Mone asked if she could continue using the model’s image for another five months for free. The ‘offer’ was rejected as “ludicrous.

17. Michelle Mone has bought out investors Sir Tom Hunter and Ian Grabiner in a deal understood to be worth £800,000. The Scots billionaire and the chief operating officer of fashion group Arcadia had invested in Mone’s lingerie company, Ultimo, when the business nearly collapsed after its launch in 1999. The firm has since prospered.

18. Entrepreneur Michelle Mone is considering moving to the United States to further her television career. A regular guest on, “The Apprentice – You’re Fired” she revealed on social networking site, “Facebook” that she was torn between staying in Scotland and uprooting her children, to live in the US. “Decisions to make, offered a huge opportunity in LA but have to live there for a lot of the time,” she wrote. “Don’t think I can leave my home … wish I wasn’t such a home bird. “It would initially be for a year but huge decision as I would have to take kids out of school.”

19. In March 2002, Mone was 15 minutes from bankruptcy, salvaging the company only by putting up her house and her life-savings and borrowing 100,000 from the millionaire entrepreneur, Tom Hunter.

20. She may only have been two thirds of the way through her contract, but it seems that Abbey Clancy is no longer the face of Ultimo. The 28-year-old WAG has been sacked by Michelle Mone after the two fell out following another campaign which Abbey has recently fronted wearing next to nothing.

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