Scottish Referendum

Professor Anthony Glees-Right Wing Expert on Terrorism

Professor Anthony Glees-Right Wing Expert on Terrorism

Professor Anthony Glees is an extreme right-wing British academic considered an expert on, “terrorism” and “radicalization”. He is currently head of the Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at Britain’s only private university. He is affiliated to the, “Henry Jackson Society” a project for democratic geopolitics which is a British neo-conservative think tank and political action committee (PAC) which is supported by important US neo-cons and by two of Prime Minister David Cameron’s closest advisers and ministers, (Michael Gove and Ed Vaizey).

David Haines – The Scottish Aid Worker Held Captive in Syria

Professor Anthony Glees, is convinced ISIS sense an opportunity to weaken the UK via their brutal campaign of terror. He expressed fears Islamic extremists are deliberately threatening to behead David Haines, a Scots aid worker, using the dad-of-two in a propaganda drive as the Scottish independence referendum approaches to break up the UK. Last night highly-placed intelligence sources revealed it is “extremely likely” ISIS terror chiefs believe beheading Haines will make Prime Minister David Cameron appear, “weak”, fueling anti-English sentiment among referendum voters.

Islamic State Executioners are British

Professor Anthony Glees, of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham, told Britain’s, “The Independent” that political correctness had helped provide a fertile breading ground for Islamism in the UK. “Why are there Brits there? In my view this is because Islamist extremist ideologies have been able to be spread with relative ease in our country under the cover of “religion”, “free speech” and “multiculturalism”.” “A small number of British Muslims have been brainwashed by so-called preachers and convinced that they must kill to create a global caliphate,” he added.

Islamic Hit Squads Target Sunnis Living in the UK

Professor Anthony Glees, of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at Buckingham University, said to the Daily Mail, “The US is worried about the British situation. They fear there might be a knock-on effect for them”, “The throat-cutting between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq and Syria has not yet spread to the UK, but it is a real threat”. “It is conceivable you could see Shia, “hit squads” in Britain targeting Sunnis preparing to go out to the conflict zones to fight.” “The Americans regard the UK as a disaster because of our lax stance on immigration which has allowed this militancy to take hold,” Glees added. “Frankly, they would not be doing their jobs properly if it did not do this – forming an objective view of the situation outside of the reports they get from MI5 and their officers at the US Embassy in London”.

Pupils in Schools in England Pushing Radical Islamic Agenda’s

The Home Office, which is responsible for the police and security forces, argues that it is counter-productive to clamp down on legal but extreme views. “It’s the difference between firefighting and fire protection,” said Professor Anthony Glees, who contributed to the parliamentary Homeland Security Group. “The government is split between libertarians and the law-and-order Conservatives.”

Al Qaeda Sleepers in London

Anthony Glees, wrote, in an article for the Wall Street Journal that, “Britain has become, al Qaeda target No. 1” He also stated that intelligence sources now believe that the activities of the “homegrown” jihadists in Britain are in fact, trained and sponsored from Pakistan.

Ebola Virus Danger to UK from Foreign Students

Anthony Glees, Professor of Politics at Buckingham University, called for West African students to be held in their home countries until they have been declared clear of Ebola and the 21-day incubation period has passed.

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