European Market – To Withdraw or Not That is the Question?

European Market – To Withdraw or Not That is the Question?

UKIP policy on an in/out vote on Europe is rumored to be more hardline than the Tory proposal and it appears to be nearing inclusion in the UKIP 2015 General Election Manifesto;

“In the event UKIP hold the balance of power after the next election, (increasingly likely) the party will insist that an in/out referendum be held before the end of 2015, (this will require a change in the rules pertaining to the fixed term of a government. Should the referendum result indicate the will of the people is to withdraw from the EU, parliament would be dissolved and a general election held in May 2016”. The government elected will negotiate the withdrawal of the UK from the European market.

Now that’s what I call a spoiler!! The wind will be well up the tails of the Tory, Labour and Liberal party’s.


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