Scottish Referendum

Tony Blair Money & Religion

Tony Blair & Religion

Tony Blair’s religion first became a political issue because of his role in the Northern Ireland peace process. His critics said the denial of his Roman Catholism beliefs was for political reasons, rather than constitutional ones, that he delayed his conversion until after he had left office. Blair had of course been attending Mass (and on some occasions receiving communion) for years before he converted. It isn’t a case of simply Protestant v non-Protestant. In England there are a very different set of historical influences associated with being a Jew and a Catholic, and they would be viewed quite differently. The long antipathy towards Roman Catholicism in England needs to be understood. England is a nation that rejected the power of Rome, destroyed Catholic monasteries and churches, and still has an annual celebration, (Guy Fawkes) built around the execution of a bunch of Catholics who tried to destroy Parliament. He would not have been allowed to undertake the role of Prime Minister of the UK as a Roman Catholic.

Blair’s Son Director of City Job Firm

28 year’s old company director!!!! Owner of a listed house, (valued around £1,500,000) in a smart area of Central London touted by Tony & Cheri for a safe seat in Coventry.…-a0309777353

Tony Blair – Conflict of Interest

Expanding knowledge of the many affairs of Tony. So now we know just a, “wee” bit more about the wheeling & dealing of ex-politicians. Perhaps 75% of such earnings should be returned to the Exchequer given they are provided with opportunity to attract large amounts of money through extensive use of information gained whilst they are in office.

Tony Blair worth over $123 million

Wake up Scotland!! At a time many Scot’s are being denied, (through newly introduced tough social security systems), even basic financial assistance of £60 weekly, Tony Blair and, (his sons) are raking it in. Our country needs to be released from ambitious rampant capitalism and opportunism clearly evident in the article included below.

A, “Yes” vote in the September referendum will ensure Scotland is able to ensure avoidance of systems allowing political, “rags to riches” events.

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