Benjamin Franklin – A Great Empire Reduced To A Small One

Benjamin Franklin – A Great Empire Reduced To A Small One

Benjamin Franklin, one of United States of America’s founding fathers, loved Scotland and the company of it’s highly respected philosophers of the, “Great Scottish Enlightenment.” Had he lived in these times he would have encouraged Scotland to vote, “Yes” to independence. In discussion with, Thomas Jefferson, (a fellow founding father and friend) referring to a nation’s right to be free he said; “He who sacrifices Freedom for security deserves neither”

His advice is clear and unambiguous. Do not succumb to the, “no” campaign’s patronising unspecified promises of jam tomorrow, (remember 1979.) Have confidence take the opportunity and elect for freedom.

He also wrote, “Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One”. Clearly Westminster politicians have either not read it or choose to ignore the advice contained therin, which is possibly the reason why Scottish independence will bring about all that is predicted therin.”


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