The House of Lords-An Irrelevant Joke

The House of Lords-An Irrelevant Joke

In decline for many a year, the, “House of Lords” finally fell into disrepute losing any trace of grace which it yet retained the the day former left winger of the Labour Party, John Prescott became Lord Prescott of Kingston-Upon-Hull. It is said the peerage award was in recognition of his many year’s in politics where he spent loads of time and taxpayer’s money achieving absolutely nothing whilst, giving the impression he held answers to everything, remember the £billions he spent creating the, “Regional Development Agency”. Did any of the schemes he funded ever get off the ground? Is it any wonder the rich settings of the well upholstered, “House of Lords” is known as, “never never” land.

Scotland, free from Westminster will be able to walk away from the, “House of Lords” anachronism, finally getting rid of a political set-up that should have been killed off many year’s ago. Vote, “Yes” to independence in the referendum

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