Pros and Cons of Independence

Pros and Cons of Independence

“Thatcher was despised by both unionist and nationalists alike,,,much like slavery! yet are you suggesting that the call for independence should be based on a hatred of a woman who was after all heaved out of office by her own party?”

Scottish unhappiness with Westminster, (the entity not just Thatcher) reflects the immorality of a long line of Westminster Governments which encouraged by the lack of a written constitution has abused power without limit.

“Let us turn our backs on fishing communities like Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Arbroath.” “Your link to the well being of our fishing community is from a yes site,,,lol”

Edward Heath and the Conservative Government betrayed Scotland in 1973, at the time they sacrificed, without representation Scotland’s booming fishing industry in order to gain UK membership of the EEC. The cavalier action destroyed Scotland’s fishing communities, who were subjected to the rules of the 1970 Common Fisheries Policy which, by statute provided equal access to Scottish waters of all fishing vessels of EEC member states.

“We as the uk share an essential plethora of information on cyber threats within our respective borders, how weakened will we be as a separate commodity? and at what cost?”

Security is the prime responsibility of Government and politics coupled with governing facts mean that Scotland and the UKr, through common interest will remain close security partners. There is the added assurance that Scotland will continue to partner the other Nations of the Five Eyes intelligence group enhancing security through intelligence gathering and information sharing.

“regarding your perception of foreign policy I would rather be in a position to offer a strong voice in the aid of a country in need,,c,mon jocky what could an independent Scotland offer apart from condescending words of sympathy.”

It is ever more evident that a free internet, (we need to ensure it is never subject to government control) is an extremely effective alternative to Westminster and other Government’s oppressive complexities that seek to establish and maintain control of, “the news” and associated political propaganda. This is why it’s essential that the internet remains free of government regulation.

“Save the union or destroy and tear apart a proud nation,,,,whats your goal?”

The guiding principle of, “Habeas Corpus”, introduced into English law when King John added his signature and seal in 1215 to the, “Magna Carta” has been lost. Consequent with the loss the nations pride has been sacrificed. This has resulted in a succession of increasingly authoritarian governments obsessed with war and political aggrandizement. I believe the Referendum, providing an opportunity for change, will allow Scotland to establish once more a society based on individual freedom. One bold step forward is what Scot’s need to take, not a hesitant step backward, as the Unionist wish. The UKr will benefit since it’s citizens will be able to command politicians to introduce a written constitution, re-establishing, “Habeas Corpus”, limiting, government powers and eliminating all forms of abuse of citizens.

“Thatcher, Blair, Salmond,,,,I cant decide who is worst but i wont turn my back or use anyone of them as an excuse to destroy the UK”

I note you are intent upon sticking with the UK as it is. Accepting the right of the UK government to enforce polices devoid of compassion, driven by class warfare and intolerance of others . Conceived in an environment of government belief that, “might is right”, allowing it to dictate to citizens, denying their rights to liberty, peace and prosperity.

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