Scottish Referendum

The Andrew Marr Show 23 March 2014

Andrew Marr interviewed Danny Alexander who offered the under noted comments on the make up of a UK government, (2015-2020).

I think that a Conservative Government on its own would be bad for the economy because it would try and take Britain out of the European Union. A Labour Government by itself would be very bad for the economy because it would wreck the strategy that has got the British economy this far. I think you need the Liberal Democrats in the centre ground of government, the centre ground of politics, to keep the recovery on the right track for the next Parliament.

These three parties, (poles apart in terms of political direction) are combined at present seeking to persuade the Scottish public to vote, “no” in the September referendum. What a nonsense! Mr Alexander views the Conservatives as a bunch of wreckers and Labour as political incompetents. But offers the Lib/Dems as the party with a vision. I oft wonder the purpose of, “Planet Alexander”. Vote, “Yes” to Independence in September so that we can be sure of electing a Scottish Government blessed with political competence, free from the old disastrous ways of the past.

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