Scottish Referendum

Scottish Labour Party in Crisis- Change! What Change?

Scottish Labour Party in Crisis- Change! What Change?

In a brief to the Labour Party in Scotland, (following on from the SNP Landslide victory in the 2011 Scottish Election) Dominic Dowling, (Senior Election Agent) for all Labour candidates in Glasgow. assessed the performance of the party as having been dull and uninspiring.

Other noteworthy comments contained in his report;

1. The Party is perceived by the public to be, “a party principally of English interests, not Scottish ones”.
2. The Party offered no demonstrable opposition to the SNP administration.
3. Voluntary workers were poorly briefed with result that inconsistent messages were imparted on doorsteps.
4. The party persistently failed to give support to Holyrood to demonstrating a lack of commitment to Scottish affairs.

Evidence it’s performance, in the 4 year’s since the election, the Labour Party has failed to address and correct the issues raised. It is time Labour voters demanded the party abandon English Labour Party policies.

I doubt the existing leadership and other heid yin’s are incapable of change so someone within the Labour establishment will need to initiate the process, perhaps using the September Referendum as the impetus for change.

Labour Party Madhouse politics

Johann Lamont, (Labour Party leader in Scotland) in a speech providing support to her colleagues in England, attacked the SNP Government and policies it had introduced, (at variance with England) in Scotland, from 2007.

She went on to assure the full support of the Labour Party in Scotland of their colleagues in England, (who had only recently informed the public in England that a Labour Party UK Government would continue to maintain policies, (Public Sector Pay Freeze and any other austerity measures) outlined by the Tory Party.

She further stated that Scotland and it’s people enjoyed, under an SNP government the only, “something-for-nothing culture in the world” and went on to say that upon the return of the Labour Party in Scotland to power she would reverse the following scandalous policies;

1. Free Personal Care for the elderly to cease. Systems in place in England to be introduced.
2. Tuition Fees for Students, (mirroring those applicable in England), to be reintroduced.
3. The Council Tax freeze, (funded from central funds by the Scottish Government) to cease. Funding to be withdrawn. Councils to set local rates without subsidy from the Government.
4. Free prescriptions to cease. Charges to mirror those in England.
5. She also announced that the Labour Party would establish a, “Cuts Commission” undoing any other progressive policies introduced by the SNP. Namely Road Bridge Tolls.

Anyone, as yet undecided, should be aware of what a no vote in the September referendum will bring. Vote, “Yes” to Independence, preventing any future introduction of, ” madhouse politics” outlined by Johann Lamont and her colleagues who are simply, “cowtowing” to the English Labour Party. A few snippets of confirmatory facts:

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