Scottish Referendum

Money for Old Rope

Taxpayers to Fund Westminster Drop outs

I expect a clear “Yes” to Independence in September will ensure Scottish taxpayers will not be required to find an extraordinary amount of money being payment to MP’s voted out or voluntary standing down at the next General Election in 2015.

So that readers & taxpayers are informed payments include;

1. Resettlement Grant: (tax free) £30,000+ (compensation for loss of MP status).
2. Redundancy pay: (tax free) £20,000+
3. Winding up Payment: £45,000+ Funding for office staff and any other incidental expenses.
4. Pension pot: £50,000 rising to £550,000, (for long serving MPS).

It is projected that in excess of 330 MP’s and their staff will qualify for the foregoing financial packages. Cost to the taxpayer £20Million. The, “Gravy Train” comes over the hill and she blew.

Annual operational costs of maintaining Westminster political systems is approximately £650Million. The split:

a. House of Commons. £365Million.
b. MP’s. (salaries, expenses. £175Million.
c. House of Lords. £140Million
Total Cost Annually. £680Million

Lifetime of Parliament. £3,755,000 YES!!!! Nearly £4Billion.

The Scandalous cost of maintaining the UK parliament cannot be justified. We Scots have, (in September) the opportunity to escape from the madness that is the UK. Vote yes to independence. We will also gain from a redistribution of financial assets at the time of independence

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