Mind Bending Media Onslaught on Scottish Women Decided the Outcome of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum – But Oor Lassies Are Not to be messed With – Next Time the Result will be different



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In the final days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum the pendulum finally swung in favour of  a “Yes” vote.

It appeared that the President Obama (election campaign team) inspired and coordinated, Westminster state funded campaign of media manipulation, disinformation, frighteners, celebrity love bombing, world political leaders support and the “ace in the pack” intervention of the Queen had failed.

Not to be thwarted the “establishment” illegally promised, in the final days of campaigning a “devomax sweetener” through a National newspaper. Further assisting “Better Together” the supposedly impartial BBC provided Gordon Brown (previously unheard of in the course of the campaign) with an unprecedented 4 hours of blanket media exposure allowing him to deliver a long and rambling speech (without right of reply) to  a captive Scottish television viewing public.

The widely promoted rhetoric proved to be successful when, a few days after, faced with the reality of a vote a number of Scots expressed a preference to retain the Status Quo.

Events since exposed the cynical behaviour of politicians, (many who moved on to other more lucrative employment) who conspired together across the political spectrum agreeing a promise of “Devomax” well knowing this would not be delivered. Yet again the political maxim of “delay is the most invidious form of denial” was successfully applied. The Westminster establishment had won.



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Move forward 2 years to the 2016 US Presidential election in which. Donald Trump achieved an unexpected victory over the heavily promoted and supported establishment candidate, Hilary Clinton.

The Democratic Party campaign was largely organised and delivered by the same Obama supporting electoral team that had assisted the Westminster “Better Together” campaign in the 2014 Scottish referendum. So same tactics. disinformation, character assassination, lies, massive  state financed expenditure, Celebrity love bombing etc. yet “David beat Goliath.”

The different outcomes of the two campaigns can be best explained by the influence of a fast maturing “social media” driven by internet users who, voicing their opinions, exposing the hypocrisy of the political elite have added another dimension to mainstream media, questioning its honestly and integrity.



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The outcome of the 2016 European Community referendum also produced a surprise result confirming the wide political gap in the views of the electorates of England and Scotland. The latter much favouring retention of EU membership but forced by the 1707 Treaty of Union to accede to the wishes of the English electorate and the Westminster establishment.

The “Brexit” notification is to be formally served by Westminster and the EU sometime in March 2017 with a formal withdrawal expected to be completed within two-three years, (March 2019-2020).

It is widely rumoured that the Tory party will include the final implementation of “Brexit” and withdrawal from the EU in their manifesto, (as will other political parties) at the time of the May 2020 General Election.

It is likely “Brexit” proposals for change will not be acceptable to a EU leaning Scots electorate which may trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum sometime in 2019.

A skeleton “Better Together” campaign team is in place within the Westminster establishment and is already addressing (using the BBC and news media) perceived new challenges to the retention of the United Kingdom. Monitor the scare stories.






The influence of internet driven social media is fast increasing providing balance between political agendas which seek to polarise the electorates opinion in favour of their candidates and/or desired outcomes regardless of a need for honesty and integrity.

In 2015 social media bloggers identified and exposed a mind bending policy, (designed to manipulate women voters), created by the media establishment and further developed by President Obama’s election team had been widely used by better together campaigners in the Scottish Referendum and in the 2016 Presidential election. It is crucial to the outcome of any future Scottish Independence Referendum that the unsavoury practices are revealed to the Scottish electorate. The attached video (above) provides graphic evidence of the manipulation practices operated and should be widely distributed and viewed by young women voters in Scotland.   “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNnoU0hhqvY”


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Love-Bombing A Strategy. A comparative study of the conduct of the Scottish referendum detected, (in the, “Better Together” campaign) a rash of Quebec 1995 referendum love-bombing references.

Just about every time Cameron made speeches extolling the virtues of Britishness and his love for Scotland he, (according to media hacks) took a (maple?) leaf from the Canadian Love-bomb handbook compiled by Canadian government media advisors and widely used at the time of the now notorious Montreal, “Unity Rally” when an estimated 100,000 Canadians gathered in Montreal to “love-bomb” Quebec.





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The “Below the line”  anti-Scottish independence campaign “Lets Stay Together” was launched in the last 6 months of the campaign. Fronted by a number of,  London based, Labour Party celebs.  “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG6ttqzms6U let’s stay together”

Mirroring the previously mentioned, “Montreal Love-Bomb” tactic, first used in the Quebec campaign, the final frame of the video tells viewers to “call family and friends in Scotland and tell them they’re our ‘best friend'”.

The apparently spontaneous celeb plea is directly linked David Cameron’s, (nationwide television broadcast) infamous speech at the Olympic Park in East London in February 2014 when he urged “every Briton with a friend or family member in Scotland” to persuade them to vote against independence.

Upon enquiry about the campaign backer’s a spokesperson blustered, Let’s Stay Together is entirely unrelated to, Better Together and has no connection to any of the main pro-UK parties in Westminster. They just wished to give a voice to everyone who doesn’t have a vote.”

Investigations have since revealed the, “Lets Stay Together” campaign, (funded by the Labour Party?) was set up by three senior advertising industry figures.

 John Braggins: A Director of media company B.B.M. John previously worked closely with the Labour party on elections and planning campaigns and proudly claims the credit for Labour not losing a single by-election in the period between Blair’s anointing as Labour leader and the 1997 General Election.

Andrew McGuinness: A Labour supporter who contributed to Tony Blair’s successful General Election campaigns. He continues to work closely with the Labour Party.

MT Rainey: Probably the most powerful woman in British advertising is on record defending the media’s right to create false images.





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Better Together, the campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom, worked with David Cameron’s former strategy director Andrew Cooper to win over the Scots

M&C Saatchi, with a long relationship with the Conservative Party, advised and delivered the campaign’s advertising, marketing and message development. They worked with a number of other media image agencies, including the “Grey” and “BD” Networks.  TBWA UK, which works with the Labour Party, was also involved in the opening pitch process






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Probably the most powerful woman in British advertising MT Rainey is on record defending the media’s right to create false images. She enjoy’s close links with the Labour Party in Scotland.

MT Rainey is the chair of digital advertising agency TH_NK which clearly suffers from irritable vowel syndrome. TH_NK, which is pronounced “thunk”, the noise that the Let’s Stay Together campaign made as it landed in the independence debate, has a number of high profile clients, including the BBC, Channel 4, and the TV Licencing Authority.

In November 2013, at Labour’s Scottish conference in Inverness, Magrit Curran announced that Labour was to set up a new Employment Taskforce to be headed by former Labour MP for Dumbarton John McFall, who now rejoices in the silly made up title Lord of Alcluith Tywysog of the Strathclyde Britons, and another former native of Dumbarton, a certain MT Rainey.

In March this year, Labour’s national leadership announced it was setting up a review of the Creative and Digital Industries, one of the members of the review board is the busy Ms Rainey. A founding partner of Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, has been appointed as the non-executive chairman of the digital agency Th_nk.











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2 thoughts on “Mind Bending Media Onslaught on Scottish Women Decided the Outcome of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum – But Oor Lassies Are Not to be messed With – Next Time the Result will be different”

  1. They haven’t stopped campaigning against Scotland and they never will
    When asked, my answer is always the same, why don’t all the other countries who gained their Independence from the UK want to come back

    Especially America who lost countless thousands of people fighting for their freedom from the UK
    they only want a UK now because we house their Nuclear shit in our back garden and they know Scotland would throw it out

    So what’s most important to who


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