Who Owes What/ UK Skint

External debt, top ten worst performing countries worldwide – 2012/2013, (all $US) Note: (UK debt increased by a further 300 billion $US to 2014.)

USA 15930,000,000,000
UK 10090,000,000,000
Germany 5719,000,000,000
France 5165,000,000,000
Japan 3024,000,000,000
Italy 2487,000,000,000
Spain 2311,000,000,000
Switzerland 1563,000,000,000
Australia 1497,000,000,000

The UK ranks second only to the USA in terms of national debt. It is time to re-establish Scotland as an independent country. The constant harping by Westminster, ever stating Scotland will not be allowed to share Sterling has to be seen in the context of the list. In recognition of it’s great wealth, (coupled with a well balanced, income, expenditure and efficiently managed account) Scotland would be very well placed, as a trading nation if Westminster retained it’s crazy stance re. Scotland doesn’t need Sterling but Sterling will be sunk without the support of Scotland. Scotland should re-establish it’s own currency and go it alone.


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