Labour Party Haven’t a Clue How to Run the Country

Share the Facts and The Debt

Chris Whiteside is chairman of the Conservative Party’s Cumbria area. He recently attacked Labours spending plans should they be elected to government. He said; “Labour plans would mean £500 Billion more debt”. Go to the, “share the facts” website, (see below for details) of how Labour’s spending plans would saddle the country with more debt, and more interest on that debt. There is more to do but, our long-term economic plan is working. Labour unfortunately, haven’t learnt their lesson. Their policy would add £35,000 of debt for every child in the country over the next two decades – more debt than future generations could ever hope to repay. Labour are the biggest risk to Britain’s economic security. Only by working through our long-term economic plan and finishing the job of, (austerity measures) eliminating the deficit will we secure a better, brighter future for our country. But hang on a mo’ Scotland need not be part of this madness. We have a choice in September. Vot, “yes” in the referendum.

Chris Whiteside is chairman of the Conservative Party’s Cumbria area. Last Wednesday, (s good news day) he announced his party’s firm plans for new investment in the north of England. He said; “Conservatives want the great northern cities to work with us over the coming months and together we will make a reality of the plan we’ve set out for the Northern Powerhouse – an ambitious plan to make the cities and towns in the northern belt radically better connected from east to west – to create the equivalent of travelling around a single global city.” “Conservative ministers in the coalition government are ready to commit new money, new infrastructure, new transport and new science. And real new civic power too. This comes on top of action already taken to build a new north-south railway, HS2, and give our great northern cities like Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Hull more tools to grow through City Deals.” “Yesterday the Chancellor set out the Pathway to this Northern Powerhouse, so as to deliver a real improvement in the long term economic performance of the North of England. This will be a centrepiece of the AUTUMN STATEMENT – and part of our long term plan to build a healthier economy and a brighter future for the country, meaning more security and greater peace of mind for hardworking taxpayers.” George has well advanced plans, in place for the North East of England. But when questioned about what his plans are for Scotland, (post referendum he cannot, (or will not) say. Best not to wait. Vote, “Yes” in the referendum


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