NHS Privatisation

The National Health Service in England is being dismantled in favour of private sector healthcare provision. £80 Billion is to be handed over to 40 commissioning bodies, providing massive profits for a few major private healthcare providers. Contracts are being drawn up, in secret, for implementation at the earliest opportunity, which unfortunately for the Health Service in England is now. David Cameron, (Prime Minister) is firmly set on continuing with the changes despite ever growing public dissent. There has been little argucontractualment from the Labour Party.

The process, (now nearing the implementation stage) was first conceived by the government of Tony Blair. The Commons Public Accounts Committee, (CPAC) reported that the Health Service in England spent £600?million on consultants, including McKinsey, in, (2005-06). A few of his ministers involved;

1. Mark Britnell; Director-General for Commissioning and System Management for the National Health Service (NHS) in England (2007–2009) is now a partner and Head of Healthcare, Europe & UK for advisory firm KPMG.

2. Lord Warner, Labour Health Secretary, (2005-2006), is involved with the huge equity firm APAX, which also owns healthcare interests.

3. Simon Stevens; Former Chief Health Adviser, (to Tony Blair) is now the executive vice-president of United Healthcare. The company is well advanced in contractural agreements with NHS civil servants.

4. Alan Milburn; Labour Health Secretary, (1999-2003), is retained by Alliance Medical owners a number of healthcare providers.

5. Cherie Blair; (Wife of Tony) is a founding partner of, “Mee Healthcare”. Reports indicate the company is recruiting financial backers gathering £100 Million.

It is evident, in the future, (contrary to assurances by the Con/Dem government) that GP’s will not be the driving force of the Health Service in England. The 40 Commissioning Teams will run the show, awarding large contracts to approved Healthcare providers, namely, BUPA, AXA, KPMG, McKinsey and others.

So there it is. Loadsa money for the already mega-rich, (including those listed above) asset stripping the National Health Service in England, (the wee Welshman must be turning in his grave). A, “No” vote will bring about the same fate for the Health Service in Scotland as is planned for England. Scotland will only be spared if we vote, “Yes” in the referendum.

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