Scottish Referendum

Hoon Defence Secretary-Iraq No Answers

Commons Select Committee for Defence 22 Mar 2002, (before the 2003 invasion of Iraq).

Answering a question about weapons of mass destruction Geoff Hoon, Defence Secretary, (much scandalised and forced from office) said, “Saddam Hussein can be absolutely confident the UK is willing to use nuclear weapons in the right conditions”.

Chairman’s End of Session Summary

“Thank you very much. I cannot say the sum total of human knowledge has increased significantly, Mr Hoon. You “out-Boycotted” Boycott, and all I can say is that if you were playing for Derby County this season in goal then Derby would be up with Manchester United and going into Europe, because you did not concede many goals. However, we will ask you exactly the same questions again in due course, when we will expect totally, totally different answers.

A careful read of the notes, (see attached) of the meeting will leave you breathless. The contempt Mr Hoon had for the committee was breath-taking.


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