Ed Miliband and Scotland England Border Controls

Ed Miliband and Scotland England Border Controls 1. Ed Miliband issued, yet another, “scare story” threatening an independent Scotland with border controls. I expect he might be referring to the shambolic £1billion computerized system, (commissioned by the last Labour government) and recently written off by the Con/Dem government. 2. Rather than perpetuating mischievous myths Ed […]

Immigration-Border Controls Fiasco

        Rob Whiteman Chief Executive – UK Border Agency (UKBA) (Common Purpose Member) The UK Border Agency (UKBA) WAS the border control agency of the UK government and part of the Home Office. It was formed as an executive agency on 1 April 2008 by a merger of the Border and Immigration […]

Miliband & the Foreigners

Ed Miliband recently badgered shoppers in Edinburgh pleading with them to vote, “No” in the referendum since he did not wish to see his sons grow up believing they would be classified as foreigners if they visited an independent Scotland. Pure tripe of course but all part of the spread of disinformation the, “no” campaigners […]

The Labour Party and Raytheon and the billion pound failed e-Borders scheme- and who pays? the taxpayer

        2003: Tony Blair assured UK Public illegal immigration controls would be put in place establishing effective control of the countries borders The e-Borders programme, launched by Labour in 2005 was a £1bn attempt to reform border controls. In 2007 Raytheon, (the US defence corporation) won a nine-year contract to develop and […]