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Ed Miliband and Scotland England Border Controls

Ed Miliband and Scotland England Border Controls

1. Ed Miliband issued, yet another, “scare story” threatening an independent Scotland with border controls. I expect he might be referring to the shambolic £1billion computerized system, (commissioned by the last Labour government) and recently written off by the Con/Dem government.

2. Rather than perpetuating mischievous myths Ed would be better advised to address his concerns addressing the intention of the, Irish government to embrace, in full the, “Schengen” open borders scheme, should Scotland vote, “yes” to independence.

3. The, “Common Travel Area” (CTA) “Schengen” opt out, allowing the UK & Ireland to maintain border controls was only useful to Ireland so long as decisions impacting on it were mutually agreed. Introduction, without consultation of the, “botched scheme” now requires Irish citizens to travel with photographic identification and current passports together with other means of identification.

4. The, “Common Travel Area” is no more but any move by the UK government to introduce border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland would be strenuously resisted by the Irish on both sides of the border. In any event there are in excess of 260 road traffic crossing points on the border so policing it would be impossible.

5. I expect the UK will shortly review it’s decision to remain out of, “Schengen” since parts of the agreement have been adopted over the last 4 year’s.

The UK Border Controls Fiasco

1. Launched seven years ago by Labour and further developed by the Con/Dem government the, “e-Borders” computerized system touted by the government as the definitive solution to the perceived problem of insecure border controls has , “hit the deck”, (in polite terms a fiasco) at a cost to the taxpayer of £500million, (excluding a botched cancellation penalty of £230million). In total, including staff costs the writes off is around £1billion.

a. 20% of trips were not counted in and out of Britain or checked against terror and criminal watchlists.

b. 20 million travelers avoided full screening due to recurring catastrophic IT failures and management blunders.

c. 6 million travelers arriving by train, including Eurostar were not subject to advance immigration checks.

d. 10 million sea travelers, subject only to cursory checking slipped through the net without having their personal details compared against lists of killers and dangerous fanatics.

e. 4 million air passengers are subject only to cursory checking meaning that officials were denied full use of the system, a vital weapon in the fight against terrorism

f. The system proved to be incapable of producing an accurate, “headcount” of travelers moving, “in and out” of the UK, leaving officials in the dark about the true scale of illegal immigration.

g. Government ordered to pay £230m of taxpayers’ money to giant US firm behind disastrous border control scheme.

2. The Labour government’s promise to the Nation

a. The UK border will be, “exported” to other countries, forcing anyone attempting to get into Britain to reveal their personal information in advance.

b. The information gathered and passed to the UK border controls agency will be extensively checked against watchlists, security databases and then, logged on a vast database.

c. Extremists, criminals and wanted criminals would either be arrested at the airport or turned away. Alternatively, they could be placed under surveillance to identify terrorist plots.

3. From the outset, the system soon developed into a shambles.

a. It was delayed by EU countries who refused to participate on the grounds that the system breached Brussels directives, including on data protection.

b. There are still six airlines on the continent who are refusing to participate.

c. Technical problems meant people arriving on ferries, Eurostar trains, cruise ships and small planes were not screened in advance.

d. Even when known criminals and illegals were, “flagged” by the system, airports were not phoned in advance providing warning about their impending arrival.

4. Tory MP Philip Davies branded the project an absolute disgrace stating, ” The failures of the system should be attributed to the previous Labour government who had signed off a, disastrous, catastrophic contract”. The Chief Inspector of Borders, John Vine, confirmed in his report to Theresa May, (The Home Secretary)that the, ‘electronic borders’ project had started off badly and descended into a shambles. Theresa May cancelled the contract and the government was sued and lost.

5. The Expose Report

David Cameron Acting Tough

Teresa May Pledging Change and Improvements

Scottish Referendum

Immigration-Border Controls Fiasco






Rob Whiteman Chief Executive – UK Border Agency (UKBA) (Common Purpose Member)

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) WAS the border control agency of the UK government and part of the Home Office.

It was formed as an executive agency on 1 April 2008 by a merger of the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA), UKvisas and the Detection functions of HM Revenue and Customs.

The decision to create a single border control organisation was taken following a Cabinet Office report which reported existing systems were not fit for purpose.

Rob Whiteman, (Common Purpose) was appointed Chief Executive in September 2011.

Over 23,000 staff worked for the agency, in over 130 countries.

It was divided into four main operations, each under the management of a senior director: operations, immigration and settlement, international operations and visas and law enforcement.

The agency came under formal criticism from the Parliamentary Ombudsman for consistently poor service, a backlog of many hundreds of thousands of cases, and a large and increasing number of complaints.

In the first nine months of 2009–10, 97% of investigations reported by the Ombudsman resulted in a complaint against the agency being upheld.

The complainants were asylum, residence, or other immigration applicants.

On 26 March 2013, following a scathing report into the agency’s, (poisoned culture and flawed leadership bordering on incompetence) by the Home Affairs Select Committee, it was announced by Home Secretary Theresa May that the UK Border Agency would be abolished and its work returned to the Home Office.

Its executive agency status was removed as of 31 March 2013 and the agency was split into two new organisations;

1. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) focusing on the visa system.

2. An Immigration Enforcement Organisation, (IEO) focusing on immigration law enforcement, previously known as the, “Border Force”.

The Interim Director Generals of the two organisations have been appointed.

Sarah Rapson will bring her customer-focus experience that she gained from the Identity and Passport Service to (UKVI).

David Wood, an experienced ex-Police Officer and former Director of Operations of the (UKBA), will head up IE.

We are told to expect a tough, hard-line command that will see the strict application of the UK’s immigration laws (which are only going to get stricter!)

March 2013. Rob Whiteman moved sideways to a much smaller job, (but with the same salary) as Director General, Operational Systems Transformation at the Home Office.

June 2013. Rob Whiteman appointed Chief Executive of CIPFA, (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy). It is the professional body for people in public finance. So he falls on his feet.

So there you have it. Rob Whiteman, (Common Purpose) rewarded for incompetence. Another reason to vote, “Yes” to independence in September. Many millions of taxpayers money flushed down the drain and many hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the UK without government knowledge. Disaster right enough.

Scottish Referendum

New Labour – Multiculturalism – Uncontrolled Immigration – Secretly Orchestrated by Blair and Brown






New Labour – (Tony Blair & Gordon Brown) Architects of Destruction

There was a huge increase in migrants in the time Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in office, though Labour persistently denied any politically motivated left wing agenda radically altering the make-up of British society.

The populist word was “multiculturalism” completion of which would change the country forever  “rubbing the rights nose in diversity,” according to Andrew Neather, (former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.)

The cynical  abuse of the nation was later admitted by Labour politicians to be the means of significantly increasing the Labour Party voter base.

The assumption being that most immigrants would naturally  give their support to Labour.

Adding to the numbers, illegal immigration, over the same period exceeded 1.5million.

The bulk of the illegal immigrants remaining in the UK operate in the “black economy” (annual turnover £300billion).







The blame for  the success of “Brexit” in the recent referendum can be wholly attributed to the abusive policies of New Labour .

Records indicate that EU immigration primarily added migrants who, possessed the skills needed to help build the economy and were keen to assist in the process of multiculturalism.

It is sad that this hard working group are bundled in the minds of the electorate into a group called  “immigrants”.





Multiculturalism – The Labour Party – Uncontrolled ImmigrationA trip down memory lane just to jog the grey matter.

Secret papers suggest that the Labour Party threw open the doors to mass migration in a deliberate policy to change the social make-up of the UK.

A draft report from the Cabinet Office showed that ministers wanted to ‘maximise the contribution’ of migrants to their ‘social objectives’.

The number of foreigners allowed in the UK increased by as much as 50 per cent in the wake of the report, written in 2000.

Melting pot: Labour’s diversity drive is exposed in secret papers Labour has always justified immigration on economic grounds and denied it was using it to foster multiculturalism.

But suspicions of a secret agenda rose when Andrew Neather, former government adviser and speech writer for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said:

“the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy is to rub the rights’ nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date”.





Neather also said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to:

“open up the UK to mass migration” but ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss the move publicly for fear it would alienate the core working class vote.

As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.”

Critics said the revelations showed a “conspiracy” within Government to impose mass immigration for “cynical” political reasons.

Some 2.3 million migrants were added to the population since then, according to Whitehall estimates quietly slipped out on a good day to release bad news..

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migration Watch think tank, said:

“Now at least the truth is out, and it’s dynamite. Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock up but also a conspiracy. They were right. This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage.”

The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said:

“We welcome this statement by an ex-adviser, which the whole country knows to be true. “It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain.”

A Home Office spokesman said:

“Our new flexible points based system gives us greater control on those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain need can come.

Britain’s borders are stronger than ever before and we are rolling out ID cards to foreign nationals, we have introduced civil penalties for those employing illegal workers and from the end of next year our electronic border system will monitor 95 per cent of journeys in and out of the UK. The British people can be confident that immigration is under control.    (This was a big big lie.)






A Decade Later – Multiculturalism Fails – 4 Million Immigrants – White Minority Areas Expanding

Demos, the Left-wing think-tank, said its analysis of Census data for England and Wales showed ethnic minorities are concentrating in particular areas and white people are moving out.

The findings echo a phenomenon first seen in the mid-20th century United States – where it was dubbed “white flight” – which saw racially-mixed urban areas become predominantly black as affluent whites moved to the suburbs.

The research is significant because Demos, which was once closely linked with the previous Labour government which increased immigration to record levels, suggested ethnic minorities are becoming more isolated in British life rather than becoming more integrated in a “multi-cultural” Britain.

It found 4.6 million ethnic minority Britons – about 45 per cent of the country’s black and Asian population – are now living in areas where whites are in a minority.

Ten years ago just 1 million black and Asian people, or 25 per cent of the country’s then total ethnic minority population, lived in such communities, said Demos.

Ed Miliband acknowledged that the last government made mistakes presiding over the most rapid expansion of our foreign-born population in history.

He conceded that wages were being depressed by the influx of immigrant labour and that British workers had found it more difficult to get a job as a result. Up to now, this has always been denied by the ministers responsible.





Scottish Referendum

Miliband & the Foreigners

Ed Miliband recently badgered shoppers in Edinburgh pleading with them to vote, “No” in the referendum since he did not wish to see his sons grow up believing they would be classified as foreigners if they visited an independent Scotland.

Pure tripe of course but all part of the spread of disinformation the, “no” campaigners are committed to. How sad they are. Many of Ed’s family reside in Israel and I conjecture, his boy’s if asked, would not view their close relatives in Israel as foreigners. In any event the legal status of the citizens of a new rUK & Scotland would remain unaltered. Under the terms of a, “Personal Union” all subjects of the Monarch are considered equal and not alien to one another. See the attached;

Scottish Referendum

The Labour Party and Raytheon and the billion pound failed e-Borders scheme- and who pays? the taxpayer

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2003: Tony Blair assured UK Public illegal immigration controls would be put in place establishing effective control of the countries borders

The e-Borders programme, launched by Labour in 2005 was a £1bn attempt to reform border controls.

In 2007 Raytheon, (the US defence corporation) won a nine-year contract to develop and operate the programme.

But three years into the deal,  and not long after her appointment to the post of Home Secretary, Theresa May, terminated the contract with the US defence corporation claiming it was failing.

She further stated the government had lost confidence in Raytheon’s ability to deliver the programme after it had fallen a year behind schedule.

Raytheon threatened to sue the Tory government for £500m, blaming the UK Border Agency for any failings, but both sides entered into binding arbitration to reach a settlement.

The UK government was ordered to pay £50m for terminating the contract without good cause. £126m a refund of asset costs already delivered to e-Borders.  £10m in settlement of contract changes introduced after it had been signed. £38m being interest charges accrued. Total £224m all written off against the public purse.!!!!!!!!

A jubilant Raytheon spokesman said: “The arbitration tribunal found that Mrs May unlawfully terminated the agreement in 2010 and in doing so she repudiated the e-borders contract. The Tribunal denied all Home Office claims for damages and claw-back of previous payments. The Tribunal’s ruling confirms that [Raytheon] delivered substantial capabilities to the UK Home Office under the e-borders program.” (BBC)

Note: the matter ping-ponged in the civil court until 2014 when the Tory government was ordered to settle the bill as charged. Mrs May walked away claiming it had nothing to do with her. I was all the Labour governments fault.






Dec 2015: Home Office censured over £830m “failed e-borders development

The scheme was supposed to collect, advanced passenger information (API), such as passport numbers and nationalities and was meant to allow officials to “export the border”  by preventing people from embarking on journeys to the UK where they were considered a threat.

The National Audit Office was highly critical of the Home Office for failing to complete the project to boost UK border security – despite spending at least £830 million.

The National Audit Office said checks remained “almost exclusively manual and wholly inefficient,”  and the supporting IT systems were hopelessly outdated.

But the scheme was dogged by problems from the time of its launch in 2003 by Tony Blair, until the end of 2014 when the head of the UK Border Force, Sir Charles Montgomery, said “full e-borders capability”, as originally envisaged, would not be achieved, and checks and screening would be incorporated into a new programme.

The e-borders contract was subsequently split in two with IBM and Serco given the job of getting a system in place at nine airports before the 2012 London Olympics. But this was not achieved.






Some of the Audit Office report’s key findings

  • £830m had been spent on the project between April 2006 and March 2015, with another £275m projected to be spent on the “successor” programme, by March 2019. Taking the overall spend to £1bn plus.
  • Among those costs was £230m on an out-of-court settlement paid after the original e-borders contract had been cancelled by Mrs May.
  • The project is not scheduled to be finished until 2019 – eight years late!!!!!
  • API was only collected from 86% of arrivals,2017, against a target of 100%.
  • API is not available for the bulk of incoming rail and ferry journeys.
  • Only 20% of booking data – more comprehensive than API – is being collected. Again, the target is 100%.
  • It is not possible to accurately assess cost in the period (2003-2006) because the records had been destroyed!!!!!!  The permanent secretary at the Home Office, said the missing records were due to a change in accounting procedures, but he would investigate.

The Audit Office gave warning that a failure to update a database, (designed to flag up known criminals or terrorists) known as the “Warning Index”  was still in use eight years after its scheduled closure and resulted in an average of two “high priority incidents a week”.

The “Warning Index” operates alongside another system called “semaphore,” but the failure to integrate them meant staff still had to check passports manually and consult printed A4 sheets when probing suspicious vehicle registrations. Some border checks were still being conducted using scraps of paper.

The breakdowns include situations where part of the system is not available or performing too slowly to function, or where it is inaccessible at 30% or more control points at a port or airport.



Image result for raytheon e-borders





e-borders scheme might be delivered 8 year’s late and cost in excess of £1Bn. Ten times over budget.

A Public Accounts Committee report has criticized the UK Home Office on the botched e-borders programme, saying that the project will end up costing £1bn and delivered eight years late.

In the report, the MPs Committee has also warned that the programme will not deliver the desired benefit.

The e-borders scheme was initially launched in 2003 to keep a track of all passengers transiting in and out of the UK within 10 years.

Primary intention of the programme was to improve border security by collecting data of passengers who enter the country by air, rail and sea by gathering and processing data on them before they reach the border.

The programme was dogged by controversies and problems before it was terminated in 2014, in its current form.

The Home Office initially entered into a contract with US-based technology and defence company Raytheon in 2007, but this was terminated in July 2010 citing that the company failed to reach milestones.

The committee said in its report: “It is now five years since the e-Borders contract was cancelled yet the capabilities delivered so far still fall short of what was originally envisaged. Since 2010 the Major Projects Authority has issued seven warnings about these programmes.

“The Department’s complacency about progress to date increases our concerns about whether the programme will be completed by 2019 as the Department now promises, and whether tangible benefits for border security, transport carriers and passengers will result.”

Major reasons for the delay is the cancellation of the deal with Raytheon under which the company was to deliver its own solution to meet the Department’s objectives to a fixed price and timescale which ‘turned out to be unrealistic’.





Public Accounts Committee Chair Meg Hillier said:

“This is an important Report, revealing a history of poor management and a worrying complacency about its impact on taxpayers. It is accepted that successful completion of this project is essential to the security of our international borders. Yet the original target date has long passed and we are still at least three years away from delivery. The stop, start approach has cost the taxpayer dear. I am careful to say “at least” three years from delivery because we are not convinced warnings about the progress of this project have been treated with sufficient gravity, nor that sufficient action has been taken to prevent a repeat of past problems.”

Following the cancellation of the deal with Raytheon, the Home Office  implemented successor programmes, including the Border Systems Programme and Digital Services at the Border, which has already cost £830m, as of March 2015.

The committee has concluded that the Home Office “does not have a clear picture of the management information it has or needs to manage the UK border” and frequent changes in management have added to the worry.

The PAC committee said that the officials are dismissive about the delay despite seven warnings issued by Major Projects Authority since 2010.

The Committee criticised the department saying : “It is difficult to understand where this confidence comes from, given the lengthy delays and continual warnings of ongoing management issues, which gives us cause for concern about the future prospects for this programme which is vital to national security.”

Since 2012, the Home Office’s Border Force directorate is responsible for operating the borders and previously it was being managed by UK Border Agency and the Home Office.

A UK Home Office spokesman was quoted saying that the programme was a “top priority” and “we are investing heavily in our systems to tackle the threat from terrorism, organized crime and illegal immigration. Every passenger crossing our control points into the UK is checked against a range of watch-lists and the UK passport is among the most secure in the world.”   (cbronline)