This article was written by John Steill on 14 Nov 1844 – the heart-breaking content is as relevant today as it was nearly 180 years ago and should be required reading for all Scots – It is time we cast off the life throttling chains of English colonial rule-Read it and weep!! I did!!!

Dear sir, I know not whether you have ever thought of the subject which I am to bring under your notice, but I own it has always been a favourite theme with myself, and I address these few lines to you in particular, because I believe you have too much candour to refuse to listen […]

Former senior executive exposes a rampant toxic culture of sexual abuse, bullying and misogyny within the Lib Dem Party- and the Leadership condones it

Former Lib Dem Senior Executive alleges Party fails its staff by allowing a culture of Racism, Misogyny, sexual misconduct and bullying to flourish 30 Jul 2019: Emma Walker. Team Sheila Ritchie MEP,(including me) firing on all cylinders. It was great to meet our colleagues from our Brussels office after working so closely with them. One […]

London controlled Scotland’s Unionist Labour Party & Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton, Labour MSP from 1999 to date -awareness of who butters her bread in defiance of Party policy, she backs her husband’s Trident employed GMB trades Union, their workers and families.

26 October 1999: Minister Jackie Baillie Backs Scrapping Trident A Minister in the Scottish Executive has admitted publicly to being in favour of scrapping Trident, it was confirmed last night as the Opposition SNP moved to exploit Government concern at the controversial judgement of a Greenock sheriff who ruled that Trident was illegal. In the […]

London controlled Scotland’s Unionist Labour Party & Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton, Labour MSP from 1999 to date- Trident on the Clyde is a good thing it sustains the economy of Dunbartonshire:.

Trident 28 October 2012: Jackie Baillie Trident job loss claims challenged by official MoD figures Claims by Labour MSP Jackie Baillie that the Trident nuclear weapons system sustains 11,000 Scottish jobs have been called into question following a Freedom of Information request by Scottish CND. Figures obtained from the Ministry of Defence by the nuclear […]

Mairi McAllan- Minister for Environment-speedily & with unseeming haste was moved onwards and upwards when her inexperience in sh*tty matters exposed her limitations – leaving Scotland still in deep sh*t

2016: The Sludge Review: In 2016, the Scottish Government published the review of the storage and spreading of sewage sludge on land in Scotland – known as the Sludge Review. This acknowledged that ‘stakeholder feedback indicates that there is a need for greater consistency, and greater public confidence, in the way sewage sludge is handled […]

Mairi McAllan-An intelligent young lady who has been promoted beyond her capabilities-lacks the experience of the university of life-my advice-get away from politics for a while

Mairi Louise McAllan b1993. Raised in Biggar, South Lanarkshire. Gained law degree in Scots law at Glasgow University. Father Ian is the SNP Provost of South Lanarkshire. Personal life: Helping her partner Iain Renwick run a successful beef and sheep farm in the Crawick Valley, near Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway. Political drive: “I am […]

The legacy of Chief Constable – Sir Iain Livingstone- contracted to 2025-Getting out this summer – I think I know why – She’s in this blog – Can you guess???

Iain Livingstone – Getting to know him: Iain Livingstone played for Raith Rovers for three years before he graduated with a first class honours law degree at Aberdeen University. He practised law in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London and is still a member of the Law Society of Scotland. He switched careers in 1992 and joined […]

The mandatory imposition of juryless trials on Scots by WOKE activist SNP politicians ignoring legal guidance in preference for an emotional response is unacceptable- a woman who was raped explains why!!!!!

Rape Trials – Whose Justice? May 7, 2021 By Anon In August 2019 I was raped in my home by a man pretending to be a pizza delivery driver.  The first trial in January 2020 resulted in a hung jury and the retrial was delayed until March 2021 on account of covid-19.  During this time […]

Peter Murrell – Liz Lloyd and other conspirators plotted first to destroy Mark McDonald, and they did and then Alex Salmond – which they didn’t: Nasty people at the top of the SNP

A conspirator is someone engaged in a conspiracy—a secret plan by multiple people to do something evil or illegal. Murrell in a statement to the Holyrood Inquiry stated that Party policy dictated the handling of complaints within the Party was the responsibility of the Party Executive and it did not share case details with any other organisation unless […]