The Alex Salmond Stitch-Up – Events on 06 June 2018:

The Alex Salmond Stitch-Up – Events on 06 June 2018:

In her statement to the Holyrood Inquiry Sturgeon said: Alex Salmond sent me a message on 03 June 2018. Both the tone and content of this message led me to conclude that legal action by Alex Salmond against the Scottish Government was a serious prospect and I decided that I should make Leslie Evans aware of this and wrote to her on 06 June 2018.

At this date Sturgeon had deliberately withheld from Leslie Evans, any knowledge of Geoff Aberdein’s three March 2018 meetings with Liz Lloyd, or his two further meetings with herself on 29 March 2018 and 02 April 2018 or her meeting with Alex Salmond at her home on 2 April 2018 or her firm promise to Alex Salmond (witnessed) to close the Inquiry, when faced with the reality that the Procedure was illegal and the threat of legal action.

Sturgeon in witholding the information committed a blatant breech of and compromised the Procedure and the Ministerial Code sections (4.22 and 4.23), (Guard against the release of previously undisclosed or confidential information which might compromise decisions in matters that Ministers are involved in) as were her unauthorised meetings with Geoff Aberdein and Alex Salmond.


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