The Scottish National Care Service is yet another SNP government “power grab” from Local Councils

The National Care Service

Sturgeon claimed the service would be the “most significant public service reform” since the launch of the NHS.

But in a financial memorandum published alongside the new bill, it was revealed establishing the NCS could cost £1.3bn over five years in admin costs.

In addition, up to 700 civil servants – rather than social care professionals would be required to staff it.

Opponents claim the proposals were yet another “assault” on local councils by the SNP government and a “power grab” by SNP ministers

The National Care Service (NCS)

The design for this has been contracted to multinational consultancy firms PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG.

Incidentally, KPMG have recently been fined £18.4m for deliberately misleading regulators.

In addition, “four of its senior staff have been banned from the accountancy profession, over the firm’s botched audits of collapsed outsourcing company Carillion.”

As Lilian Macer, convener of Unison Scotland, said of the NCS contracts:

“PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG have a track record of promoting private health and social care, this is not what most people in Scotland want.

Care should be delivered in and for the community.

It is a public service not a commodity.

Big private equity firms have led us to the tragically dysfunctional care system we have now.”


2 thoughts on “The Scottish National Care Service is yet another SNP government “power grab” from Local Councils

  1. C J, your recent blog articles portray a Sturgeon led Scottish Government siphoning off Scotland’s natural and structural assets to corporate interests over whom we have no democratic control. Serious questions require to be asked regarding the decision making process’s within Holyrood which facilitate this grand larceny. Just how many of those decisions taken, actually come before parliament, or is it the case corporate lobbying carries the day without oversight. Either way this current Scottish Government is culpable of gross and deplorable negligence in the protection of Scotland’s critical infrastructure!


    1. The handover of Scotland’s abundant renewable assets by the SNP government to powerful external forces is more advanced than portrayed in the articles.

      People need to think outside the box.

      Scotland is an invaluable military resource to the US and NATO and release from the constraints English colonial rule will be attached to irrevocable treaty’s committing Scotland to remaining within an umbrella of acceptable States.

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