Mike Russell -Interim Chief Executive needs to sack Kirsten Oswald SNP Business Secretary and LBBTQ adherent who perverted an NEC vote in favour of LGBT

2021: NEC Meeting hijacked by LGBTQ activists

The LGBTQ group proposed that the SNP’s eight regional lists for the Scottish parliamentary election should include either a *BAME or a disabled candidate in the top place,.

Four regions would be allocated a BAME person and the other four a disabled person.

The proposal carried the commitment that disabled status would be by self-identification with no confirmatory checking being carried out.

Members in attendance believed it would be illegal to adopt the proposal under the equalities law.

The matter was deferred and referred to the Party’s legal counsel, Jonathan Mitchell QC who warned that the policy was legally dubious and open to challenge in the courts and any case brought by a person disadvantaged by the rule would probably succeed, and cost the SNP maany thousands of pounds in legal expenses.

But the LGBTQ group insisted the proposal should be decided upon by the NEC.

The Chairperson, Kirsten Oswald decided to put the matter to the vote.

The vote was tied and it was expected that in compliance with accepted practice the Chair would cast her vote for retention of the status quo.

She didn’t and passed the motion placing the Party at great risk of legal and costly claims of discrimination.


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