The 1707 “Treaty of Union” imposed 300 years of Chains and Slavery on Scots

    Chains and Slavery

    The 1707 “Treaty of Union” is an illegal document since it contravenes the 1320 “Scottish Declaration of Independence” which was formally approved by John XXII.

    The approval created a precedence introducing the first ever “proto-declaration of independence” and established the principles of the “Unalienable Rights of Mankind.”

    Recognition of these rights is not negotiable and any political governance explicitly devised to manufacture dependency on the state is universally deprecated rendering illegal the UK system of government established in 1707, since its political systems of control systematically entice Scots to accept permanent dependency robbing them of their freedom, turning them into metaphorical “numpties”, clearly violating their unalienable right to liberty.

    Every “numpty” answers to a master and the Westminster government manufactures servants of the state to support and impose its will on its “numpties” through the enforcement of involuntary servitude which is essentially slavery, and slaves are not free.

    The Westminster government takes to itself all wealth generated by their “Scottish numpties” passing copious financial support to its appointed masters.

    The “numpties” are are permitted, subject to whimsical changes, to retain only that which they need to survive. Westminster retains all power and authority.

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    2 replies on “The 1707 “Treaty of Union” imposed 300 years of Chains and Slavery on Scots”

    I really don’t think the Treaty itself is illegal, caltonjock, even if very few had the vote then. It has been its interpretation which has been illegal and which has led to our situation. The Treaty could be challenged, probably very successfully, in international law tomorrow, and based on its persistent breaching by England and England as the UK. No Scottish administration has seen fit to do that and few Scots, till recently, have been anything other than submissive and acquiescent.

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    As you say the Treaty of 1707 is accepted as a spurious but technically legal act of betrayal by a few Scottish nobles and their political supporters who tied their fellow Scots into 300 plus years of colonial rule. They will never be forgiven!!


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