SNP politicians are sycophantic Party apparatchik’s guilty of personation who scam £40million each year from Scottish taxpayers

The SNP leadership and it’s political appointee’s are sycophantic Party apparatchik’s guilty of personation who readily accede to the ill judged capricious ideas of she who must be obeyed

The Scottish National Party Government and associated Regional Branches employ approximately 841 people.

An investigation of the Party organisation indicates that the bulk of this total were appointed to office dependant on who they supported politically, eg LBGTQ+ supporters or close friends of persons responsible for the offer of employment or close family members. Nepotism personified!!

The concerns of many Party members when alerted to the abuse of office by senior officers is being broadcast on internet social media networks. The bubble has burst!!

The May 2022 Council election provided an opportunity for the Party membership to send a message, “not in our name” to Sturgeon and her fellow political conspirators openly determined through spurious subterfuge and downright lying to deny Scots their independence. But, yet again the electorate rolled over as one and got a comforting belly rub.

We’re in it for the money honey

The 841 non-independence seeking officers of the SNP gift themselves between £32,690,000 and £43,150,000 each year and it is safe to assume that much of the financial largesse is being tucked away in private bank accounts for retirement days in sunny warmer climes.

The annual cost of the SNP to the Scottish taxpayers

Local councillor: Salary + on costs + expenses: £20,000 per annum.

MSP support: Caseworkers and Administration: Salary + on costs + expenses + superannuation pension: £40-£60 per annum. Funding for three FTE = £120-£180 per annum

MSP: Salary + on costs + expenses + accommodation + superannuation pension: £90,000-£120,000 per annum.

MP support: Parliamentary Assistants and caseworkers: Salary + on costs + expenses + superannuation pension £40,000-£60,000 per annum. Funding allocation £180,000 per annum. Around 3+ staff.

Plus £1.5million short money annually to spread around the group of MP’s

MP: Salary + on costs + travel/associated expenses + accommodation + superannuation pension: £130,000-£170,000

Summary totals:

400 Councillors – £8,000,000

192 MSP Admin Staff – £7,680,000 – £11,520,000

64 MSPs – £5,760,000 – £7,680,000

140 Parliamentary Assistants – £5,400,000 – £8,400,000 MPs

45 MPs (including bogus Shadow Cabinet members) – £5,850,000 – £7,550,000

Total annual expenditure by the Scottish taxpayer on the SNP – Between £32,690,000 – £43,150,000

4 thoughts on “SNP politicians are sycophantic Party apparatchik’s guilty of personation who scam £40million each year from Scottish taxpayers

  1. Eric Hoffer, American philosopher: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    Sad, but true, unfortunately. The secret, surely, is in achieving your ends when you are still a movement? YES movement take note. SNP left it too long and fulfilled the prophesy.

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