Russian money influences the Tory government – 14 government ministers, including six Cabinet members accepted tens of thousands of pounds in donations from Russian oligarchs’

Putin’s Russia pulls the strings and the Tory Party Dances to their tune

In the past ten years, approximately 10,000 super-wealthy Chinese and Russian business investors and entrepreneurs have been issued with “golden visas” by the Tory government providing them with a right of residence in the UK.

So many of Putin’s oligarchs and their wider families have gained the advantage of the scheme that the UK capital is now known as “Londongrad”.

Assertions that Tory’s welcome inward investment regardless of source is well-founded.

The “tier one” investor visa, requires only that the applicant operate a UK bank account with a balance of not less than £2m. This permits investors full residence in the UK for up to five years.

But eligibility for extensions and permanent residence is guaranteed after making further investments.

Putin's invitation is an early test for post-Brexit Britain ...

Scottish Tory’s have the affrontery to demand a Public Inquiry into Russian interference in Scottish politics

The Westminster “Intelligence & Security Committee” (ISC) only this week released its politically delayed Russia report warning that the UK is at risk of Russian exploitation because of the Tory Party’s acceptance of large amounts of political donations, establishing inappropriate relationships with Russian oligarchs. The report read:

“In brief, Russian influence in the UK is “the new normal”, and there are a lot of Russians with very close links to Putin who are well integrated into the UK business and social scene, and accepted because of their wealth. This level of integration London, in particular, means any measures now being taken by the Government are not preventative but rather constitute damage limitation.”

And information released to the public today revealed that 14 of the present Tory government ministers,(including six Cabinet members) have accepted tens of thousands of pounds in donations from Russian oligarchs.

A public inquiry should be conducted without delay so that UK citizens can be assured all measures necessary will be introduced urgently bringing an end to external interference in the nation’s politics. Including banning the practice of politicians taking money from foreigners.

THE RUSSIA REPORT Puts Johnson on the Spot – Byline Times

But a 2018 Tory government inquiry giving a warning about Russian influence has been blatantly ignored

The report, published by Theresa May’s Tory government, “Foreign Affairs Committee”, accused government ministers of risking national security by “turning a blind eye” to Russian, “dirty money” flowing through the City of London.

Concerns were also raised about “golden visas” being issued in ever-increasing numbers despite the alleged involvement of Russia in the Salisbury Novichok nerve agent attack.

In its conclusion, the report demanded that the Government get tough on foreign nationals by tightening the rules of the scheme making it more secure.

But interestingly, the one voice of dissent from his own committee was from the then Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson who suggested that “there was no real role for Government in the process”.

Boris-Johnson-Donald-Trump-and-Vladimir-Putin - Dispatches Europe

4 replies on “Russian money influences the Tory government – 14 government ministers, including six Cabinet members accepted tens of thousands of pounds in donations from Russian oligarchs’”

These people are what are known as fifth and sixth columnist’s in Russia. Multi-billionaires and millionaires who got rich off the back of the the Western neo-liberal rape of Russian assets and resources under the drunken puppet Yeltsin following the collapse of the Soviet Union – as they acted as useful idiots to share in this carve up against their own people and country.

The life expectancy of the general population plummeted, poverty was rife, people starved and lined up in the street at impromptu ‘flea markets’ desperately trying to sell what little they had in order to stay alive. But don’t take my word for it. There’s plenty of data and other material for anyone with the gumption to get off their backsides and carry out some basic research.

The notion that these have anything to do with ‘Putin’ (just because they are from Russia) is not only risible it is simply allowing oneself to be used as a mouthpiece to amplify what is nothing more than an Official Narrative little different in scope and intention to deceive as any other Official Narrative from TWAW to the feudal financialisation of the economy for rentier Western oligarchs under the umbrella of TINA.

The reality is that they are rightly regarded as parasites not only in Russia – where Western sanctions against them is cheered by every sector of the populace including the Kremlin – but also in China, which has lifted over 700 million people out of poverty in only a few decades by waging war against these corrupt Oligarchs in their own country to prevent them from controlling their government and economy.

Which is why such people end up in the West. Aligning themselves with their fellow Oligarchs which do control Western Governments and economies for their own benefit rather than the rest of society..

Check out, for example, people like ‘Miles’ Guo. ( One of a number of corrupt Oligarchs exiled from China aligning themselves with their Western counterparts to undermine their own Country. You can find them on GETTR (, spouting their entitled and exceptionalist bile against the “evil CCP’.

Again, the idea these are acting against the Western oligarchy rather than against their own people and country is pure fantasy propaganda. A typical piece of projection designed to deflect and mislead like every other Official Narrative.

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Excellent analysis: and the Tory Party grifters were quick to avail themselves of the easy money. All they needed to do was sell a little bit of the UK to anyone who required a safe, secure place to hide their stolen money.

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More analysis on this matter featuring, of all people the very same ‘Miles’ Guo* – who has been bankrolling Steve Bannon:

As the author of the above article observes:

“As for Bannon’s financial patron, Guo Wengui,[Miles Guo] he is now officially declared bankrupt but still living in the United States. Given his role in sponsoring a failed coup in the U.S., one would think that the authorities might be considering extraditing him to China where he is wanted on serious corruption charges. That doesn’t appear to be a likely outcome. Why not? It seems that Guo’s anti-China views and broadcasts to the Chinese-American diaspora are too useful for the U.S. establishment in pursuing its hostile policy towards Beijing.”

And, of course the same can be said of the Russian Oligarchs and fellow traveller ‘Atlantacist’s’ acting against the interests of their own country who have been exiled to the West – either forcibly or through choice – by the Kremlin and the Duma. Their desperation to be allowed into the same room to beg crumbs from their Western counterparts thinking they will be allowed the same status and kudios makes them very useful idiots. As Abramovitch among others found out when Chelsea FC was essentially stolen from him in much the same way as the $300 billion of the foreign reserves (used to pay bills via the SWIFT system) of the RF was.

Which is why the majority of the world is desperately trying to unload its dollar holdings.

* I first encountered Guo when he followed me on GETTR earlier this year. After a few minutes research sussing him out as a ‘wrong un’ I called him out on his supposed opposition to torture and murder in a series of posts highligiting the torture and murder of individual Russian speaking Ukrainians. After that he stopped following me but has a couple of his minions following me instead. Occasionally i post something I know will be interpreted as provocative in Chinese via the Yandex translater site.


This article also sheds interesting light on what is going on, who is who and what the relationships are:

” The New York Post reported that Kholomoisky had a “controlling interest” in Burisma Holdings—the Ukrainian energy company which employed Hunter Biden as a board member for $50,000 per month. Russian media, quoted in State Department emails, referred to Burisma as “part of Kholomoisky’s financial empire.”

Six months after Hunter Biden departed, Burisma appointed Cofer Black to its board—a position that he maintains. Black was a career CIA officer who served as director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center following the September 11 attacks.”


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