Dundee – Voted for independence in 2014 by a wide margin but support has deteriorated under Sturgeon’s governance and a similar result in 2023 is problematic


Dundee, was given the title “Yes” city after 57% of its citizens voted for independence in the 2014 referendum.

In 2022 the SNP narrowly established control of the council following the local government elections.

Sturgeon’s ecstatically claimed the results in Dundee vindicated her government’s approach to independence.

But a review of the voting pattern of those that voted contradicts her euphoric razzmatazz and her plans for a referendum might well founder badly.

Local Election results Dundee

Ward 1 – Strathmartine: Electorate 15,266. Turnout 40%

Alexander: SNP: 2143
Baird: Grn: 199
Coleman: Lib: 1,116
Ettle: Ind: 81
Hunter: SNP: 559
Jamieson: TUC: 43
Keenan: Lab: 1,359
Walker: Tory: 351
Whyte: Alba: 105

Votes cast: 5956: Unionist: 2869-48% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 3957-52%

Ward 2 – Lochee: Electorate 14,912. Turnout 40.4%

Bremner: Lib: 184
Hosie: Ind: 128
Mackenzie: Tory: 488
Malone: Lab: 1,678
Ross: Alba: 184
Scullin: Lab: 412
Smith: SNP: 2,174
Tolland: SNP: 351
Treharne: Grn: 244

Votes cast: 5843: Unionist: 2762-47% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 3957-53%

Ward 3 – West End: Electorate 14,626. Turnout 40%

Booth: Grn: 536
Campbell: SNP: 872
Crichton: Lib: 165
El-Nakla: SNP:924
Hay: Tory: 386
Jenkins: Alba: 64
Labagh: Ind: 15
Macpherson: Lib: 2,146
McCready: LAB: 624

Votes cast: 5732: Unionist: 3321-42% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 3957-58%

Ward 4 – Coldside: Electorate 14,893. Turnout 39%

Agnew: Alba: 141
Ali: Tory: 444
Anderson SNP: 1,737
Blain: Lib: 176
Flynn: SNP: 751
Jones: Grn 551
McIrvine:Lab: 960
Scott: TUC: 52
Wright: SNP: 777

Votes cast: 5589: Unionist: 1632-29% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 3957-71%

Ward 5 – Maryfield: Electorate 12,749. Turnout 34%

Cruickshank: Lab: 953
Dewar: Lib: 198
Gurr: Ind: 34
Kamran: Alba: 214
Lynn: SNP: 1,037
Marr: Tory: 371
Short: SNP: 960
Smart: Grn: 446

Votes cast: 4213: Unionist: 1522-36% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 2657-62%

Ward 6 – North East: Electorate 11,792. Turnout 33%

Finnegan: Lab: 1,007
Franchi: Tory: 313
McLean: Alba: 102
Rome :SNP: 1,150
Sawers: SNP: 991
Smith: Lib: 100
White: Grn: 126

Votes cast: 3789: Unionist: 1420-38% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 2369-62%

Ward 7 – East End: Electorate 12,005. Turnout 35%

Crabb: Tory: 440
Dawson: SNP: 1,350
Maattanen: Lib: 115
McHugh: Lab: 1,071
McIntosh: Grn: 167
Petrie: Alba: 151
Roberts: SNP 823

Votes cast: 4117: Unionist: 1626-40% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 2497-60%

Ward 8 – The Ferry: Electorate 16,211. Turnout 56%

Byrne: Alba:92
Cordel: SNP:1,806
Duncan: Lib:3,112
Qaiser: SNP:674
Parsons: Grn:269
Scott: Tory:1,661
Scott: Tory:407
Shears: Lab: 899
Carole: Ind:59

Votes cast: 8979: Unionist: 6079-67% : SNP/Alb/Grn: 2841-32%

Results summary

Total votes cast: 44218: Unionist 21331-48% : SNP/Alb/Grn 22887-52%

2014 Referendum: Yes: 57%: No: 43%

2023 Referendum: (projection): Yes: 52% No: 48%

3 replies on “Dundee – Voted for independence in 2014 by a wide margin but support has deteriorated under Sturgeon’s governance and a similar result in 2023 is problematic”

Sturgeon and the SNP has obviously let Scotland down … the fact that polls have only shifted slightly (on average) since 2014 are testament to that despite their being such favourable circumstances to strike for freedom.

However, it is difficult to make a meaningful comparison between the results of local authority elections and the Independence referendum.

The reason for this is turnout. In 2014 the turnout for Dundee city was 78.8% (see whilst in the 2022 council elections this was only 39.3% (see

The big question is what would the missing 40% from 2014 (and the other 20% who didn’t vote then) would do now?

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Yes duncanio, “Sturgeon and the SNP has obviously let Scotland down”. The deficit in voter turnout appears to be in the more marginalised areas of social deprivation within the city.

Alba campaigned strongly within the city, bringing to the attention of the public the serious threat the impending GRA legislation would have on the safety of women and young girls.

Shona Robison a Dundee SNP MSP, a bio science denier, given her performance in Holyrood may well have contributed to the deficit. My question would be what proportion of the missing 40% were female adult women who have previously voted SNP and YES for Independence?

Sturgeon has caused the guts to rot within the SNP as a campaigning organisation for Independence. If we ignore the Dundee example as expressed in the electoral review above the unionists will continue to deny us our sovereign right.


I hadn’t considered the impact of the WOKE agenda on female voters. The GRA nonsense needs to be abandoned until after independence is achieved. I doubt it would resurface. By my reckoning we are addressing the speculated grievances of less than 125 people throughout Scotland.


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