30%+ SNP MP’s is massively unrepresentative of Scottish society – the demographics of Scotland’s population indicate the split of SNP MP’s should be Heterosexual: 42- LGBTQ/WOKE: 2

The SNP government’s agenda for change

Nicola Sturgeon and her personal advisors decided the WOKE agenda for change would be fully supported by the Scottish government

When complete Scottish society will be turned on its head fitting the concept of a fully integrated society modelled to the thinking of the WOKE activists.

But all of the electorate must be on-board or there will be great stress unhappiness and strife and it is crucial that our political leaders give precedence to the needs of the many and consideration only to the needs of the few and in pursuance of this the breakdown of the electorate in Scotland is:

Heterosexual: 95%. LGBTQ/WOKE: 5% (0.5% of this group are transgender).

Legal obligations

Implementation of the WOKE agenda needs to bring with it full transparency in public life and it should be a legal obligation for any person seeking public office to declare their sexuality so the electorate are fully informed before committing to their choice of candidate.

SNP announces Westminster frontbench

Political representation

Why should Scots care about what is happening in the SNP?

Canaries in coal mines springs to mind! Political coups can be achieved through violence or by abusing the institutions of democracy to circumvent and ultimately destroy them, WOKE style!!

The WOKE revolution in Scotland started with Sturgeon’s issue of an extraordinary video in which she stated that she would personally deal with ‘transphobia’ in the party (after a number of younger members apparently left).

But she declined to say what ‘transphobia’ was leaving that to a future National Executive Committee (NEC) to decide. But her comments were widely seen as a warning to feminist SNP politicians such as Joanna Cherry.

The ‘dog whistle’ was followed up by action. Joanna Cherry was sacked as shadow spokesperson on justice and home affairs by Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader who in a press release named four new members of his ‘shadow’ cabinet but neglected to mention Cherry’s firing.

It was left to Cherry herself to inform the world. She tweeted: “Despite hard work, results & a strong reputation I’ve been sacked today from @ the SNP front bench.”

On 31 January 2021, the National Executive Committee of the SNP passed an extraordinary motion for the Scottish elections in May.

Members of the Scottish Parliament are elected through a combined constituency and list system. This means that each constituency has an MP, but the numbers are topped up to ensure equity in terms of the votes, through a regional list. There are eight such regions.

The NEC voted that in four of these regions, the SNP person at the top of the list (and therefore likely to get elected) should be BAME, and in four they should be disabled. So far, so WOKE. But their is much more.

First off, the NEC were advised by a QC that the proposal would almost certainly be ruled illegal if challenged in court. Despite this they passed it by a casting vote of the chair.

There are two problems!

firstly it is deeply discriminatory. In half of the regions, all are excluded unless they are BAME (even though they might be disabled).

In the other four all are excluded unless they are disabled (even if they are BAME). If they happen to be white and non-disabled, they are excluded from standing at all!

It is the second reason that is so astonishing. The SNP – following the WOKE guide to self-declaration declared that disabled status would be granted by ‘self-declaration. The list includes, asthma, depression, Tourette’s syndrome, borderline personality disorder, and diabetes.

But war is now being waged within the SNP between the WOKE wing and the more traditional members and feminists who are disparagingly referred to as TERFS (Trans-Exclusionary Reactionary Feminists).

If the self-identification process is retained any wrong headed individual could legally self-identify as a disabled, BAME woman in order to get a job or political position and there would be nothing that anyone could do!

And in the night of the long sgian dubhs, Blackford, got rid of Joanna Cherry one of the most effective and intelligent politicians within his shadow cabinet, an action that, combined with the takeover of the NEC, by the WOKE wing heralded a period of danger for anyone not in support of the WOKE agenda.

Scotland is morphing into the People’s Republic of the Woke.

SNP representation at Westminster

The demographics of Scotland indicate 95% of the population to be heterosexual, with LBGTQ/WOKE factions taking up 5% of which 0.5% of this group claim to be transgender.

The population of Scotland is around 5.5 million providing a split of 5,225,000 heterosexuals and 275,000 LBTQ/WOKE. Of this group 1,375 would be transgender.

Based on the demographics of Scotland’s population and the Sturgeon government’s declared support for equality for all, the split of MP’s at Westminster should be:

Heterosexual: 42


With 30% + the SNP contingent at Westminster is massively unrepresentative of Scottish society and exacerbating the situation all but two have been appointed to posts within the SNP Westminster leader’s Shadow Cabinet.

The question of payment also raises its head. Shadow ministers are not normally remunerated for the duties additional to their MP commitments. But I am informed the the SNP group are provided with payments using £1.5m short money allocated to the party which if true would be a misuse of the finance and a motive explaining the methodology behind the group’s reluctance to fight for an independent Scotland.

Woke - Wikipedia

The Westminster SNP group

Stuart McDonald: Shadow Home Secretary. Openly LGBTQ.
Stewart McDonald: Shadow Defence Secretary. Openly LGBTQ.
John Nicolson: Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Openly LGBTQ.
Alyn Smith: Shadow Foreign Secretary. Openly LGBTQ.
Martin Docherty-Hughes: Shadow Industries Future/Blockchain Spokesperson. Openly LGBTQ.
Joanna Cherry: Openly LGBTQ.
Angela Crawley: Shadow Attorney General. Openly LGBTQ.
Hannah Bardell: Foreign Affairs Team. Openly LGBTQ.
Mhairi Black: Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland. Openly LGBTQ.

Have we finally passed peak woke?

Patrick Grady: Chief Whip? Gay?
See: (Alex Salmond warned Nicola Sturgeon, in 2018 about sexual harassment allegations against Grady

Comment: Parallels to be drawn with the Alex Salmond vendetta. A rush to investigate a man no longer in politics. Needs to be compared against the failure to investigate similar claims against Grady who remained at work, for years after. So “me too” applied only where it suited the SNP leadership. And Sturgeon’s team gave the finger of fate to the electorate and by appointing him to high office within the Party only months after he was forced to resign.

Shh, Nick, Don't Woke the Baby

Kirsty Blackman: Economy Team. WOKE
See: This is Jonny Kiehlmann, a researcher for Blackman at Westminster, who was suspended from the House for tweeting that armed protesters should “confront Terfs”. One of these “Terf’s” is of course Joanna Cherry who he has frequently attacked on twitter.

Wokeism and cancel culture: Is the tide rising against it? -

Kirsten Oswald: Westminster Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities. WOKE?

Anne McLaughlin: Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Immigration. WOKE

Owen Thompson: Chief Whip. WOKE


Please advise if there are errors:

Stephen Flynn: Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Dave Doogan: Defence Team and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Team.
Brendan O’Hara: Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office.
Allan Dorans: Foreign Affairs Team.
Steven Bonnar: Agriculture and Rural Affairs Team.
Stewart Hosie: Independence campaigning co-ordinator.
Chris Law: Shadow Secretary for International Development.
Douglas Chapman: Shadow Small Business & Innovation Spokesperson.
Tommy Sheppard: Shadow Cabinet Office Minister.
John McNally: Shadow Environment Spokesperson.
David Linden: Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.
Chris Stephens: Shadow Fair Work & Employment Spokesperson.
Peter Grant: Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
Richard Thomson: Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Wales and Shadow Financial Secretary.
Ronnie Cowan: Shadow Infrastructure & Manufacturing Spokesperson.
Drew Hendry: Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade.
Alan Brown: Shadow Minister for the Energy and Climate Change.
Martyn Day: Shadow Public Health & Primary Care Spokesperson.
Angus MacNeil:
Gavin Newlands: Shadow Secretary of State for Transport and Shadow Sport Spokesperson.
Pete Wishart: Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.
Ian Blackford: Westminster Leader.
Dr P. Whitford: Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Shadow Minister for Europe.
Amy Callaghan: Shadow Pensions & Intergenerational Spokesperson.
Dr Lisa Cameron: Shadow Mental Health Spokesperson.
Deidre Brock: Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Alison Thewliss: Shadow Chancellor.
Carol Monaghan: Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Shadow Minister for Armed Forces and Veterans.
Marion Fellows: Deputy Whip and Shadow Disabilities Spokesperson.
Patricia Gibson: Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and Shadow Consumer Affairs Spokesperson.

5 replies on “30%+ SNP MP’s is massively unrepresentative of Scottish society – the demographics of Scotland’s population indicate the split of SNP MP’s should be Heterosexual: 42- LGBTQ/WOKE: 2”

Tut, tut, Caltonjock, didn’t you know that we must all bend the knee to the rainbow warriors and their paraphilic compadres? Paraphilia is the new must-have accessory. By the way, did anyone notice that the man who killed those people on 4 July in the US tried to escape dressed as a woman. But, hey, that never happens. Violent men never wear female attire for their own ends. We are all as safe as houses and God made the little green apples. If anyone is harmed by this insanity being promulgated by the SNP, they should be dragged by their short and curlies into the nearest court: all the ‘wokies’ and their paraphilic henchmen, including Ms Sturgeon, Alyn Smith, John Nicholson, Mhairi Black, Kirstie Balckman, et al and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

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Quite frankly whether someone is gay or not is no concern of mine.

What is of concern is when gay, or queer or whatever type of folks try to intervene and interfere turning society upside down.

Sexual relations between consenting adults be they whatever can take the strangest forms. But of course sex of itself was programmed into us to allow breeding and survival of the species. If we were all gay then that would guarantee the extinction of the human race. That seems to have been missed by many as our politicians and LGBQT++ warriors who see themselves and their predilections as the way that everyone must bend to.

And that CJ is why I now believe these warriors are causing real hostility. Vicious and nasty they undermine women’s rights, women’s safety, undermine parental rights, try to inculcate or encourage sexual predilections in our children, it is no wonder that their intrusions are provoking a backlash. To put not to fine a point on it can these folks not just fuck off and fuck in private. They certainly do no good for the decent individuals who for whatever reason just happen to prefer saphicc or whatever tendencies, and who like most citizens just get on with their lives and relationships.

But yes, one does wonder why around 30% of the SNP MP’s are openly gay. Sits at absolute variance with the population generally, and even the SNP members generally.


More y importantly. In fact much much much more important Boris has just announced that he’s going but not gone.

He’s still the Prime Minister. Has just announced that he is appointing a new cabinet and that he will remain in post until a successor is appointed through Darwinism, as he described. With not a bit of regret, only the bluster of a man convinced of all that he has delivered he hangs on in.

And of the Darwinism there was maybe never a truer word spoken. The survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle where the big beast prevail, that’s Darwinism. And a political system and economy run by oligarchs for oligarchs and not for the people, that’s Darwinism.

Soaring profits for the gas, oil and electricity companies that’s Darwinism. Ditto for the corporate arms manufacturers. That’s Darwinism. Or the City traders in the know or the Covid medical suppliers in the know getting glad handed billions in contracts. That’s Darwinism.

Time we effected our own Darwinism and put down the rabid dog that Westminster and joined the ranks of the small developed wealthy and socially equitable counties around the world.

Time we took our independence.


Another curious, disproportionate ratio.
Of the seven elected Scottish politicians known to be alumni of the US State Department, International Visitors Leadership Program (Patrick Harvey, Humza Yousaf, Ross Thompson, Patrick Grady, Angela Crawley, Jenny Gilruth & Kezia Dugdale), only Yousaf is heterosexual.


You could be right, Marion. This was a common enough phenomenon throughout the ages. I believe that Anne herself, and Mary, may have suffered multiple miscarriages, also very common. A simple DNA test would solve the mystery, as it would, in England, if the bones of the two small boys found in the Tower were DNA tested. Unfortunately, the royal family do not appear to be interested in discovering these things, and you can appreciate why. Although Anne was the end of the official Stuart line, there are relatives of the Stuarts living abroad, and the present royal family will also have Stuart DNA from Sophie, Electress of Hanover, mother of George I


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