The ugly side of Labour politicians

Be careful who you vote for

Voters have short memories when deciding who gets their vote and the criminal incompetence of the Tory government has enhanced the profile of the similarly afflicted Labour Party who are leading the polls in England. In Scotland the political gossip is encouraging talk of the resurgence of Labour albeit of insufficient strength to cause concern to the SNP. But there are voting security concerns centred around the presence, activity and influence on voters of the UK secret services based in Scotland that should be addressed, but isn’t.

Senior Labour Party official Douglas Alexander is a person of note. I posted (see below) two examples of excesses in office instigated by him on behalf of the Labour party at the time he was Secretary of state for Scotland.

Douglas Alexander and his involvement in US politics

Yang Enterprises is a CIA front corporation with connections to Jeb Bush and British MI-6 agent Douglas Alexander who is in turn linked to Choicepoint software and the British Galileo satellite. It is alleged they were involved in the blatant theft, hacking and electoral coup d’état of the year 2000 presidential election directed against then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. and the American People.


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