The SNP charges Scots between £32,690,000 and £43,150,000 each year for its services and you may enquire with good reason. Is this why Sturgeon and her comrades are not interested in seeking independence

The Scottish National Party Government and associated Regional Branches employ approximately 841 people. An investigation of the Party organisation indicates that the bulk of this total was appointed to office depending on who they supported politically, eg LBGTQ+ supporters or were close friends of persons responsible for the offer of employment or close family members. Some might level charges of nepotism!!

The concerns of many Party members who have been alerted to the abuse of office by senior officers are being expressed widely on the internet social media network and the bubble is now burst.

The May 2022 Council election is the vehicle through which the SNP membership can send the message, “not in our name” to Sturgeon and her fellow political conspirators who are determined to deny Scots their independence through spurious subterfuge and downright lying.

The 841 non-independence compadres of the SNP gift themselves between £32,690,000 – and £43,150,000 each year. It would be safe to assume that much of the financial largesse is being tucked away in private bank accounts for retirement days in sunny warmer climes.

The breakdown of the annual cost of the SNP to the Scottish taxpayers:

Individual costs:

Local councillor: Salary + on costs + expenses: £20,000 per annum.

MSP support: Caseworkers and Administration: Salary + on costs + expenses + superannuation pension: £40-£60 per annum. Funding for three FTE = £120-£180 per annum

MSP: Salary + on costs + expenses + accomodation + superannuation pension: £90,000-£120,000 per annum.

MP support: Parliamentary Assistants and caseworkers: Salary + on costs + expenses + superannuation pension £40,000-£60,000 per annum. Funding allocation £180,000 per annum. Around 3+ staff.

MP: Salary + on costs + travel/associated expenses + accomodation + superannuation pension: £130,000-£170,000

Summary totals:

400 Councillors – £8,000,000

192 MSP Admin Staff – £7,680,000 – £11,520,000

64 MSPs – £5,760,000 – £7,680,000

140 Parliamentary Assistants – £5,400,000 – £8,400,000 MPs

45 MPs (including bogus Shadow Cabinet members) – £5,850,000 – £7,550,000

Total annual expenditure by the Scottish taxpayer on the SNP – Between £32,690,000 – £43,150,000


6 thoughts on “The SNP charges Scots between £32,690,000 and £43,150,000 each year for its services and you may enquire with good reason. Is this why Sturgeon and her comrades are not interested in seeking independence

  1. Cosy and comfortable to the tune of around £40 million it’s not difficult CJ to see how the fight for independence is on the back burner, gone, ditched.

    In fact add in dark arts security service blackmail threatening the FM with the release of compromising information, currently anecdotally the subject of a super injunction and contrasted with the alternative lure of a very well paid international quango job after leaving politics, its maybe not difficult to see why Sturgeon has has become a blocker undermining independence.

    But yes, this £40 M very much explains why so man of the SNP have ditched independence. They’re being paid off.

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  2. The SNP are a bargain at 10 x that price to the state that is paying them and fine the SNP controllers ken it. They can see the potential of it I am certain. Vetting candidates, party discipline, who gets to sit on committees, who rises who falls, . Having a team including a husband and wife control the internal workings of the party along those lines is all they need to keep the money coming in. There is bound to be another side to the bargain though.

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  3. And then one wonders what pulls blah, blah Blackford’s strings.

    Already apparently wealthy, what do they have on him, or what is he being keep him in his quisling slot? Contrast Blah, Blah with someone like Joanna Cherry and the scale of what he is, and the part he plays leading the deadwood becomes crystal clear.

    A movement undermined. Scotland’s national sleaze party.


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