LGBTQ+ and the dangers of realizing Frankenstein’s dreams of future society

Opening statement

Males who, after puberty transition to the gender of “woman” (transwomen) and complete body reassignment then take testosterone suppression medicines might reduce their inbuilt physical advantage over women by up to 5%, after 3 years, a modest change which is insufficient to cancel out the physical and muscular differences between males and females.

Western society is being forced to accept LGBTQ+ activist agendas for change normalising the provision of sexual education to children from pre-school age and upwards. Education includes extensive discussion of subjects including the promotion of homosexuality, gender dysmorphia and gender reassignment. All without the knowledge or permission of parents.

What is of increasing public concern is the promotion and financing of the movement by US billionaires and a close association of wealthy people who will be seeking a financial return on their investment. But where does the incentive rest?

The answer is in children’s biology which is the reason LBGTQ+ activists are insisting on heavily promoting gender identification education on youngsters who are easily persuaded that they suffer from body dysmorphia which without the knowledge or involvement of parents might prompt school authorities to refer a child to psychological services and irreversible medical intervention.

It would be easy to dismiss the foregoing as over-imaginative and unrealistic but human biology dictates that successful gender reassignment is only ever really effective when completed pre-puberty.

Human Biology

In line with the biology of sexual reproduction and evolutionary pressure on reproductive fitness, males and females are physically different. Physical divergence begins with primary sex development at around seven weeks in utero when, triggered by genetic information inherited at fertilization, bipotential gonads differentiate as either testes in males or ovaries in females. The differentiation and development of gonad type generates a sex-specific hormonal profile that drives ongoing development associated with sex class. Testes contain cells that produce the hormone testosterone, and it is testosterone and its derivatives that mediate the development of male internal and external genitalia, the establishment of growth parameters during high-testosterone “minipuberty” in the neonatal period, and the development of secondary sex characteristics at puberty.

In females, the absence of testosterone production from the developing ovaries permits female internal and external genital development, and the activation of estrogen pathways promotes the development of secondary sex characteristics at puberty.

The secondary sex characteristics acquired during puberty in preparation for reproduction lead to measurably different body morphs between males and females (“sexual dimorphism”) across many physical parameters. Broadly, when compared with females, males are taller and have longer bones with narrower hips and wider shoulders; have lower body fat and higher muscle mass differentially distributed across sites, with more resistant connective tissue; have larger hearts and lungs, and higher levels of haemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen within the blood.

The bulk of male physical advantage is acquired at puberty, when males experience a surge of testes-derived testosterone that results, in adulthood, in circulating testosterone ranging from 8.8–30.9 nanomoles per litre (nmol/l), while female testosterone remains low, ranging from 0.4–2.0 nmol/l. Thus, from puberty into adulthood, testosterone levels between males and females form a non-overlapping, bimodal distribution.


4 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ and the dangers of realizing Frankenstein’s dreams of future society

  1. The push back on this has only just begun.

    Hitherto the present many people have been unaware as to the true extent the LGBTQIA agenda is being facilitated and encouraged in our schools and also as to the effect this madness is affecting folks day to day lives.

    The resentment to having to have your menstruating 12 year old daughter share a toilet with a boy or a man guising as a female, or your six year old being taught about anal sex is just at the beginning.

    Of course women who have been abused are already well aware of how their protections are being removed, how women are being exposed to abuse. They know that rape almost exclusively is perpetrated by men. Ergo the spirited resistance against the LGBTQIA legislative madness.

    But that group of resistance is now going to grow and widen in so many area as people realise what is going on.

    So yes, things are going to change. Inner circle trans warriors like Mhairi Black MP can pose with a shirt saying “ you can pee next to me “ whilst her colleague Councillor Rhiannon Speir sports sports an SNP T shirt saying ‘ Trans Ally’ but folks are now realising the agenda of these people.

    And so, in a few weeks time, ordinary folks have the opportunity to send a message, a very simple message, which is to vote em out at the council elections. Vote down the ballot paper ranking Alba, ISP, good independents, family party or whoever is your choice ranking the SNP last.

    It’s a simple message. And a message they would be mad to ignore. Vote em out on 5th May.


    1. your thoughts echo my views entirely. Get them out. Put them back in the closet before they destroy society. NSP representation at Westminster is officially 38% of the total staffing. Utter madness imposed on Scotland by a corrupt leadership


  2. Excellent piece, caltonjock.

    So many people simply don’t get how dangerous this stuff is for our society. When they think of dangers, they think of bombs, of nuclear bombs, of wars and conflicts. They don’t see what is staring them in the face: societal disintegration. There is much that is wrong with the West, but liberal Western values, flawed as they undoubtedly are, are still worth preserving. This lobby, led by Stonewall and backed by power and money hungry industrial barons, want to fundamentally change our society through the misuse and distortion of the West’s own liberal values. They are, at a visceral level, totalitarians, and, in order to push their agenda, they will being down every law that protects.

    Sex is a fundamental part of human society, in the sense of sexual dimorphism (which we need in order to perpetuate the species) and in the sense that it is our reward for partnerships and the bearing and rearing of children. For some, it has become the be-all and the end-all, and all human interaction for them is predicated on orgasms, and this desire for sex at all costs has been hi-jacked by unscrupulous people within the hierarchical and unfettered capitalist system to make even more filthy lucre from exploitation. The Big Pharma/BigTech industrial complex is behind this push to change our society, as are Big Medicine and Big Prosthetics, and certainly, the Big Porn industrial complex which feeds the unreality at the core of this movement.

    Women, children, gay people, and, yes, though it’s less obvious thus far, men, too, will end up being adversely affected. At the moment, many young women and many heterosexual men are the least interested in seeing through the subterfuge, as they believe it will not affect them. They will be in for a shock very soon.


    1. Excellent response Lorncal. Time is not on the side of common sense witnessed by the invasive impact on many Staes in the US. But as you say the fightback has begun and hopefully society will insist on the very small minority who make up the LBGTQ+ activist groups taking their rightful place in the spheres of influence. 35%+ of the SNP representation at Westminster is LBGTQ+ active and this does not reflect the 3% of society attributed to their ilk.


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