Gender Queer – is the shape of things to come!

Graphic ‘Gender Queer’ sex books for children

Unknown to many parents the book “Gender Queer” is readily available for student consumption in Scottish schools. It tells a story of a child struggling with gender conformity through adolescence to adulthood and includes a number of graphics of LGBT sexual experiences.

Cartoons include descriptive situations such as “coming out,” discovering “auto androphilia” (defined as a female sexually aroused by the thought of having male genitalia), and bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction.

“Gender queer” is dictionary defined as “of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity cannot be categorized as solely male or female.” and discussions of alternative gender identities like “genderqueer” a form of the mental illness “gender dysphoria” are increasingly prevalent in classrooms from kindergarden age.

But there is a growing public concern about school curriculums requiring such discussions and an ever increasing number of graphically explicit publications and parents are pressurising local authorities and the Scottish Government, (with little evidence of success) to forbid instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in primary schools.