Kirstin Oswald – is not committed to advancing the cause of Scottish Independence and she would dump the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon in a heartbeat

Oswald was born in Dundee in 1972 and grew up in Carnoustie. She has a degree in History from the University of Glasgow. Before being elected to Westminster, she worked as Head of Human Resources as Lanarkshire College for 12 years.

She was first elected as the SNP MP for East Renfrewshire in 2015 a constituency located to the south of Glasgow stretching out from its outer suburbs. A commuter area for the city of Glasgow, it is an affluent area in which owner occupancy is high and contains the largest Jewish community in Scotland.She lost the seat in 2017 but was reelected in 2019.

She married Davinder Bedi and moved to East Renfrewshire with her husband and two sons in 2008. She was head of Human Resources at South Lanarkshire College for 12 years. Soon after her election in 2015 her husband surprisingly joined Scottish Labour.

She first became active in politics during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, serving on the committee of her local Women for Independence group where she was responsible for local food bank collections.

30 Jan 2015: She was selected as the SNP candidate for the East Renfrewshire constituency at the 2015 general election and won the seat.

Between 2015 and 2017, she was the SNP spokesperson for the Armed Forces and Veterans.

14 Feb 2017: Israeli ambassador and the week long SNP delegation visit to Israel

Angus Robertson, together with Kirsten Oswald, made their visit in November 2016 at the invitation of the Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors to London. During the one-week trip, they met with Israeli and Palestinian government officials, Israeli businesses and human rights groups. They also visited the Palestinian Shu’fat refugee camp, UN positions in the occupied Golan Heights and the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem. The SNP has been a long-standing advocate for a Palestinian state and decry the British government’s policy towards Israel and yet the SNP Westminster Group only part-funded the official trip. Israeli government officials provided assistance in terms of logistical support and in-country travel. According to parliamentary rules, MPs do not have to declare overseas trips “wholly” funded by their own parties, but members must declare any hospitality and travel costs amounting to more than £300. But the nature and value of this assistance remains unclear at 2022. The report revealed the level of control over British politics to be absolute and a threat to Scottish society. The whole sordid mess is to be found here. (

2017 General Election, Oswald lost her seat to the Tory Party. The influential Jewish community in East Renfrewshire voted the Tory Party candidate into office.

2018: Elected Chairman and Business Convener of the SNP.

2019: General Election. Elected MP for East Renfrewshire. Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Yemen; Antisemitism; British Muslims; British Sikhs, Drones, Young Disabled People, the Future of Work, Hate Crime, Management, Women and Work.

7 Jul 2020: Elected Deputy Leader of the SNP in the House of Commons. Appointed SNP Spokesperson on Armed Forces and Veterans.

13 Oct 2020: The Alex Salmond inquiry a mystery wrapped in an enigma & the Whatsapp fiasco

Peter Murrell confirmed he was the author of a series of leaked Whatsapp messages copies of which were provided to the inquiry. The messages, shared with a group, discussed the investigation into Mr Salmond and said: “Totally agree folk should be asking the police questions…report now with the PF on charges which leaves police twiddling their thumbs. So good time to be pressurising them. Would be good to know Met looking at events in London. TBH the more fronts Alex Salmond is having to firefight on the better for all complainers. So CPS action would be a good thing.”

An opposition party member wrote to SNP Chairwoman Kirsten Oswald asking seven questions for clarification and urging her to condemn Peter Murrell over his and his groups leaked Whatsapp messages.

There was no reply but the SNP responded dismissing the letter as an attempt to “score political points”.

Decide for yourself. The Questions:

“You will be aware of media reports of WhatsApp messages from your Chief Executive calling for pressure to be exerted on Police Scotland with regard to its investigation into the former First Minister, Mr Salmond.

“In the interests of transparency, as Business Convenor for your party, I now write to ask you when were you made aware of these text messages, what action you have subsequently taken and to ask what discussions you have now had regarding the controversial content of these messages with both the First Minister, the Leader of your party and the Chief Executive?”

“As Party Chairperson do you condemn the actions of your Chief Executive which sought to interfere with a police inquiry?

“As Party Chairperson what action did you take when you were made aware of the Whatsapp involvement of Mr Murrell, SNP chief executive and husband of the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon?”

“Will you provide full answers to the Parliamentary Inquiry including if called to appear as an oral witness?”

“Were you ever a member of the Whatsapp group together with Mr Murrell and/or did you ever receive or exchange messages with/from him about the investigation into Alex Salmond?”

“When were you made aware of the Whatsapp messages sent by your Chief Executive that stated it would be “good” to be “pressuring” Police Scotland.”

Summarising the content the writer wrote: “I would hope and expect your work as Chairwoman and Business Convenor of the SNP will be fulfilled diligently and that you would not want to be seen to be adding to the obstructing of the work of a committee of The Scottish Parliament carrying out its inquires.

I am sure that you will agree that your constituents in Eastwood also deserve answers as to why the Scottish Government squandered over half a million pounds of taxpayer’s money on the handling of this fiasco.”

17 April 2021: The SNP faces a fraud probe into its internal party finances

The police are investigating claims that £600,000 raised to prepare for an independence referendum and “ringfenced” was diverted for other purposes. Three members of the party’s Finance and Audit Committee, including the Party Treasurer, resigned in March 2017 after the FM’s husband and party CEO Peter Murrell refused to show them the Party accounts. Two weeks later the police confirmed receipt of an allegation of fraud. A police investigation has not reported at 2022 but his did not prevent Oswald claiming in May 2021 that she fundamentally disagreed with Douglas Chapman on the assessment of support and financial information available to him in his role as Party Treasurer.

Sep 2021: Oswald has repeatedly spoken out in the Commons against China’s reported repression of the Uyghur people of China. Her reward came in the form of of an honour from the Uyghur World Congress and public praise for her support.

22 Jan 2022: Oswald led a debate in the House of Commons in which she warned against complacency in tackling scourge of anti-Semitism, highlighting the importance of Jewish voices being heard ensuring their stories of the Holocaust would be preserved for future generations to learn from.

20 Mar 2022: Undermining Oswald!! The SNP has been urged to sack one of their candidates in May’s council election after Wullie Graham, who is running to be a councillor for the Pollok ward in Glasgow, shared a picture on his social media of a man wearing a yarmulke and a young girl, both holding guns, with the added caption, “Bloody sickening that Israeli Jews bring up their kids to hate and kill.


Ministerial Aspirant Oswald only took up politics in 2015 and piggy-backed into an MP post in Westminster on the SNP landslide victory of that year.

She quickly gained front bench status and her policy advocate advances and arguments for causes she believes in brought her the exposure and public profile she desired.

But the policies of the SNP are of no interest to her and she would dump the party and Nicola Sturgeon in a heartbeat if some other party offered her the platform she needs to push her agenda’s which do not include Scottish Independence.

Indeed on that matter there is no record of her ever promoting the cause of Scottish independence at Westminster.


4 thoughts on “Kirstin Oswald – is not committed to advancing the cause of Scottish Independence and she would dump the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon in a heartbeat

  1. Just another foul guiser taking a pay in the service of Westminster.

    Save for a few exceptions the SNP in Westminster are full of her type. A dead weight and hindrance on independence can anyone honestly tell me what they’ve done to progress independence.

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  2. You don’t have to read any further than the first word to judge how accurate this piece is – the name is spelt wrong – its Kirsten not Kerstin


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