Ukraine the prize for the winner of the battle of the oligarchs

Oligarchs rule the world

Ukraine. A country plundered by oligarchs determined to control its wealth with willful disregard to the fate of its people. The pursuit of a New World Order has seen death and destruction visited upon: The Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other so-called third world countries in Africa. And the wars many of them proxy are without end.

Political leaders in the West are broadcasting propaganda about the adverse influence on Putin by Russian oligarchs and their determination to bring Russia to heel through the imposition of punitive sanctions. But will the tactic work? The outcome must be in doubt since the measures are only pitting one set of oligarchs against another and retention and continued growth in wealth is what drives elite groups which from ancient times to the geopolitical world powers of today have controlled society making every effort to ensure their families, friends, associates and networks of influential people retain control.

Recent analysis has determined those countries that are tightly controlled oligarchies. Out of 43,000 multi-national corporations, 40% of the wealth rests in the hands of only 147 of the entities able to exert their influence over the rest. These 147 corporations are further controlled by sovereign wealth funds of the elite which serve as vehicles hiding the true ownership as they participate on the geopolitical stage. The term oligarchy is fitting as it describes the type of government where all power is vested in a dominant class or group of individuals i.e. the top one per cent. The following list of the Worlds top 5 oligarch controlled governments provides evidence that over time many legitimate forms of government eventually succumb to oligarchical control.


Many Americans still believe that they still live within a democracy. But the term oligarchy has begun to be used in order to describe who and how the U.S. is led. A recent study supported the view by concluding that elitist business groups have a greater impact on U.S. policies when compared to average citizens. To make matters worse, in 2010 the Supreme Court gave corporations and elitists free reign as they are now allowed to put as much of their money into federal campaigns as they wish. This leaves the United States to be controlled by a small group of wealthy citizens while the average citizen’s voice remains unheard. This is why Biden is President.


The country’s Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party is made up of members that show China is more of an oligarchy when it comes to the country’s political dogma. The committee is made up of China’s elite in order to promote capitalism within the country and it has pursued an agenda of increasing global capital within the economy by privatizing many of the state enterprises. This type of leadership classifies China as an oligarchy.


Russian oligarchs are a product of what was left after the fall of the Soviet Union. State companies had to turn to privatization where Russian banks lent the government money in exchange for temporary stakes in state-owned companies. When the government defaulted on the loans, the banks were able to keep their stakes, which is where the rich became the elite. Currently, only 110 people control 35 per cent of Russia’s household wealth and it has the highest level of wealth inequality in the world. President Putin works with the oligarchs, balancing their needs maintaining control of the nation.


Britain is another country that has taken on the label of becoming an oligarchy. Income and wages within Britain have become highly unequal and the gap continues to enlarge. The poor have become poorer the rich have become richer. Inequality has been able to grow in Britain due to oligarchs. Britain maintains the appearance of a “corroded type of liberal democracy,” but greed and power have enabled the oligarchs and provided them protection throughout the decades while at the same time stripping power away from the people of Britain making them feel disconnected from society.


A growing increase in awareness of social issues such as great social inequality, high illiteracy and poverty rates, has revealed that a small circle of oligarchs are controlling the government and failing the nation.


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