Tree loving Tories scammed third world countries into selling huge expanses of land for a pittance

Tycoon: The Life of James Goldsmith: Wansell, Geoffrey: 9780689118173: Books

James Goldsmith the green Zionist

Zionist businessmen, politicians and those associated with them have absolute control over the lives of every individual in the UK

In the early eighties one such altruistic businessman, James Goldsmith, announced to the world that he was an environmentalist who would be committing his considerable financial resources to support “green issues.”

Many rallied to his cause and promised international cooperation, a much-welcomed consequence of the Zionist movements’ commitment to the “new world order.” which promised great benefits to the planet.

He was also instrumental in convincing Thatcher and the Tories to commit substantial financial resources to the support of “green” issues.

One Goldsmith venture that found favour with the Tories was “debt-for-nature” swaps. Thatcher backed a radical proposal to preserve endangered rain forests which meant offering Third World countries deals involving their crippling international debts.

The terms of the schemes required the United Kingdom to buy up Third World debt and agree to forego interest payments on the condition that tropical rain forests were left untouched.

What wonderful saviours of the world Goldsmith and the Tories appeared to be. But ever the opportunist Goldsmith had been plotting. What he advocated was a tried and much utilized British imperialist raw materials grab.

And Brazil was the first target for a “hostile” takeover. It transpired that Goldsmith’s brother Edward, he of the “Green Party” was a very good friend of Brazil’s Environment Secretary and unsurprisingly Brazil, accepted foreign limitations on its sovereignty in the form of “debt-for-nature swaps.”

At a meeting of all Brazil’s bank creditors, the Finance Minister stated that the mineral-rich country was prepared to accept converting part of the $60 billion it owed into environmental conditionalities.

Other countries including, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and the Philippines also entered into similar debt deals in which environmentalist groups such as Prince Philip’s “World Wide Fund for Nature” bought the defaulted debt of those nations from bankers at very steep discounts.

The environmentalists put up 10-15% of the nominal value of the debt, and the government paid the full nominal value in local currency to their local front group to buy up lands, ostensibly for protecting them.

Only the oligarchy associated with the green group had access to the protected enclaves. This meant that Goldsmith and his ilk retained control over forests and underground minerals and other resources worth many thousands’ times more than was paid it.

But Goldsmith really did love lumber. In 1985, he purchased “Crown Zellerbach” an American forest products company with vast timber reserves. In doing so he became the sixth-largest owner supplier of timber, with huge reserves primarily in Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, and Mississippi. His control of third world forestry added a premium to his US forestry.

Afternote: The “Worldwide Fund for Nature” is a “Zionist Bilderberg” financial money pot providing a source of tax-free income for the rich and famous.


Zac Goldsmith is no longer the Conservative poster boy | Financial Times

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