many MPs, parliamentary staff and political hangers-on not only work together but socialise, drink, and sleep together too. It is a lifestyle pattern made even easier by cheap alcohol and drugs available in the Palace of Westminster and nearby haunts of Soho.

Parliament drug use claims to be raised with police this week - BBC News

What attraction does UK politics in Westminster hold for aspiring Scottish LGBTQQIAAP politicians?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Allies, Asexual and Pansexual members and their staff take up around 35% of the SNP Parliamentary contingent. The SNP has a duty of care to its MP’s and their staff and stories of the abhorrent behaviour of significant numbers of the Westminster establishment must give cause for concern. It is time to bring an end to Scotlands participation in the politics of the madhouse that is Westminster.

London is a cesspit society hosting crime, vice, drugs, sex, politicians, lobbyists and agents of foreign governments of all ages and sex who prey on vulnerable and impressionable politicians new to the metropolitan scene. The churn factor is high with deaths and casualties primarily drug-related or otherwise linked to the hedonistic lifestyle much enjoyed by a financially favoured elite who live much of their lives funded by the taxpayer entering politics direct from university taking up political advisor posts through nepotistic or cronyism arrangements.

Britain’s 900-year-old historic Palace of Westminster, the seat of government, is home to a subculture of booze-fuelled revelling that puts many a university campus to shame. Long accused of inhabiting a “bubble” removed from the outside world, many MPs, parliamentary staff and political hangers-on not only work together but socialise, drink, and sleep together too. It is a lifestyle pattern made even easier by cheap alcohol offered in parliament’s taxpayer-subsidised bars and the nearby haunts of Soho.

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Addicted to Chemsex – a horror Story

An increasing number of gay men are taking part in multi-day, drug-fuelled orgies – despite the health risks. Chemsex is identified as the habit of engaging in weekend-long parties fuelled by sexually disinhibiting drugs, such as crystal meth, GHB, GBL and mephedrone. These parties involve multiple people and are mostly facilitated online. Those involved in the subculture directly link chem sex to alarming rates of HIV infection. In London, four new positive diagnoses are currently made daily linked to the practice of “pozzing up”, knowingly becoming infected with the virus. Meth, meph and G create a potent cocktail enabling extremes of behaviour, which carries significant risks for the sexual and mental health of habitual users.

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Nigel Evans

Conservative MP and former deputy speaker of the House of Commons accused of sex offences

Swansea born Tory MP, Nigel Evans, formerly a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party from 1999 to 2001 was one of three deputy speakers elected in a secret ballot of MPs in 2010. Later that year he came out as gay, saying he was “tired of living a lie”. The MP for Ribble Valley in Lancashire made a personal statement in the House of Commons resigning as deputy speaker of the House of Commons after he was charged with two counts of indecent assault, five of sexual assault and one of rape. He made an appearance in the crown court at Preston.

It was in Westminster environment that Nigel Evans fell into the trap of what his defence barrister called “drunken overfamiliarity” with researchers at the heart of Parliament’s thriving gay scene. “Parliament is a very easy place to be openly gay,” one Westminster researcher said. And there are also MPs who are publicly heterosexual but covertly gay, some of whom make passes at men in parliament. Double standards did not only apply to gay MPs masquerading as straight, but also to senior politicians who were publicly happily married but who had a predatory approach to the young staff of both sexes.

Another researcher reeled off a list of “infamously sleazy” MPs from all parties that women in his social circle actively avoided. “It’s not just the odd remark, it’s the wandering hands as well. Some seem attracted to the power thing or think it’s part of getting on in a party, so it’s definitely not the case that the advances are always unwanted.”

Drinking hangouts spread over to nearby Whitehall pubs and elements of the parliamentary gay scene have expanded into Soho. For researchers, the heart of much of the shenanigans is the cheap booze available at the Sports and Social Club which is home to a rowdy Thursday karaoke night attended by SNP MP’s and staff.

There is also a steady stream of free beer and wine provided by lobbyists at receptions in the Commons and Lords, says one staffer, with the most raucous nights ending up in the nearby Players Bar. He said: “You could have a free drink every night of the week if you wanted to gatecrash all the parties. Many do. You can criticise the researchers for taking advantage, but if you didn’t network with colleagues you’d be dead. It’s part of the job.”

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Barrister Henry Hendron hit with a fine for slagging off Nigel Evans trial witnesses in blog

In a recently-released finding, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) found that Middle Temple member Hendron had: “behaved in a manner which could reasonably be seen by the public to undermine his integrity and diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in the profession”.The regulator slapped Hendron with a £2,000 fine for professional misconduct. Hendron got into hot water for publishing a blog that contained “disparaging statements against witnesses” in the trial heard at Preston Crown Court involving the high-profile case of former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans MP, who was ultimately acquitted of nine counts of sexual offences.

Hendron, a chum of Evans, blogged: “I am a barrister, but I shall not be representing Nigel at court. My involvement is one of providing advice, assistance and support in this difficult time. Criminal law is not really my thing. It doesn’t usually pay for a start. Don’t get me wrong. I have done my share of Crown Court trials, but my practice has, inexplicably, meant that I have tended to represent the well-heeled and the well off in civil and family courts. Most of the complainants’ are known largely as self-serving, with their own political agendas, with a manipulative and selfish streak. A number of them that I know of are connected to each other, and indeed only a week prior to Nigel’s arrest, he was socialising with some of them. In my view, knowing what I know, some of these people are not victims but duplicitous individuals, acting together in a pack like a mentality to bring down a well-respected and well-known politician; I suspect in the fullness of time some of them will waive their right to anonymity to cash in their ‘stories’.”

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Nigel Evans & Henry Hendron

Lawyer Henry Hendron arrested after boyfriend dies of a suspected drugs overdose

A top London lawyer has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after his boyfriend died of a suspected drug overdose. Henry Hendron, a 34-year-old civil barrister, was arrested after the sudden death of his boyfriend, 18-year-old Miguel Jimenez.

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alexander Parkin

BBC producer admits supplying ‘meow meow’ after Henry Hendron’s boyfriend died of an overdose.

Alexander Parkin, 40, appeared in the dock together with top barrister Henry Hendron, 35, who denies supplying drugs. Hendron’s boyfriend, waiter Miguel Jimenez, 18, died from an overdose at London’s Temple, the buildings housing the country’s top legal chambers.

Hendron denied two counts of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs and further denied two counts of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply and two counts of possession of controlled drugs.

BBC executive Alexander Parkin 40 pleaded guilty to two counts of supplying controlled drugs admitting handing out party drug meow meow at the bash where Hendron’s teenage boyfriend died of an overdose. Defending Parkin, his solicitor said: ‘He is 40-years-old, he’s an executive producer at the BBC, he has one caution for possession of Mephedrone – there’s clearly a background to the abuse of narcotics.’

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Celebrity barrister Henry Hendron is spared jail

Hendron, bought £1,000 of Mephedrone and GBL from BBC producer Parkin, to take to parties and sell on to friends. On the morning after yet another orgy, Hendron woke to find his Colombian boyfriend Miguel Jimenez, 18, lying dead next to him in bed at his exclusive flat in London’s Temple, the collection of chambers where Britain’s top lawyers and judges are based.

Hendron’s conviction may mark the end of a glittering career for the Tory lawyer once tipped to lead the party. As a 17-year-old schoolboy Hendron addressed the 1998 Conservative Party conference calling for the re-introduction of corporal punishment. He acted for Tory MP Nadine Dorries when she was accused of smearing a rival during the 2015 election campaign and other clients include the Earl of Cardigan and The Apprentice winner Stella English. He was sentenced to a community order with 18 months of supervision and 140 hours of unpaid work.

Chemsex, drugs and death: The lawyer who lost his lover

Hendron (a high-profile barrister who had represented MPs, aristocrats and reality TV stars) said the couple, would take the drugs together during group sex sessions — called “chem sex”. The drugs, along with crystal meth, are often associated with chem sex due to their ability to induce heightened arousal, sexual stamina, and reduce inhibition. Sex sessions may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and Hendron estimates he was spending “anything up to £1,000 a weekend” on drugs.

Up until the age of 30, Hendron, who came from a conservative Catholic family and was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with the prestigious Strand Chambers law firm, had never touched drugs in his life. But after trying them at a private event, he quickly became hooked, engaging in chem sex sessions most weekends. He said they offered an escape from a high-pressure job and he wasn’t alone. “In the London gay chem sex scene, a lot of people that do that are actually doctors,” he said. “They’re professionals, they’re lawyers. “And a lot of them manage to juggle this lifestyle — weekends of drugs — and then they go to work perhaps a bit worn on Monday, but they manage.”

Apparently, learning nothing from the death of his young boyfriend Henndron later embarked on a series of chem sex binges that at one point saw him overdose on GHB and end up in intensive care.


Why didn’t BBC mention its drug dealing executive Parkin in the ‘chem sex’ story?

The BBC came under fire for interviewing celebrity barrister Henry Hendron who supplied the drugs that killed his teenage boyfriend, and not mentioning that he bought them from one of its executives. Hendron was given a key interview slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. But despite an extended interview and a follow-up piece on ‘chem sex’ drug use in the gay community, there was no mention of the fact that BBC executive producer Alexander Parkin had sold the lawyer £1,000 worth of designer drugs. In the programme, Hendron described his arrest as ‘traumatic’ and saying he had been “treated like a criminal” admitted supplying the drugs that killed Mr Jimenez. He had bought £1,000 of designer drugs from Parkin, 41, to sell on to revellers at a ‘chem sex’ party at his flat at his legal chambers. The ‘chem sex’ phenomenon sweeping the gay community, involves participants taking drugs for up to a week at a time and having sex with multiple partners.

A spokesman for Mediawatch UK commented: “Listeners could have been forgiven for getting confused as they heard a man who has pleaded guilty to supplying drugs that killed his teenage boyfriend that was originally supplied by a BBC producer describing his illegal drug use as a “nice experience” and saying how upset he was at being treated as a criminal. There’s certainly a judgment issue to be looked at here it’s one thing raising awareness of the effects of drug use, quite another to be giving a platform at breakfast time to a drug dealer who should be facing prison.”

Chem-Sex: Europe’s Synthetic Madness


One thought on “many MPs, parliamentary staff and political hangers-on not only work together but socialise, drink, and sleep together too. It is a lifestyle pattern made even easier by cheap alcohol and drugs available in the Palace of Westminster and nearby haunts of Soho.

  1. From that expose it would be somewhat disingenuous other than to believe that some SNP personnel will be availing of the hospitality at such of those events which might appeal their more base instincts while attempting to justify their self perceived credentials in the sphere of realpolitik.

    The failure by Sturgeon to instigate investigation into complaints of sexual harassment made by a young male research assistant against Patrick Grady SNP MP and a similar complaint against Patricia Gibson SNP MP lends some insight to the hypocrisy currently abroad within the SNP. Could this be to protect other perhaps more prominent personalities not cited in the original complaints but of similar predatory bent.

    A greater concern must arise that behavioural traits as you describe have extended to within the Parliamentary Estate of Holyrood making it ripe for the compromising of political ideals (Independence) and by so doing creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust calculated to control dissent by means sinister. SNP have previous form in this sphere, “Something Stinks”!


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