Healthcare in Scotland to be privatized by 2028?- Insurance providers to cash in big time-Hope you can afford it!!!

Samuel West 💙 on Twitter: "It looks like all that clapping for the NHS we  did wasn't much use. The best, mosh honorable thing this country has ever  done can now be

The NHS in England is adopting USA healthcare provision.

Once contracts are in place they cannot be reversed, hedge fund private healthcare conglomerates would sue for billions and bankrupt England. The changes will be processed to a conclusion regardless of the political shade of government. The NHS in England is being flogged off.

The “No” vote in the 2014 independence referendum increased the likelihood that the Scottish NHS will suffer a similar fate since financial allocations for healthcare are first decided at Westminster.

Indicators point to a period of around 10 years, from 2018 for the cost of healthcare provision in England to mirror that of the USA. In 2007 the cost of healthcare for the average American was $7,290. In the same year, the cost of healthcare for the average UK citizen was $2,992. Assuming a fully privatized English NHS will continue to be fully funded by Westminster through existing taxes for basic healthcare needs (what this will encompass is as yet unknown) will require the balance of $4,298 to be found by each person in England.

There is no free market solution to providing funds for every person to receive health care deemed proper by the medical system without universal insurance schemes and a family of four will probably need to take out an annual healthcare policy, monthly premiums, (at today’s rates) approximately £300. Annual cost £3600. Bite on that!! many families will struggle to ensure adequate healthcare provision. It should be noted that the bulk of the cost difference, between the UK and USA, can be attributed in part to profit-taking by private Healthcare providers.

See diagram:

Vote looms on health bill that would subject English NHS to cronyism and  cuts | openDemocracy

Will Primary care trusts lead to US-style health care? Extract:

“The use of private finance in primary care premises
has seen the entry of commercial property developers
and for-profit healthcare companies, paralleling
developments in the NHS hospital sector.

As funding for capital investment in the NHS has become more
complex, with the requirement that public-private partnerships generate a mixture of state and commercial revenues, the risks and costs of investment make general practitioners’ ownership of premises increasingly unlikely.

At the same time, the government’s NHS Plan expects a rapid move of general practitioners into a salaried service, the end of independent contractor status, and an increasing role for the private sector. These changes raise questions about how government policy will affect the control of clinical decision-making in managing NHS budgets and the
core principles of the NHS. Full article here:

The creeping privatisation of healthcare | Corporate Europe Observatory

Can Scotland opt-out of the changes?

The short answer is no!!! The only solution is Scottish independence.

Three-quarters of UK public worried more NHS privatisation will damage care  | openDemocracy

4 replies on “Healthcare in Scotland to be privatized by 2028?- Insurance providers to cash in big time-Hope you can afford it!!!”

Since the end of WW II, and the introduction of the ‘social contract’, the Tories have wanted to end it. Education, once free in order to educate the population at large, is now all but privatized, as Thatcherism intended. All the utilities and service industries have been privatized as Thatcherism intended. Now, they are coming for what is left of our civil society in order to undermine and destroy it. The NHS has been in its sights for many a long decade, and the pandemic has been the goose that laid the golden egg, allowing all kinds of changes at the drop of a hat and under the guise of making things more accountable and better. For whom? Not for the majority, that’s for sure.

Why did we not grab the opportunity to leave the UK before Brexit? Because it would have meant that we would almost certainly have deviated from the overall UK policy of the internal market strategy and disrupted the plans for the sell-off of all state assets both south and north (and west, in Wales) of the whole. Predatory corporate America is already salivating over the NHS and dribbling its saliva all over it. What people in this benighted piss-pot of a UK should be asking themselves is: are things better with everything being in private hands?

Look around at the profiteering and the tax evasion and the off-shore accumulated wealth of the few and answer that question honestly. Private or corporate interests work only on a narrow scale that might, at one end, mean greater access to material goods that enslave, and at the other, bring about the total destruction of society. Long, long years of seeing how humans operate within these systems of socialism (small ‘s’) and of private capitalism (small ‘c’) shows us that, on balance, globalization and extreme capitalism do not work for the betterment of the human race as a whole.

SMEs do work best in private hands, but, with national industrial and commercial interests, these work better within a social context, and that would cover the utilities, transport, healthcare, education, social housing, etc. Within these are the necessities of life itself, and they should never be held hostage to private interests. Within 50 years, almost every aspect of the ‘social contract’ between the people and the government was destroyed by successive Tory governments, Labour and Lib Dem toadies and the corporate lobbyists, of whom, incidentally, the trans lobby is one.

Now, it is the turn of the NHS to be swallowed up, but here’s the rub, Scots: the very trans lobby whose British and Scottish arms (within the SNP itself) are doing so much today to prevent independence, and, on a wider scale, to destroy British and Western society’s liberal foundations, are to be given priority and privilege even within America’s private healthcare system, or so President Biden has promised – particularly in military circles, where so-called trans people (the vast majority being fetishists and autogynephiles as opposed to those with body dysphoria, who are also, in the main, autogynephiles) are concentrated, or so it appears. We don’t know about the female trans people, but who cares about them, anyway? Certainly not Stonewall or Mermaids. No such promise to poor black people and poor white people who are dying of curable diseases, but who have no proper healthcare provision and who might rely on charities for help.

A wee glimpse of our future, perchance? A future where corporate interests and extreme capitalism, already sucking the marrow out of the bone of liberal Western society, take the guise of so-called disadvantaged groups to take advantage of real disadvantaged groups in order to take advantage of the little those real disadvantaged groups have left?

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Yet another example where the only solution is independence. Unless independence voters wake up and realise that the SNP is now a devolution unionist party and therefore virtually the same as any of the other UK party’s, independence will simply not happen soon enough to prevent the probable irreversible damage that remaining part of the UK will cause, regardless of what is devolved.

It’s not so much not being independent that’s even the biggest issue, it’s being part of the UK that’s the real problem. If Scotland was part of a country run like Germany, the need for independence would be far less. But it isn’t and never will be. The UK’s (England’s) fossilised ‘elitism’ and delusions guarantee that it will continue to fade into a poor and Dickensian future for most people. Scotland being in the UK only slows that certainty down, which is why Unionist’s want the UK to continue as now, ruled by the one part of the UK that doesn’t have a strong desire for it’s own independence.

The need for independence has never been clearer and stronger than it is now. How much proof of SNP inaction on independence will it take for people that want independence, but who will continue to vote SNP, to face up to a simple question – Are they so personally committed to voting SNP no matter what, that for them the matter of independence has become secondary at best.

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Ian: We can only hope that the eyes of Scots will be opened in large numbers in support of Alba and other independence movements. The SNP has long since abandoned the principle function of its being to a small but ruthlessly effective cabal.

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