Scottish independence. The dream shall never die!! But the toxic atmosphere created by Nicola Sturgeon’s government over transgender rights is an unnecessary distraction.

Nicola Sturgeon a winner at gay and lesbian awards | The Scotsman

Scottish independence. The dream shall never die!! But the toxic atmosphere created by Nicola Sturgeon’s government over transgender rights is an unnecessary distraction.

Nicola Sturgeon appeared as the honorary “Grand Marshall” at Scotland’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) pride event. In her address she said: “I’m proud that Scotland is considered to be one of the most progressive countries in Europe regarding LGBTI equality and Pride Glasgow is a fantastic event that brings communities together and celebrates all that LGBTI people bring to Scottish life. As a society we must champion equality and fairness at all times and defend the progress that has been made. I am pleased to be named as the first ever honorary Grand Marshall of Pride Glasgow and I look forward to joining young LGBTI people in the parade”.

The progress she was alluding to was the badly drafted “Hate Crime Bill” which restricts “freedom of speech” and denies individuals the right to privacy and undermines family life and is by public consensus a controversial and flawed piece of legislation whivh should be withdrawn and referred to an all-party expert group for consideration and amendment.

One of a number of fears expressed by many when the proposed legislation first appeared in the public domain was that debate would be shut down, and the law would be used as a cosh against people guilty of nothing more than expressing a opinion. And that concern has manifest many times in the past year, with vexatious complaints being lodged with the police by persons determined to destroy or at the very least undermine the credibilty of others.

Patrick Harvey himself added fuel to the fires of intolerance in Scotland with his suggestion that the attempts by several women MSP’s to protect the rights of women was somehow Transphobic behaviour, calling the amendments to protect the characteristic of biological sex a vicious transphobic attack.

The bill as it is writ provides more protection to men who dress as women than to women themselves. A bill that should remain to be consultative until such time as it has the unanimous support of the public.

Scots are fed up with LGBGTI activists complaining that their rights are being infringed. Scotland is a tolerant nation and one of the most supportive of LGBTI people in the world.

Political representation at Westminster greatly exceeds their numbers, (around 4.5% of the adult population) with 20% of the nation’s MP’s declaring their sexuality LGBTI. The graphic attached provides evidence supporting the foregoing.


4 thoughts on “Scottish independence. The dream shall never die!! But the toxic atmosphere created by Nicola Sturgeon’s government over transgender rights is an unnecessary distraction.

  1. Such a shame that her ‘kndness’ doesn’t extend either to her own sex, which she has betrayed without conscience, or to her people, the Scots, whom she has also betrayed without conscience. The only quibble I would have is that GRA reform is not the distraction for independence supporters: independence is the distraction for the trans lobby; and that is why they hi-jacked the SNP. Power over policy without having to surrender to independence. Anyone who actually believes that independence is going to follow GRA reform is utterly deluded. Independence is in the way of the far-reaching reforms that this GRA reform is just beginning to address. This is the beginning, not the end. Unless they are ousted and defeated, it will never end.

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    1. ll I can say is thank f*ck that governments hands are not tied by previous governments rulings and laws, because we all know this is going to get railroaded through Holyrood, even though the promised consultation replies have never seen the light of day, I wonder why?
      This legislation will bring about the end of the SNP in governmentsetting back the indy movement years, if not decades, the carrot that has been dangled in front of voters is getting gye mooldy, if it was an emperor, only the Alba party along with the ISP and AFI have seen that he is stark naked


      1. ayeinskye: the ideas that are in circulation right now have been fomenting for decades. In th early 1980s, Thatcher, mostly driven by American right-wing neoliberalism, turned the universities into businesses, and the downhill trajectory was set, with excellence in education being replaced by money-friendly, business-friendly neoliberalism. They lost their affinity with the Enlightenment and became mere providers of a consumer service. In parallel, the same thing has happened to the American state universities which were public-funded and are now also in hock to big business.

        The liberal arts have taken a kicking, as has history, the sciences, etc. where critical thinking is essential. Fear now rules at every university and college in the UK, including in those in Scotland, where, to be different and hold a more liberal view of the world, is almost guaranteed to have the screaming hordes descend upon you. Marry that to an almost complete lack of evidence-based learning, and we have what we have. The really sickening thing, as always, is that it was all foreseen, but the culture of obeisance and slavering obedience to hollow vacuousness prevailed. These societal changes are always foreseen by some, but, like poor old Cassandra’s warnings, the Trojans are too busy welcoming the horse into the citadel, and they fall on deaf ears. Well, they ken noo.

        I doubt that the clock can be put back now, not without mass civil disobedience – and that might well be on its way…maybe…

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