Letter from America – a teacher warns of the inherent dangers in allowing the implementation of Sturgeon’s insidious and cancerous Trojan Horse WOKE creep

Wokeness: what does it mean and how did it become weaponised?

An American teacher warns about the invasion of WOKE orthodoxy in the education sector

I have been a teacher for nearly two decades. My awareness of WOKE ideology started about five years ago when our schools began to be consumed by “WOKE ideology”.

The schools became obsessed with sophomoric and divisive notions of diversity, equality, and justice; increasingly hostile to freedom of expression; addicted to cancelling anything that offended the WOKE movement and prioritised activism over understanding as the goal of education.

The purpose of this letter is to alert the “sleep-wokers”. A sleep-woker is one who has not taken the WOKE creed to heart, but tacitly complies with the linguistic, pedagogical, political, and moral imperatives of wokeness.

Sleep-wokers go through the motions; they are like religious folk who say prayers without thinking, attend worship services without engaging, and perpetuate dogmas without believing. I was a sleep-woker. In some ways, due to a combination of timidity and tiredness, I still am.

Sleep-woking, like sleepwalking, is very dangerous. While sleep-woking, an English teacher can unwittingly help cancel Chaucer, Keats and Conrad in the name of decolonisation. A biology teacher might find herself obliged to deny important differences between the sexes. A football coach will not be able to cheer on a player after a strong tackle, as strength and physical violence smack of toxic masculinity.

Wokeness has proven to be oppressive and totalitarian rather than inclusive and liberating

Most of my sleep-woking colleagues are good people. Like me, they were lulled into complacency by a WOKE take-over that was slow and subtle.

What’s more, some changes were initially promising and even corrective — of course we should pay more attention to marginalised voices and overlooked narratives, and I am glad that we now do.

To bemoan an expanded curriculum is simple chauvinism. In the end, however, wokeness has proven to be oppressive and totalitarian rather than inclusive and liberating.

My objection is to the effect of WOKE ideology on education, not to liberal politics. My grievance is that teachers are increasingly under pressure to adopt the WOKE agenda or be ostracised.

I empathise with the difficult situation that top school officials find themselves in. As wokeness takes over culture, schools face enormous pressure to follow suit.

That said, those with the power to stop the degradation of education have a special responsibility to do so, and those of us with less power have a responsibility to remind our superiors of their duty.

The Promise and Problems of Being Woke | Psychology Today

Here is some of what wokeness introduces:

Offence in is the Eye of the Offended

Schools are required to teach that if one feels offended, one has been offended. For example, if a student or colleague claims to have been offended by your words or actions, it does not matter if you intended no offence. More troubling is the fact that it does not matter if your words and actions were not those that a rational person should find offensive — you are an offender merely by virtue of the fact that someone claims to have been offended.

Since legal norms follow ethical norms, if schools (and societies) succeed in changing the ethical norms of speech and offence, they will eventually have a basis upon which to change the legal norms.

As soon as they can show that a normal or typical person is offended by certain language or certain ideas, they will be able to argue that a person presenting such language and ideas is failing to abide by the reasonable ethical cultural expectations.

In essence, we are training students how to be offended so that their perceived offence can be used to eliminate anti-woke expression.

Elimination of Non-Woke Student Clubs

Any student group that resists WOKE orthodoxy is forcibly disbanded or prevented from forming with the outcome that free thinking students have trouble officially meeting and inviting speakers.

If a non-woke speaker is invited, the wokes mobilise to deny them a platform and they feel righteous for doing so.

Few free thinking students openly identify as such because they are afraid of repercussions from teachers and other students. Not only is this unfair, but it is also dangerous.

Alienated free thinking students are being pushed away from moderate disagreement towards political extremism.

No Resisting WOKE Slogans

Opposing WOKE slogans or voicing contrary slogans is not tolerated.

Since opposing wokeness is thought to be motivated by hate, voicing opposition to WOKE slogans is tantamount to hate speech.

A student who challenges a WOKE slogan is bullied and harassed by the WOKE majority.

Meanwhile, WOKE slogans and images are hung in school buildings and cannot be removed.

Cultural Appropriation

White or Western students are told not to participate in cultural traditions of non-white, non-Western people — the oppressors cannot participate in the culture of the oppressed.

For example, several white students who wore shirts with African designs were reprimanded and forced to change their clothes. The fact that the shirts were a gift from their teacher, a black African man, made no difference. The students wore the shirts to show affection for their teacher and to honour his gift, but that was still cultural appropriation.

In another instance, a musician was reprimanded for blending a western and non-western musical style into a new artistic expression. The musician was accused of cultural imperialism.

Cancelling Curriculum

Shakespeare, Homer and other canonical authors are being eliminated from the curriculum. In some cases, schools and teachers boast about cancelling these patriarchal racists. Even at schools that do not officially cancel canonical Western texts, the texts are subtly replaced in the name of anti-racism.

The result is that many students move on to university never having read Homer or Shakespeare, though they will have been required to read many texts and attend many lectures on intersectionality and gender identity.

They can speak at length about toxic masculinity and a panoply of so-called phobias, but they would not recognise the terms “iambic pentameter” and “dactylic hexameter”, let alone recognise actual examples of the meter.

Normalising Fallacies

Ad hominem attacks are presented as the cornerstone of critical thinking rather than as a fallacious form of argumentation. Teachers educate students to evaluate texts and arguments by primarily attending to the author’s race, gender, and sexuality.

Mandatory Training

Students attend mandatory training sessions in which experts teach them how to identify and report microaggressions. And since to a student with a hammer everything looks like a nail, the students begin informing on each other and on their teachers.

White teachers are told to attend racial-political re-education workshops in which they strive to overcome their whiteness in the classroom. (It has long been accepted that “whiteness” is a meaningful category.)

Teachers who claim to not be a racist are seen as the worst, most unredeemable kind of racist and labelled heretics who will not admit heresy. Suffering from something called “white fragility”.

Trigger Warnings

Before introducing any new activity teachers are required to compile lists of trigger warnings for it. The warnings which are shared with students alert them to any and all things in the subject that could cause them stress, frustration, anger, or sadness.

Manners and Dress Codes

A side-effect of the WOKE attacks on tradition, authority, and hierarchy has been the revocation of dress codes. So long as their genitals are covered and no profane words are visible, students can and do wear anything they like.

Many students eat meals with headphones in their ears while watching videos on their phones. The less respectful students don’t bother with headphones. “Sir” and “Ma’am” have long since disappeared as too authoritarian and gendered. The terms “master” and “headmaster” cannot be used as master might connote slavery.

Elimination of Objective Assessments

Exams are being eliminated for two reasons: first, because exams are apparently inherently racist, sexist, classist, heteronormative, or otherwise unfair; second, because exams cause students stress, and stress makes students feel bad, and feeling bad negatively impacts their well-being.

Additionally, some students do poorly on exams, and this has the potential to result in a situation that is inequitable.


Schools are increasingly pressured to identify their pronouns.

Failure to identify one’s pronouns is seen as transphobic or cis-centric or both. Students can reassign their own pronouns at will.

If a teacher mistakenly does not use the student’s preferred pronoun, the teacher is accused of misgendering.

Misgendering a serious offence, even a kind of violence.

In Summary

The unchecked advance of wokeness results in two major failures.

First, teachers and students lose the ability to freely read, write and speak as pupils and teachers.

Second, the education provided becomes unrecognisably impoverished.

The second effect is probably the hardest to accept. In place of free-thinking young scholars, the education system churns out generations of woke activists who believe that feelings matter more than facts, that perception is reality, and that it is more important to judge a text than to understand it — where “judging” means anachronistically interpreting the author’s words in light of the most recent WOKE orthodoxy.

Students claim to be proud practitioners of social justice yet they have only an elementary command of grammar and geography.

They struggle to write complete sentences and are unable to locate Turkey on a map.

Some question the need to take maths seriously given that maths is apparently grounded in Western patriarchal rationalism.

Wokeness has been achieved at the expense of education.

Reason has been subordinated to passion.

Plato’s charioteer has been replaced by the horses he was meant to reign in.

To not be woke is to be asleep: unconscious or ignorant of what is really going on.

Perhaps some of you are disturbed by some of the woke excesses at your schools and in your communities, even if, like me, you readily support appeals for greater diversity, genuine inclusion, and a multicultural curriculum.

There are some who instinctively to dismiss the excesses as isolated incidents with sayings like “The pendulum will swing back” or “That will never happen at my school.”

But the pendulum will not swing back because the WOKE movement is not a pendulum; it is a steamroller.

One of the canniest bits of WOKE linguistic manipulation has been appropriation of the term “WOKE” itself.

To not be WOKE is to be asleep: unconscious or ignorant of what is really going on.

Either one is Woke or one is not aware of reality.

Or, as in the words of a WOKE student “if you are not WOKE, it must be because you are uneducated or hateful — or both.

Such is the WOKE reality. (The Critic)

Cancel culture, and the toxic rebranding of the 'woke left'

6 thoughts on “Letter from America – a teacher warns of the inherent dangers in allowing the implementation of Sturgeon’s insidious and cancerous Trojan Horse WOKE creep

  1. The ultimate problem, of course, is that no one is ever ‘woke’ enough: the Stalin situation. You denounce and torture someone today, and tomorrow, someone else denounces and tortures you. You sit down to a family meal, and arrogant, insufferable, indulged, little horror tells you that he/she needs to report you a la Hitler’s orthodoxy. Ostensibly, mentally-ill and seriously disturbed people are forcing you to tread a path that will see your own offspring despise you and denounce you if you don’t measure up. Everywhere you look now, there are rainbows and little slogans. It’s McCarthyism in action, and mad people only get more mad, more deluded if you validate them. That is what our politicians are doing now: validating the deluded and those for whom reality is a distant concept. Mad people get nowhere if sane people don’t validate their madness. Remember, Stalin lay for many hours in complete agony before he died because people were too afraid to touch him in case he recovered and blamed them; Hitler ended up blowing his own brains out in an underground bunker, his insanity exacerbated by his drug-taking; McCarthy sank into ignominy and shame, and his name is known to the world as a by-word for excess and pointless madness.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Excellent analysis. Political office seems to cloud the minds of some whose behaviour can be likened to that of gods. And those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Sturgeon need to waken up and listen to those that elected her to office.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CJ, I would posit her electorate first of all needs to wake up. Sturgeon in a delusion fuelled by her fellow travellers is seeking god like recognition which if not halted forthwith will destroy the very fabric of our society essential to the foundation of an Independent Scotland to which we should all aspire.

    Sturgeons failed efforts to destroy Alex Salmond, Craig Murray et al should have been lesson enough to awaken the Scottish public to what is being done in their name whether in the field of our young children’s educational path or in the dismantling of the democratic process within the SNP, the senior partner in the Government which she fronts.

    The “The Letter From America” is the educational template this Sturgeon led Government is seeking to apply to an unsuspecting generation of young scholars poisoning young minds creating in some instances as lorncal suggests “arrogant, insufferable, indulgent, little horrors” and the society which that will beget.

    Some elements of this “insidious and cancerous” policy are already apparent within the Scottish Educational Establishment and the reality is, we are letting it happen! WHY?


    1. That the big question, Robert: why? To enable a few body dysphoric males? Nah. Makes no sense. So, what? Something bigger, obviously, but what? It can only be to facilitate the incursion of Big Medicine and its stablemates into the UK and Scotland because it sure as hell has nothing to do with compassion and understanding. Would creating third spaces cost so much? Not if you place that alongside the likely court cases that will ensue and the harm done to women and children.

      The answer to that third spaces could be to make all the men’s loos into mixed sex spaces? That would engender a huge outcry from men. So, let all men into the women’s spaces instead. Who cares if women and young girls are harmed? So, basically, we will have men who look exactly like men but are supposedly trans identified, cross-dressing and fetishistic men dressed in women’s clothes, trans identified women who supposedly look like males and dress in males’ clothes all in the women’s! Oh, yes, despite that beard, he/she/they have no intention of putting themselves at risk of sexual assault. Let straight and lesbian women be the sacrificial lambs in this case. Please, miss, when can I book a time to use the toilet? Who are you? Just a female. Keep your legs crossed while we cater for all these men and pseudo men in their – sorry, your – loo.

      It can be horrendous as it is in female loos when you are bursting and desperate and big queue has formed. Let’s just rack up the urinary tract and kidney infections and toxic shock sepsis from being unable to change your tampon when you need to, because who cares? It’s only women and girls. Why would they want privacy, why would they want anyone to respect their spaces and rights? They’re only women and girls.

      What is being done, quite deliberately, to females, is beyond explanation unless you want to opt for the cruel and unusual punishment and torture theme that is supposedly outlawed by the UN. Oh, wait a minute, it doesn’t apply to females. They’re only women and girls. The only other explanations are community madness (definitely) and/or planned corporate takeover of the NHS where weird and wonderful mutilations and hormone treatments, prosthetics and robotics can be accessed at a cost – and that’s where Big Insurance comes in, all facilitated by Big Tech, manned (literally man -ned) by incels, indulging themselves behind their screens to the latest extreme porn (multi billion pound industry) hit. When you have unbridled corporate capitalism, literally everything and everyone is for sale. Could that be the real reason for this insanity?


      1. Wow!!! You do not fudge the issues and you are so right. Sturgeon must be persuaded it is in the interests of justice to defer or abandon the GA legislation.


    2. The lions are sleeping!! One can only hope a senior SNP Holyrood politician bangs the warning drums and alerts the media exposing the undercurrent of discontent with Sturgeon’s WOKE agenda.


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