Angus Robertson SNP Deputy Leader a tergiversator who offered up a friend

Angus Robertson slated for saying elderly deaths a 'gain' for independence  amid pandemic | HeraldScotland

November 2020: The SNP organised Kangaroo Inquiry and the fishing expedition seeking information damaging to Alex Salmond

The Inquiry remit was:

“To consider and report on the actions of the First Minister, Scottish Government officials and special advisers in dealing with complaints about Alex Salmond, former First Minister, considered under the Scottish Government’s “Handling of harassment complaints involving current or former ministers and procedure and actions in relation to the Scottish Ministerial Code.”

SNP inquiry convener Linda Fabiani wrote to Angus Robertson and said MSPs wanted to know:

“Whether, in your capacity as leader of the SNP group in the House of Commons, you had any interactions/ communications with the First Minister, Scottish Government officials or special advisers regarding any allegations or formal complaints against Alex Salmond about sexual harassment ?”

But there is no mention in the remit of SNP meetings or involvement of Westminster based SNP MP’s. She was out of line.

How “knowledge of allegations or formal complaints about sexual harassment against the former First Minister was shared within senior figures in the party of Government to inform its consideration of the Scottish Government’s handling of complaints”.

This request had absolutely no relevance to the unsubstantiated allegations made by two civil servants which was the matter the committee were remitted to investigate and report on.

“Is there any other information relevant to the committee’s remit of considering the Scottish Government’s handling of complaints about Mr Salmond?”

Weird one this!! A judge had already ruled that the Scottish Government’s handling of complaints against Alex Salmond had been tainted with prejudice and illegal. Anything offered up to the committee by Robertson would be irrelevant.

Robertson, who is considered an ally of Ms Sturgeon and who had been steamrollered into position to stand for Holyrood in the Edinburgh Central seat the next year told the committee he did not possess any information relevant to its remit.

But he continued: Now you ask there was an incident: “In 2009 I was called by an Edinburgh Airport manager about Alex Salmond’s perceived ‘inappropriateness’ towards female staff at the airport. I was asked if I could informally broach the subject with Mr Salmond to make him aware of this perception. “I raised the matter directly with Mr Salmond, who denied he had acted inappropriately in any way. I communicated back to the Edinburgh Airport manager that a conversation had happened. The matter being resolved, and without a formal complaint having been made, it was not reported further.”

A dart laden with poison!!!

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2 thoughts on “Angus Robertson SNP Deputy Leader a tergiversator who offered up a friend

  1. I am so glad you are back writing again, Calton Jock! You lift my sad heart on the issue’s pertaining to independence, knowing that there is another true warrior out there that will fight for and expose the truth, against the skulduggery of those in power. An up to date william wallace you are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Morag. Scotland will be free from the bondage of London when Scots gather the courage to exercise their right to choose how they are to be governed. I hope it is soon as I am running out of time.


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