A society that fails to nourish Sapphic love is devoid of passion

Where Have All The Lesbians Gone?: Exploring Our Sapphic Herstory

Blackman is MP for Aberdeen North and Deputy Westminster Leader

On Westminster politics she said:

“I am so passionate about trying to improve parliament to make it better reflect the diversity of those who live in our country. Being a member of parliament should not be a job only for middle-aged men. I believe better laws and decisions are made if they’re proposed and scrutinised by folk from a wide variety of backgrounds. Politics isn’t about making speeches in parliament or in council chambers – it’s about the people we help every day and the positive impact we can make in our communities.”

A Guardian interviewer reported. She is markedly less keen to talk about Scottish independence, the SNP’s founding principle. Her belief being that she is not in Westminster to pressure the government for a referendum. She stated;

“I don’t think most folk in their daily lives give two hoots about whether Scotland is a member of the union. The constitutional issues are not the biggest concern for an awful lot of people and, in fact, I very rarely talk about Scottish independence in the chamber.”

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Diversity in politics

Lesbian Joanna Cherry was sacked as the SNP’s Westminster spokesperson for not being “inclusive” enough over the issue of gender recognition:

“Things have moved forward some since the 1980s,” her erstwhile colleague Kirsty Blackman snarked.

To which Cherry responded with aplomb: “I’ll ignore the ageism. I wouldn’t expect a privileged young straight woman to know what it was like for lesbians in the 1980s.”

Nine months on from that event WOKE activism in Scotland continues to marginalise lesbians and erase women who are now termed “uterus-havers” and “menstruators”. Feminists are now focused solely on reducing the manliness of men. Think long and hard on the actions of President Joe Biden who on his first day in office was forced to sign an executive order eroding women’s long held sex-based rights. A change since implemented by the SNP in Scotland against the wishes of the electorate.

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Kirsty Blackman is possibly the most ‘woke’ and least compassionate and least sensitive person to decorate a SNP seat in the Commons; and she is followed closely by Mhairi Black. Both are so cemented into their own ideology that neither can see the damage it is doing to others or the potential it has for destroying our society completely. Whether these two women are straight or gay is neither here nor there: what does matter is that they have betrayed the party they stand for and the people they claim to represent. In any case, gay rights are not trans rights, just as straight rights are not trans rights, although they might overlap and converge because there are both gay people and straight people who call themselves trans.

The constant whine about respecting trans rights is no more than a toddler’s self-centred tantrum. Neither of these elected representatives of the people (upwards of 75% of who are binary, male or female) appear to understand the difference between having the same rights as everyone else and taking away rights from others. It is a matter of simple and basic knowledge of science and biology that no one can change his/her sex – bar no one. All that anyone can do is pretend, have lots of unnecessary surgery and hormone treatment and go on to act a part that is not real.

We simply would not elect people who claimed that the Moon is composed of Gruyere or who claimed that the Earth is a pancake from which it is possible to fall into nothingness or that gravity does not exist or any other nonsensical proposition that can be debunked very rapidly and with a mountain of evidence. Yet, the SNP is chock-full of people who are on a par with these insanities.

Self-ID is fine by most people. Hey, I’m trans! Are you, dear, okay? Live and let live. That, however, is not what is at issue. Self-ID per se is not the problem. The problem for the trans warriors lies in having self-ID, but not access to single-sex spaces and rights. Self-ID, they believe, should be a free pass to everything that women are and have. Now, since some men – too many – are either prodigious consumers of validating porn specific to their particular fetish or paraphilia, while others are out-and-out predators – the reasons for having single-sex spaces in the first place are sex-based.

It makes no difference to women and girls if a man transitions by mutilating himself, takes hormones and dons what are called ‘women’s clothing’ – usually the most extreme gender stereotypical kind which many women deplore – or if he remains exactly as he is, but screams ‘bigot’ at you if you give him a strange look while he pees in your loos, because, even if he is not a predator, he might well have fetishes/paraphilia which most women would bring up their breakfast at the thought of. Women simply do not want men of any kind in their sex-based spaces.

Call yourself anything you like, dress how you please, that might be tolerated, but, even then, many women find that grossly insulting – akin to black-facing and pretending you are black – because woman-facing cannot never make you a woman even if you have known since you were two years old that you were one. Looking back at that age, most people can barely remember anything, or talk properly in sentences and, if they have an idea of their own sex being not the one they should be, it must be a sense that is extremely rudimentary considering the lack of life experience of two-year-olds. It’s all a con, but even that would be tolerated to a great extent if the con didn’t involve removing another set of human beings’ rights.

That is the underlying issue. Be trans women. Just stay out of straight women’s/lesbians’ spaces and rights, chaps. Show us that you are not taking the michael and that your aim is not – emphatically not – to get access to everything we have for your own ends – which appear to be decidedly masculine from where we are standing. Then we can talk about independence and put it centre-stage in the party that is supposed to deliver it, and not put your fetishes and paraphilia there instead. Show us that you did not hi-jack, aided by your aunts/handmaids, the party of independence because it was in power in Scotland. Go on, prove to us that your main concern for being a SNP member or representative is because you really, really want to free Scotland from the Union.

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I smell big money behind all this.
This issue has risen out of the darkness simultaneously across the world. This is no organic grassroots movement gaining strength as it goes, it has erupted full blown.
Paedophiles and predators, Prince Andrew’s chums, are sure to be providing the money for this.
If they get the ‘conversion therapy’ through for children, then is where’s the argument for having an age of consent?
Why do we oppose FGM of children by a knife, but are baddies if we oppose it with chemicals?
The thin edge of the wedge is being driven in.

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I think, if I remember correctly from an article I read elsewhere, that there is more than one American billionaire involved, with investments in pharmaceuticals as well as gender clinical services. The American health industry, as we know, is very lucrative, making profits from real or imagined illness. Having young people medicalised for the whole of their lives due to believing themselves to be in the wrong body and having expensive and extensive medical and/or surgical procedures is obviously a profitable source for them.

I would welcome you doing your usual forensic investigation into these people with their sinister motivations. That is, however, just one part of this problem which is international in its scope. That is what is disturbing about this belief system; it isn’t just the profits to be made from those thinking that they need to be physically altered to solve possible psychological issues but more sinister is the Moonie-like transformation of politics and democratic institutions. Since when did any radical movement achieve such a powerful reach in such a short time and since when did a progressive movement begin by capturing establishment institutions such as the judiciary, universities, the police, most of the media without involving the ordinary electorate?

There is nothing progressive or democratic about this movement and that should worry everyone. In fact, it shows itself to be authoritarian and secretive in its methods.


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