Politics, sex orgies and the Tory Party – Nothing new here then- but some of these guys are movers and shakers at the heart of the Westminster government


2005 – The Who’s Who of  the Tory apparatchik organisers of “Fever” the largest upper class only sex orgy ever held in Britain

The principle organiser was self made millionaire Eddie Davenport who gathered his  made his first £m in his teens through his organisation of the infamous underage sex Gatecrasher balls and is now a property tycoon worth £133m. He spends six months a year in Monaco as a tax exile sharing £200-a-night hotel suite with two women and shares a £15m London pad with three more. He was seen kissing and fondling a girl on the orgy bed  at his latest sex orgy venue, a luxury property in central London which he purchased from the Sierra Leone government in 2002 for a knock-down price of just £50k.

David Russell Walters: By day the ex-Tory candidate is the boss of the anti-Europe Democracy Movement. By night he is the orgy master tending to guests. At the party he looked on as four girls, one a Dutch rowing champ, pleasured each other.

Jonathon Friedman:– The brains behind Fever’s image. Spends hours “dressing” rooms with pink satin, chocolates, fruit, and jelly babies to energise the participants. Was seen canoodling on a bed with a stunningly beautiful American blonde.

Emma Sayle: A diplomat’s daughter. Dad, an OBE, was a colonel with the Welsh Guards. Regarded as one of Britain’s best and most upmarket swapping party organisers “Killing Kittens” she did not participate in the orgy.

James Hayter: A professional rugby player, around 6′ in height and weighing around 15 stone he was hired as a bouncer but lust got to him and he stripped off and got stuck into the action.

Dougie Smith: Senior Conservative Party strategist. A founding member of “Fever” the 42-year-old, who preached the Tories’ morally-focused back-to-basics policy, was forced to cut his links with “Fever” and now advises and writes speeches for senior Tory MPs.

Wealthy Good Looking Punters

The Charity Boss: International charity director had sex with a female TV production company boss.

The Crime Boss: Heir to a multi-million crime empire, bonked French, Russian, Italian models and a well known fashion designer.

The Wild Child: Raunchy daughter of a legendary rock star had public sex with a top media lawyer.

The Film Director: Movie bigwig and his catwalk model lover had sex with at least seven other couples.

The foregoing is the “cleaned up” version of events. Read the full report here: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/BIGGEST+EVER+FILTHY-RICH+ORGY%3A+WPC+COPS+OFF..+Royal+firearms+officer…-a0130542273



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