George Robertson – the Labour Party visionary walks on water – those who mocked now come to worship him

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George Robertson, (Baron of Port Ellen)

In 1995, when Scottish nationalism began to find increasing favour with Scots as their preferred choice of government Robertson, then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland said:

“let them have their way. Devolution now entrenches the Scottish parliament in the UK’s unwritten constitution, power devolved from Westminster is power retained by Westminster. It will kill Nationalism stone dead.”

In the years that followed the SNP gloated that the party had destroyed that fallacy by winning the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in 2007, 2011, 2016 and 2020. But “wise seer” George was right.

But his vision of Scots being “fitted up” with a poorly equipped and reversable devolved governance structure proved to be entirely accurate.

As at 2020 Scottish Nationalism is “stone dead” under the auspices of Labour Party apparatchiks, led by Daniel Defoe’s successor, Nicola Sturgeon who joined the nationalist cause falsely proferring to be committed to fighting tooth and nail for independence.

Scots will need to find a way of starting again only this time led by bone-fide Party members who declare “fealty” to a Scotland free and independent of any political interference from Westminster or any other country.

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